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The 12 Best Breathwork Teacher Training Certifications

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If you’ve been contemplating a career as a breathing coach, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. This article, initially written in March 2021, continues to undergo constant updates and provides a wealth of information regarding becoming a professional breathwork teacher and the various facets of pursuing certification.

breathwork certfication

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Within breathwork, numerous techniques exist, each capable of offering substantial benefits to one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. However, when it comes to breathwork training courses, the choices can be overwhelming. To assist you in your journey, we have assembled some of the top certifications for becoming a breathwork teacher:

  1. The Whole Health Project: Trauma Aware Breath Coach Online Training
  2. Breathe with Jon Paul Crimi: Breathwork Teacher Training
  3. The Aura Institute: Integrative Trauma Practitioner™
  4. The Breath of Gold: Breathwork Facilitator Program
  5. Oxygen Advantage®: Functional Breathing Instructor Training
  6. Peak Flow®: Practitioner’s Academy
  7. Loka Yoga School: Online Breathwork Teacher Training
  8. NeuroDynamic Breathwork: Facilitator Training
  9. Integrative Breath: Trauma-Informed and GBPA Certified Facilitator Training
  10. Full Circle Yoga School: Breathwork Facilitator Course
  11. My Vinyasa Practice: Pranayama Certification
  12. White Tiger Qigong: Breathwork Mastery Course & Teacher Training

The increasing demands of our daily lives have led to a surge in the popularity of breathwork. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best programs available today, hopefully aiding you in finding the perfect one for your needs.

What is a breathing coach certification?

breathwork teacher certification

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A breathing coach certification allows you to facilitate the power of breath to other individuals, but only after learning the intricacies of breathwork and its many purposes. The significance of proper breathing is often overlooked. While breathing is an automatic and continuous process that we’ve done without much thought throughout our lives, numerous studies over time have demonstrated that improving our breathing efficiency can profoundly benefit both our mental and physical well-being.

We can see the practice of breathwork throughout history in various traditions and cultures. Breath in yoga, for example, is an essential part of the practice. It helps guide the body, focus the mind, and relax the muscles. Taking a breathwork facilitator training can benefit someone in learning the following:

  • How breath works
  • How to breathe correctly
  • How to incorporate deep breaths for relaxation and emotional release
  • Teach and guide others on breathwork

The Best of the Best Breathwork Certifications

A breath coach certification is only obtained after you have completed a training program. Many schools have shifted their focus to online programs, but many schools still have in-person or hybrid approaches. Let’s explore, in-depth, the best breathwork training courses for aspiring teachers to show you what each program offers.

1. The Whole Health Project: Trauma Aware Breath Coach Online Training

Breathwork Teacher Training - whole health project
Photo: The Whole Health Project

The Whole Health Project presents an immersive Trauma Aware Breath Coach Online Training program, which spans 25 hours and adopts a comprehensive, science-backed, holistic approach to breathwork, including an additional free 10-hour Trauma Aware Facilitation Training co-facilitated with Clinical Psychologist, Lic. Begoña Garcia. This training caters to those who wish to enhance their breath practice while gaining a trauma-informed approach to support clients in overcoming various physical, mental, and emotional hurdles.

This Yoga Alliance International (YACEP) registered training is for anyone desiring to deepen their breath practice and looking for a trauma-aware approach to support their clients in overcoming numerous physical, mental & emotional challenges.

The breath coach training sets itself apart by providing a practical and supportive breathwork method, free from unnecessary complexities. It aims to be inclusive and uncomplicated, allowing people of all ages to reap its benefits, from young children to centenarians. While the training can be completed at one’s own pace, participants can seek guidance through monthly live Q&A sessions and an online forum, fostering interaction and the exchange of valuable insights among students.

If you desire an impactful and transformative training experience that is affordable (for as little as $82/month) and supportive, allowing you to empower your clients with the profound healing potential of the breath, then the Trauma Aware Breath Coach Online Training is the ideal choice.

And if you want to add Yin Yoga or Meditation teaching to your repertoire, they also offer practitioner bundles. By enrolling in the Trauma Aware Breath Coach Training in conjunction with the Meditation and Yin Training, you can qualify for a substantial discount on all three programs.

