Conscious Items Review

Conscious Items Review

People have become increasingly aware of using crystals, stones, and items like sage. When you look for these items, you’ll likely see lots of stores selling them, and this can cause you stress as you try to find a legit shop that sells legitimate stones and crystals you need for your spiritual practice. These days, many people use crystals and stones to manifest their desires, like healing, material items, and even spiritual elevation. Different stones and crystals carry varying vibrations; once you know this, you can choose one that speaks to you.

Conscious Items is a brand that has ensured you can get stones, crystals, sage, and other items you need for your spiritual practice at the dial of a button. Conscious Items place stones and crystals on necklaces, anklets, bracelets, water bottles, lamps, and other items you can use. This ensures that you can always have these crystals with you in the areas you need them.

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What is the definition of "Conscious" anyway?

Being conscious means being awake and aware of what’s happening around you and being able to think for yourself. On a deeper aspect, being conscious means being aware of your unique thoughts, environments, sensations, feelings, and memories. 

Being conscious means having an awareness of the world around you and yourself. The kind of awareness you get from being conscious is unique to you. Your conscious experiences constantly shift and change from time to time. For example, you could be watching a show, but then your consciousness shifts to remembering a fight you had earlier with a loved one or plans you have for the coming weekend. This can shift to something else, then another, then some more. 

To further understand what conscious means, when one makes a conscious decision, they do so with data at hand, knowing the risks implied and possible drawbacks of making the decision. However, one still does decide because of the potential reward that could be attained. An unconscious decision, on the other hand, means deciding without noting the implications. The brain automatically makes unconscious decisions without consulting the person’s conscious mind. 

Is the site Conscious Items legit?

Most of us have turned to alternative health, like yoga and healing crystals. A legit site like Conscious Items offers a wide variety of healing crystals, from common ones like quartz to ones that most need to become more familiar with, like apatite. Conscious Items helps handpicks items for you to help guide you through every little milestone in your life. You can get crystals to help you release energy and others to bring richness. Whatever journey you’re on, you’ll find the perfect crystal to help you through it. 

Conscious Items is legit, offering you natural crystals which you can choose based on the intentions you have for them. They have legitimate crystals borrowed from mother earth tha you can use to manifest your desires into reality. 

Why do these items align with being Conscious?

When conscious of your environment, thoughts, being, and way of life, you can choose how you want to move forward and in which direction you’d like to partake. The Conscious Items are made for conscious people trying to make conscious decisions. Let’s say you’ve realized that you hold a lot of fear around your life, and in decision-making, you can choose a crystal that helps you attain courage and confidence to pursue your endeavors. 

Conscious Items align with consciousness because it takes a conscious person to choose a path that requires lots of self-awareness. A conscious person would realize that they need abundance in their lives, which would lead them to a path of harnessing more positive ways of affirming their daily endeavors and also have crystals that bring about abundance when meditating on the hopes of manifesting abundance. 

Conscious Items has put together items for you in various categories. For example, if you would like a stone based on your zodiac sign, you can find that. You can find that if you’d like a stone based on your intentions, such as anxiety and stress relief. You can also shop according to how you’d like to have your stones, be it as an anklet, bracelet, crystal lamp, and other varieties. Conscious Items ensures that you can shop for items by what you’d like and your conscious decisions. 

What types of Conscious Items do they offer?

Conscious Items offers a variety of items that will help you manifest certain aspects of your life and depend on your spiritual practices.

Crystals and Stones

For centuries, crystals and stones were useful in treating the body holistically and for various ailments. In Egyptian times, crystals were used to purge “evil spirits.” These days, people understand the benefits of crystals and use these beautiful gems to ensure general well-being and heal their bodies naturally. You can use these crystals for whatever difficulties you’re currently facing. Specific stones and crystals can help relieve ailments like anxiety, insomnia, depression, or physical ailments like digestive distress. 

Conscious Items list their crystals in terms of what they can help relieve, but you can choose a crystal or stone depending on what you know to be right, so it can help you relieve that issue. You can wear crystals and stones as bracelets, anklets, and necklaces, and even place these stones and crystals around the house or your office.


Stones and crystals help channel intentions, and that’s why many find ways to incorporate them into their daily lives. One simple way to do this is by wearing crystal and stone bracelets. When wearing a bracelet, you can choose one that has various gemstones that go together. Depending on the crystals you choose to wear on your bracelet, it can help you harness many benefits, like harnessing positive energy. 

For example, amethyst crystals can help you feel grounded and increase your spiritual awareness. Wear bracelets with amethyst that can help you access your higher chakras like the heart, throat, and third eye. It brings high vibe energies and uplifts your energetic body. If you’re on your emotional healing journey, wearing an anklet with amethyst crystal will help you overcome the cause of stress and anxiety. When picking an anklet at Conscious Items, pick a bracelet with an intention you’d like to embody, and it will improve.

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Zodiac Sets

Even though all crystals resonate with everyone, some specific stones and crystals are perfect for different zodiac signs. Every zodiac is born under the influence of a specific planet governed by its energies. Crystals can help you balance these energies according to the energies of the planet that governs you. When you pick a crystal that goes hand in hand with the planet that governs you, it can help promote growth and balance. 

When choosing your crystals and stones based on your zodiac sign, you can place them in places that make it easier to harness the energy of a crystal. You can wear the stones and crystals, place them under your pillow, or even meditate. You can use your zodiac crystals in whichever way you feel works best for you. 


At Conscious Items, you can shop for items according to your intentions. For example, if you want wealth and abundance, you can adorn yourself with crystals that help manifest specific goals regarding material wealth and prosperity. You get to choose crystals like citrine, Tiger’s eye, clear quartz, pyrite, green jade, and other stones that will help you get abundance in your life. When choosing stones that help with your intention, you can have them separately and distribute them all over your home or office, or wear these varieties of crystals leading to the same intention in your anklet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 

For men

Men often feel left out in the crystal world since most items seem shiny and feminine. If you’re a man wondering whether there are crystals you can wear, then Conscious Items will be where you get these items. Crystals are for all genders; if you’re a man, you can pick crystals to influence masculine energy. These crystals include the Tiger’s eye. 

If you’re masculine and on a healing journey, you’ll also find ones that clear negative energy and help you focus on your path toward spiritual development. Black obsidian is another crystal perfect for men as it helps you cultivate self-confidence.