Biggest Health Coach Brands Online

The 10 Biggest Health Coach Brands Online

Health coaches and companies offering health coaching services are more in demand than ever. Because of this, there is a multitude of Certified Health Coaches offering their services online. While this is excellent if you want to find just the right local expert, it can make it difficult if you want to find the best.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the top health coaches and health coach brands online. Keep reading to learn more!

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Who Are the Top Health Coaches Online?

Wellness is a rapidly-growing industry. More and more people are taking a holistic approach to healing, so there’s no shortage of healthcare coaches online.

Some of the top health coaches online include:

  1. Anya Perry
  2. Andrea Beaman
  3. Joe Cordora
  4. Erin Power
  5. Marisa Moon
  6. Katie Duda
  7. Erin Treloar
  8. Nicole Guena
  9. Dr. Chrisna Ravyse
  10. Angela Simpson

Before choosing a health coach to work with, it’s a good idea to visit their website to ensure their visions and practices align with yours.

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Who is the Biggest Health Coach Online?

Health coaches are becoming more and more popular every day. Because of this, a great number of them have gained national and international recognition. A couple of the most popular health coaches online include Erin Treloar, founder of Raw Beauty Co., and Chrisna Ravyse, also known as Dr. Chris.

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The 10 Biggest Health Coach Brands Online

There are thousands of health coach brands you can find by browsing the internet. However, not every health coach has the same experience and knowledge to back up the claims they make. To help you weed out the best from the rest, we’ll discuss the ten biggest health coaches and health coach brands in the section below.

1. Anya Perry

Since Anya Perry was certified as a Primal Health Coach in 2016, she’s helped thousands of women become their best selves through private coaching, virtual summits, and her specialty programs.

Anya is a productivity expert, offering services including:

  • One-on-one VIP coaching
  • 90-minute intensive sessions
  • The 30-day Balanced Body and Mind Reboot

She’s also working on an online course, which will be released soon. You can learn more about Anya on her website or Instagram profile.

2. Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman is an internationally renowned holistic health coach, natural foods chef, and herbalist. She uses her knowledge of ancient healing techniques in her work as an educator, speaker, and author, as well as through private coaching sessions.

Her sessions will help you improve your health by understanding the powerful healing wisdom we all hold within us. To learn more about Andrea’s work, visit her website.

3. Joe Condora

The founder of Primal Example, Joe Condora, is a nutritionist for numerous professional athletes, actors, and rappers. He’s a certified Primal Expert, helping clients improve their health and performance through proper nutrition, exercise, and “bio-hacking” strategies.

Joe’s has a unique approach to health, identifying challenges while recognizing the possibilities proposed by ancestral wisdom. Visit Joe on the Primal Example website, or check out his Instagram for more information.

4. Erin Power

Erin Power, CHN PHC, is known as the “metabolism fixer.” She’s a functional health and nutrition coach, helping her clients learn to love their bodies while gaining energy and losing weight effortlessly. Her goal is to help clients stop dieting, and start living.

Erin offers weight loss programs, a Metabolic Reboot program, and one-on-one coaching to her clients. To learn more about her services, visit Erin’s website or Instagram profile.

5. Marisa Moon

A Coach Foundation 2021 Top Coach and one of the Top 25 Wellness Coaches according to Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Magazine, Chicago Edition, certified Primal Health Coach Marisa Moon encourages “food freedom” through ancestral principles. Her services include:

  • Private health coaching
  • An online course in intermittent fasting
  • Workshops and speaking engagements

If you’re ready to start living diet-free, contact Marisa Moon on her website or Instagram profile.

6. Katie Duda

Katie Duda’s mission is to educate her clients on the fundamentals of nutrition that work with their particular bodies, helping them live in authentic alignment. As a certified Nutrition and Digestive Health Coach, she helps educate and empower women through an anti-diet, science-backed approach.

Instead of simply treating the symptoms of health issues, Katie uses a root-cause approach. She works one-on-one with clients who experience chronic stress and digestive issues, empowering them on how to nourish their bodies for improved health. To learn more about Katie, visit her website.

7. Erin Treloar

Erin Treloar is a celebrity health and wellness coach, as well as the founder of Raw Beauty Co. She completed her health coach training at the Health Coach Institute in 2017, and since then, her work has been featured in publications including Elle, the LA Times, and Marie Claire.

Erin’s mission is to help women create a healthy relationship with both food and their bodies. To learn more about Erin’s work, visit the Raw Beauty Co. website or her Instagram profile.

8. Nicole Guena

Creator of The Detox Diaries, Nicole Guena is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach that helps women learn to take better care of their bodies through detoxing. Her holistic and balanced approach addresses every aspect of life.

Nicole believes toxicity is the root of many health problems, including:

  • Brain fog
  • Weight gain
  • Low energy
  • Premature aging

To learn more about Nicole’s approach to healing, visit her website or Instagram profile.

9. Dr. Chrisna Ravyse

Dr. Chrisna Ravyse, known to her clients as Dr. Chris, is an academic researcher, educator, and professional speaker with a Ph.D. in Human Movement Sciences. She’s nationally recognized in the wellness industry and has founded The African Sport Leadership Program.

In addition, Dr. Chris is the CEO of LehChaim Health, a health coaching organization that empowers clients to achieve optimum health. To learn more, you can visit her website or Instagram profile.

10. Angela Simpson

Angela Simpson is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, as well as the creator of The Gratitude Project. Her career as a health coach, writer, and speaker has empowered thousands of women to live their best lives.

Angela offers both private coaching sessions and online group programs. You can find more information on her website or by following her on Instagram.

Want to Become a Certified Health Coach?

The health and wellness industry is growing rapidly, and now’s the perfect time to get in on the game if it’s something you have a passion for. If you want to make a money as a health coach, begin the path to a new career today.