Practitioner bundles:


Lucy and Rachel have offered an accessibleengaging, and content-rich breath coaching program. I found the course content really interesting and Lucy and Rachel offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise.Morgan B (Direct review)

2. Breathe With JP

breathwork teacher training Online - Jon Paul Crimi Breathwork Teacher Training Online
Photo: Breathe With JP

Jon Paul Crimi’s course is available entirely online. It not only equips you with the essential tools to assist others in their healing journey but also offers an opportunity for personal healing.

Begin with a Five-Day Emotional Detox

  • You are likely to experience transformation as you move through this training.
  • You will gain the ability to share the power of breathwork with others.
  • The exercises in this course, combined with breathwork, can create a massive transformation even if you have prior experience with breathwork.

Continue with Basics and One on One Training

  • This part of the course teaches you how to guide someone through a breathwork session step by step.
  • You will also learn to navigate problems and issues if they arise.
  • This course focuses on one technique to produce optimal results in a short amount of time.

Complete the journey with How to Lead Couples and Groups

  • This portion of the course will help you with your ability to speak to groups.
  • You will also learn the tools for how to help couples heal their relationship.

For this particular breathwork teacher training certification, there are three different ways to go about completing the course:

  1. If you would like to take this course, you will need to pay upfront and in total because payment plans are not offered.
  2. There is also a no refund policy for this course, so you must be sure this is the course you want to take before purchasing it.
  3.  The way to obtain a certificate for this teacher training is by completing the Basics and One-on-One course and the How to Lead Couples and Groups Course.

This well-rated course provides you with all of the knowledge necessary to become a fantastic breathwork coach, and you will receive unlimited lifetime access to the course after you purchase it.

  • Not only does this course teach you a lot, but you do not need to have any previous knowledge of breathwork before beginning this journey.
  • You can take as much time as you need to complete this course.

For more information on this course and its leader, Jon Paul Crimi, read this Jon Paul Crimi Breathwork Review article.


“Highly recommend!  Jon Paul is leader in the field of Breathwork.  Allow yourself to experience a fascinating experience on the cutting edge of health and wellness. -Matthew B (Yelp review)

Yelp reviews | 4.9 | 47 reviews

3. The Aura Institute: Integrative Trauma Practitioner™

breathwork training program
Photo: The Aura Institute

Aura Institute’s Integrative Trauma Practitioner certification program is revolutionizing the world of therapy and wellness. The trainers at Aura Institute are leaders in breathwork, therapy, somatic experiencing, functional medicine, meditation, and more, so in addition to the breathwork-specific modules, you are educated on a broad range of modalities and tactics.

This nine-week, live, online Integrative Trauma Practitioner™ training is broken down into two levels:

Level 1: Foundational Tools (58 Hours). Certified Integrative Trauma Coach – the foundation for body-based practices:

  • Creating safe space & using heart-centered communication
  • The nervous system & polyvagal theory
  • Biodynamic Breathwork – incorporating mindful touch, bodywork, and gentle tissue manipulation to facilitate the release of physical trauma
  • Somatic experiencing techniques – practicing and guiding
  • Application of the trauma-informed approach in real-world settings
  • Building a cash-based business

Level 2: Advanced Therapies (70 Hours). Certified Integrative Trauma Practitioner – advanced levels of breathwork and somatics:

  • Advanced BioDynamic Trauma-Release Breathwork – leading individual and group sessions
  • Resetting the Amygdala (fear center) and developing vagal nerve tone
  • Body Trauma Liberation (BTL™) – practicing & leading
  • Guiding clients into body-based somatic practices
  • Instructor-guided one-on-one practice sessions

Aura Institute offers a profound learning experience through lectures, live demonstrations, and guided practice sessions, enabling a mastery of breathwork and body-based modalities. If you are a therapist, social worker, holistic practitioner, yoga teacher, or massage therapist, check out this training. Plus, you will receive 40 CE hours accredited with the American Psychological Association, BBS & Yoga Alliance.

Establish a successful career and build a breadth of knowledge of trauma-informed therapy with Aura Institute!

4. The Breath of Gold: Breathwork Facilitator Program

breathwork teacher training Online - Breath of Gold
Photo: The Breath of Gold

The Breath of Gold Breathwork Facilitator Program is a trauma-informed, accredited Breathwork Certification created by Adrienne Rivera. It is Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Approved. The program features guest teachings from experts, including therapists, doctors, lawyers, and a neuroscientist. This breathwork certification program teaches the critical medical and scientific teachings of breathwork and the neuroscience of breathwork, including what happens in the brain during breathwork. 

The breathwork certification program at Breath of Gold combines self-paced learning with live online sessions, providing students with a flexible and interactive educational experience. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to refine their breathwork teaching skills and receive ongoing feedback to enhance their proficiency. This comprehensive certification program is particularly well-suited for individuals aiming to excel in the circular connected breathing technique and gain expertise in instructing all 14 styles of Pranayama.

We recommend this program because:

  • Recognized as a Continuing Education Provider through the Yoga Alliance. 
  • You learn every type of breathwork in the training. 
  • Hands-on experience with the founder, Adrienne, and real-time feedback as you develop your facilitation skills.

Click the button below to see the detailed curriculum and to book a call to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

5. Oxygen Advantage®: Functional Breathing Instructor Training

Photo: Oxygen Advantage®

If you are passionate about improving sports performance, health, and overall well-being through the power of breath, becoming a certified Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Coach could be the perfect path for you. This comprehensive online breath coaching program offers valuable insights and practical techniques to optimize performance and quality of sleep, boost energy and focus, reduce anxiety, and address various health concerns. The Invincible Breathing Instructor Training takes a scientific and accessible approach to functional breathing, allowing coaches to inspire and support clients based on their needs.

You will learn how to optimize breathing patterns across three dimensions

  • The biochemical dimension normalizes blood carbon dioxide levels
  • The biomechanical dimension improves the strength and function of the diaphragm
  • Cadence or coherent breathing achieves optimal nervous system balance and blood gas exchange

Another essential skill you acquire is the ability to teach exercises that decongest the nose and establish nasal breathing. Nasal breathing is crucial in optimizing oxygen uptake, reducing stress, and improving overall respiratory function.

Completing the program involves watching online tutorials and studying course materials, which typically take around 100 hours. Most instructors successfully pass their certification exam within one to three months of registration, earning their certificate in Functional Breathing from Oxygen Advantage®.

This course is $395, and with the certification in hand, you’ll be making a positive impact on the lives of your students, clients, or patients. Whether you aim to support athletes in their performance goals, guide individuals toward better sleep and stress management, aid in weight loss and lifestyle changes, or enhance overall longevity, Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Coach certification sets you on a fulfilling journey through the simple yet transformative power of breath.

Read more about their other programs in our Oxygen Advantage® Review!

6. Peak Flow®: Practitioner’s Academy

Photo: Peak Flow

The Peak Flow® Practitioner Academy aims to optimize human potential for health, sport, work, and adventure, one breath at a time. Developed and led by lifelong athletes and world travelers Dr. Rob Williams, Ph.D. and Lindsey Trubia (RYT 200), Peak Flow® is a nature-inspired, science-backed, holistic approach to breathwork training that uniquely incorporates contrast therapy (exposure to hot and cold conditions). The program’s co-founders hold multiple breathwork certifications, having trained alongside James Nestor and Wim Hof, and their experience is at the forefront of this two-level training.

What truly stands out about this program is that graduates of Level 2 are invited to apply to Level 3 for the opportunity to teach and host workshops anywhere in the world via the Peak Flow® app, leveraging and representing the Peak Flow® brand. They handle the business operations, and you teach workshops, optimize humans, and get paid.

Level 1 self-study and certification ($990)

An 8-week, live, virtual course that is perfect for anyone new to breathwork training, interested in learning the science and application of cold exposure, or those looking for a clear path to becoming a breathwork practitioner.

Level 1 key areas of focus:

  • Optimizing airway health, CO2 tolerance, cold exposure, and fitness
  • Up-regulating and down-regulating the nervous system on demand
  • Expanding knowledge base on respiratory health

Level 2 advanced breathwork practitioner training ($3,990)

Also starting with an 8-week, live, virtual course, this program is for those with at least six months of breathwork teaching experience and certified in at least two breathwork organizations (Peak Flow® Level 1 included).

Level 2 additional areas of focus:

  • The advanced training comes in the form of a practitioner residency where you will practice and apply Peak Flow® for individuals and groups
  • An in-person practicum and nature retreat in Vermont to explore the depths of nature and how cold therapy and breathwork are interconnected
  • Learn and apply entrepreneurial skill sets, earning cash doing what you love without having to start your own business

Explore the depths of the Peak Flow® method and breath ecosystem alongside other amazing humans. If you want a serious breathwork training experience and a supportive community of peers, check out Peak Flow®.

7. Loka Yoga School: Online Breathwork Teacher Training

Breathwork Teacher Training Certifications - Loka Yoga School
Photo: Loka Yoga School

Loka Yoga School offers an in-depth understanding and comprehensive teachings on transformational breathwork techniques. During this 20-hour training, you’ll learn 24 life-changing breathing techniques. This course is entirely self-paced so that students can learn at their own pace and on their schedule. The course is internationally certified and accredited with Yoga Alliance.

Get 20$ off from this course with the discount code: THEMINDINSTHEMASTER

Loka Yoga School’s Breathwork Training includes guidance and teachings on facilitating a breathwork class. It is all-inclusive, so graduates will be able to lead all of the breathwork techniques following completion of the training. As you learn the techniques to become a breathwork teacher, you will reduce your stress, increase your performance, and improve your mental clarity.

The course comes in three different options:

  1. The Complete Experience – including Yin Yoga Teacher Training + Breathwork Teacher Training + Meditation Teacher Training
  2. Breathwork Teacher Training + Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  3. Breathwork Teacher Training + Meditation Teacher Training

All three options include free lifetime access:

Joining this incredible journey with Loka Yoga School is an opportunity to connect, feel, and heal. Discover, experience, and gain knowledge and life skills in the fundamentals of the breath. This training will help participants improve their physical and mental health.


“…If you’re on the fence about whether or not Loka is right for you, please do yourself a favor and just do it. It was easily the best gift I have ever given myself and I will never be the same because of it. If I had to do it a million times over, I would choose Loka Yoga School every single time.” -Megan M. (Trip Advisor review)

Google reviews | 4.9 | 148 reviews
Yoga Alliance reviews | 4.81 | 37 reviews
Trip Advisor reviews | 5.0 | 101 reviews

8. NeuroDynamic Breathwork: Facilitator Training

NeuroDynamic Breathwork Facilitator Training
Photo: Michael Stone of NeuroDynamic Breathwork

The NeuroDynamic Breathwork Facilitator Training is a groundbreaking initiative like no other. What sets the NeuroDynamic Breathwork program apart is its commitment to live instruction, with sessions available three Saturdays per month. Most of the program’s sessions are personally taught by core platform facilitators, including the founder and innovator of NeuroDynamic Breathwork, Michael Stone.

He believes that once we understand how our mind works, we can use it to experience absolute freedom – freedom from our past, freedom from self-limiting beliefs, and freedom from our unconscious blocks, which are getting in the way of creating our desired future. Students have access to a level of expertise and guidance that is unparalleled in the field. Stone is one of the world’s most experienced online breathwork workshop facilitators, with over a thousand in the books. Learning by doing is a fundamental principle of this program.

It offers a robust, science-based breathwork modality that equips you to become a confident breathwork facilitator and empowers you to be a better, more conscious human being.

Course Overview

  • Breathwork foundations. Explores the evolution of breathwork and the underlying scientific principles. It also examines the diverse techniques within contemporary breathwork and illuminates how to incorporate breathwork into a holistic well-being regimen.
  • Key facilitation skills. Addresses the flexibility of contraindications in breathwork and explores the various experiences participants may encounter during training
  • Leading workshops. Outlines the essential steps in organizing a breathwork session, covering everything from initial planning and advertising to creating a safe emotional space.
  • Breathwork music. The program teaches how to construct scientifically designed music sets to enhance the breathwork experience. This synergy between breathwork and carefully curated music creates a truly unique experience.
  • Communicating about breathwork. Provides strategies for effectively communicating with the public about breathwork, addressing common questions, and supporting participants dealing with “last-minute resistance” to breathwork sessions.
  • Integrity. Explores the concept of ethics in breathwork facilitation, emphasizing its significance in enhancing one’s capacity to conduct workshops with integrity.
  • Personal development. Teaches participants how to become aware of and remove unconscious blocks and to effectively manage their emotional states to allow them to be able to hold a safe, sacred space for their breathers’ growth and expansion.
  • Practice sessions. Students are required to conduct a minimum of six online and two in-person breathwork sessions, collaborating with study partners for support and feedback.
  • Business strategies. Participants are given information on how to start a breathwork business, giving them the benefit of Stone’s personal experience in launching startups.

NeuroDynamic’s training offers a unique combination of live guidance, a deep curriculum, world-class trainers, and a strong emphasis on personal development. Graduates not only gain the skills to facilitate breathwork confidently but also undergo a paradigm shift that enables them to navigate life from a higher level of comprehension. If you’re seeking personal and professional growth, this program offers an extraordinary opportunity to transform your life and make a positive impact on others.

9. Integrative Breath: Trauma Informed and GBPA Certified Facilitator Training

Integrative Breath Facilitator Training
Photo: Integrative Breath

Integrative Breath offers a premier, science-based, trauma-informed, GPBA (Global Professional Breathwork Alliance) approved Breathwork Facilitator Training. It delivers the highest standard of breathwork training available. The USA/Canada training is led by Dr. Rae Riedel, a 30+ year veteran of natural medicine as both an educator and practitioner, with a diverse background in mind-body/consciousness and somatic approaches.

Integrative Breath’s training is a 7+ month program, with the next cohort beginning in January 2024. The training consists of a combination of live online instruction. It culminates with a 6-day in-person practicum and graduation at a beautiful hot springs retreat center in the mountains of southern Colorado. Online class times occur conveniently once per month on Saturday mornings for 3.5 hours, accompanied by shorter guest speakers and mentoring sessions between classes.

Guest speakers for this training, including Patrick Mckeown, will deepen the topics of Functional Breathing, Heart-Brain Coherence, Indigenous Wisdom, Ritual and Ceremony, Conscious Leadership, and exploration of the Mystical Principles of the breath. This training is unsurpassable for those seeking “more than” didactic breathwork training.

What you can expect to learn in this incredibly in-depth training includes but is not limited to:

  • Confidence in holding space and facilitation of the breath
  • Knowledge and insight into the science of functional and connected breathing
  • An understanding of the systemic importance of breath and the physiologic changes that occur with breath alterations, as well as what happens when resistance or trauma arises
  • Understand the science and benefits of breathwork as well as the ancient spiritual underpinnings
  • Increased understanding of the relevance of the Breath in personal, trans-generational, and collective healing
  • The basics of polyvagal theory and relational intra-connectivity as it relates to breathwork
  • An understanding of how to recognize and utilize the breath when complex trauma arises, and identify crucial contra-indications and abreactions during breathwork sessions
  • Learn appropriate interventions, including touch and verbal guidance

While students will graduate with the skills and the certification for a stand-alone consciousness-building healing modality, they welcome students with already established healing backgrounds, including yoga, counseling, psychotherapy, shamanic, and bodywork, who want to integrate breathwork into their existing modalities. This is an extraordinary training opportunity to learn from experienced and passionate instructors. Take your healing practice to the next level with Integrative Breath’s Facilitator Training!

10. Full Circle Yoga School: Breathwork Facilitator Course

Best Breathwork Teacher Training Certifications
Photo: Full Circle Yoga School

Experience the Full Circle Yoga School Breathwork Facilitator Course and unlock the incredible power of your breath. This transformative online program is specially designed for those seeking to become skilled breathwork facilitators. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to breathwork, this comprehensive course will take you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

Through 30 modules, you’ll pursue the anatomy and mechanics of breath, exploring its profound relationship to overall well-being. Guided by experienced instructors, you’ll learn various diaphragmatic and advanced pranayama breathwork techniques. This course will enable you to tap into limitless potential for relaxation, clarity, and expanded awareness.

Key features

  • 30 power-packed modules. Comprehensive learning materials to master the art of breathwork facilitation.
  • Same-day support. Get the help you need whenever you need it.
  • Unlimited lifetime course access. Continue to grow and refine your skills at your own pace.
  • E-RYT 500 trained teacher. Learn from experienced instructors with extensive knowledge in the field.
  • 20+ breathwork styles. Acquire a diverse set of techniques to guide others on their breathwork journeys.
  • The ability to teach multiple styles. Empower your future students with a wide range of techniques.

What you’ll experience

  • Trauma integration. Use breathwork to support healing and recovery from past experiences.
  • Nervous system regulation. Discover how breath can positively impact the nervous system.
  • Boosted immune system. Harness the breath’s potential to enhance your body’s defenses.
  • Supercharged energy levels. Experience a newfound vitality and vigor.
  • Elevated mood and life. Discover how breathwork can uplift your emotional well-being.
  • Strengthened intuition. Cultivate a deeper connection with your inner wisdom.
  • Less stress, anxiety, and depression. Utilize breathwork to reduce the burdens of modern life.

Upon completing the course, you’ll be equipped with the skills to facilitate breathwork sessions for others, supporting them in accessing their true potential for growth and transformation. Embark on this life-changing journey and become a certified breathwork facilitator.

Unleash the true potential within yourself and guide others on their path to healing, transformation, and empowerment. Training begins as soon as you are ready to register!


Facebook reviews | 4.7 | 176 reviews
Yelp reviews | 4.70 | 77 reviews
Yoga Alliance reviews | 4.58 | 298 reviews

11. My Vinyasa Practice: Pranayama Certification

Best Yoga Studios in Austin TX - My Vinyasa Practice
Photo: My Vinyasa Practice

My Vinyasa Practice has developed its Pranayama Certification course to be yoga-centric, providing in-depth knowledge and practices to instruct confidently, as well as incorporate breathwork into yoga sessions and breathwork classes. My Vinyasa Practice’s team is highly knowledgeable and is known to produce highly rated certifications.

 Topics covered in this course:  

  • The anatomy of breathwork
  • The breath as a function of communication
  • Overview of the nervous system
  • Breath for regulation

Master the art of breathwork today and join My Vinyasa Practice’s Pranayama Certification course.


“My Vinyasa Practice changed my life. MVP is absolutely the best and ONLY yoga studio and/or training/certification body I would ever recommend, and I am an RYT500, RCYT with the Yoga Alliance.-Bomb Yoga Mom (Google review)

Google reviews | 4.9 | 277 reviews
Yoga Alliance reviews | 4.79 | 3,699 reviews

12. White Tiger Qigong: Breathwork Mastery Course & Teacher Training

White Tiger Qigong - Breathwork Mastery
Photo: White Tiger Qigong

At White Tiger Qigong, you’ll experience an integrated system that unites ancient Eastern mind and body movement practices with the latest discoveries in neuroscience and sports science. This powerful combination is designed to harmonize your body and mind, fostering mobility and mindfulness and unlocking your peak performance potential.

Experience the perfect fusion of ancient breathwork techniques and cutting-edge science with the White Tiger Breathwork Mastery Course. This program aims to alleviate chronic stress symptoms, enabling you to tap into your full potential and achieve higher levels of well-being.

At every level of this comprehensive course, you’ll witness remarkable improvements in various aspects of your life, and you can also select from individual levels to achieve at your own pace.

  • Starting with Level 1 – The Foundations. Delve deep into the theory, science, and fundamentals of qigong breathing. Master eight foundational breathing exercises, understand Qigong breathing theory, and even learn to hack your nervous system for improved health.
  • Level 2 – Neuroscience. Takes you further into complex qigong Breathwork techniques and introduces the fascinating neuroscience of breathing. Discover 13 advanced breathing techniques and explore the meditative state using bi-neural beats.
  • Progressing to Level 3 – Advanced. You’ll unlock the potential to use qigong breathing as alternative medicine, applying cutting-edge research from fascia science to create natural remedies for stress and trauma. Learn from the world-renowned fascia expert Chris Kummer in a comprehensive course dedicated to the Fascia of the Respiratory System.
  • Level 4 – Master. The Masterclass opens the path to becoming a certified White Tiger Qigong Breathwork Facilitator. Share your knowledge and skills, educate, inspire, and help others cultivate a deep healing breathwork practice with modern teaching techniques used by professional educators.

Whenever you join a White Tiger Qigong training or purchase a product, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to protecting the rainforests and wild animals in Borneo, Indonesia, with the Borneo Nature Foundation. 

Join all levels to unlock the full potential of this transformative course. You will learn to teach Qigong breathing techniques, handle different class sizes, and embark on a fulfilling career as a certified White Tiger Qigong Breathwork Facilitator. Don’t miss the chance to make a positive impact on your life and the lives of others!


“I have been teaching yoga for almost twenty years and during this time I have continued to question, develop my knowledge, and embody the practices to reveal the five pathways of yoga…

I learnt White Tiger Medical Qi Gong with Tevia and in doing so he was able to transcend ‘time’ and impart the original essence of these Qi Gong movements to his students. This is rare and in terms of health, longevity, and quality of life it is priceless. The teacher passes the teachings to the student, and it is then up to the students to practice and embody these practices. Thank you Tevia and to all the teachers before you.” -Megan W (Direct review)

Trip Advisor reviews | 5.0 | 14 reviews
Trust Pilot reviews | 4.2 | 14 reviews

What's the best next step for seeking a job as a breathing coach?

breathwork practice

Photo: Instagram @namastayfitz

Seeking a job as a breathwork coach can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path. To take the best next steps for pursuing this career, consider the following steps:

  • Training and Certification: Start by gaining a solid foundation in breathwork techniques. Many reputable programs offer certification courses that cover the essentials of breathwork, teaching methodologies, and ethics. Completing a recognized certification program can enhance your credibility and marketability.
  • Practice and Experience: Like any coaching profession, practice is critical. Conduct personal breathwork sessions and explore various techniques to build your expertise. You can also consider offering free or discounted sessions to friends and family to gain hands-on experience.
  • Networking: Building a professional network is crucial. Attend breathwork-related events, workshops, and seminars. Connect with established breathwork coaches and other wellness professionals. Join online forums and social media groups related to breathwork to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Specialization: Consider specializing in a specific area of breathwork, such as stress reduction, anxiety management, or trauma healing. Specialization can set you apart in a competitive market.

Remember that building a career as a breathwork coach takes time and dedication. It’s essential to be patient and persistent in pursuing opportunities and clients. By combining a strong skill set with effective marketing and networking, you can work towards a successful career in breathwork coaching.

What's the average salary for a certified breathing coach?

Understanding the salary trends in the breathwork field is essential for those considering a career or seeking a coach. Based on available data, the average annual salary for breathwork coaches stands at $57,949. When considering hourly rates, the average for breathwork coaches is $27.86 per hour. This hourly wage is a valuable metric for those offering their services hourly, particularly for one-on-one sessions or workshops.

Geographic locations play a significant role in determining breathwork coach salaries. The highest reported average salary for breathwork coaches can be found in New York, where practitioners can earn an impressive $72,428 per year. This is reflective of the generally higher cost of living in metropolitan areas. In contrast, the lowest reported average salary for breathwork coaches is in North Carolina, where annual earnings average around $45,662. This discrepancy between high and low-salary regions underscores the importance of understanding the local market and cost of living when considering a career in breathwork coaching.

Concluding Thoughts on the Best Breathwork Certifications

With all of the high-quality information about the best courses listed in this article, it should be easier for you to get started as a facilitator. Because of the many benefits of breathwork, becoming a breathwork facilitator can be extremely fulfilling.

When seeking the best breathwork certification program, it’s essential to make a well-informed choice that aligns with your career aspirations. Accreditation and instructors’ credentials should be paramount considerations, ensuring the program is recognized by respected wellness organizations and led by experienced professionals. The program’s curriculum plays a pivotal role, encompassing a wide range of breathwork techniques, anatomy, and teaching methodologies, ideally tailored to your specific interests and goals in the field. 

Practical experience is a crucial component, so look for programs that provide hands-on opportunities for students to practice and receive constructive feedback. Additionally, the flexibility of the program’s format, whether self-paced or live classes, should match your learning style and schedule. Finally, consider the cost in relation to the overall value the program offers, making sure it fits your budget while delivering a quality education. Whether you want to become a breathwork facilitator or are already a breathwork coach and want to learn more about the techniques, facilitator training courses are well worth the time and money.