Eclipses and Astrology

Eclipses and Astrology: Everything You Need to Know

Few spectacles are as profound or as thought-provoking as an eclipse. These rare happenings have captured human imagination for centuries — but what do they mean for us today?

Every so often, the sky darkens when it shouldn’t, and the Sun or Moon slips into a temporary shadow. Eclipses have long been seen as signs of change, bringing rapid developments and encouraging us to move in the best direction — personally and collectively.

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Eclipses in Astrology

Think of eclipses in astrology as the universe’s way of pushing us to the front of the line: they’re unexpected, but they get us where we need to go faster. They have a way of moving us forward, sometimes through a jolt, an unforeseen event, or a sudden revelation so that we can reach a new level of understanding or maturity.

It’s common for people to be wary of eclipses because they can bring about significant changes or even what feels like a crisis. But these considerable changes are sometimes good. They can be the start of something outstanding.

Good things come in pairs of two.

Eclipses usually come in twos, aligning with new and full moons; they can bring many essential events into our lives. You might hear about a wedding, a new job, a big trip, or even the start of a business. They might bring a big move, a new pet, or a significant change in your health. Eclipses can also coincide with endings — maybe a relationship, a job, or even something as simple as moving house.

If it seems like nothing is changing in your own life during an eclipse, take a look around. Chances are something big is happening for someone close to you.

Eclipses fall in opposite signs of the zodiac — Aries and Libra, Taurus and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius, and Virgo and Pisces — and they come around every six months or so, highlighting these signs and the themes associated with them.

Each subsequent eclipse brings the conversation to a more advanced level, evolving the situation until it’s entirely played out. This cycle repeats, with eclipses in these sign pairs every five and a half months for 18 to 24 months, guiding you through a period of transformation.

Once a series of eclipses in these signs wrap up, you won’t see them again for about seven or eight years. By then, thanks to these cosmic prompts, you’ll have grown and changed in ways you can’t imagine now.

Eclipses in History and Culture

Eclipses have been a part of Earth’s story long before humans were around to witness them.

Before people knew the science behind an eclipse, seeing the Sun or Moon go dark must have been shocking. Without an explanation, many saw eclipses as a break in the natural order of things; stories and legends were born. Many societies created tales and myths to explain the sudden darkness, often seeing it as a sign or omen.

Cultures worldwide gave their spin to these dramatic moments in the sky. Some people in western Asia imagined a dragon was swallowing the Sun during an eclipse. Someone saw it In Peru as a giant puma doing the deed. There are stories from some Native American communities about a bear taking a bite out of the Moon, and Norse legends speak of wolves chasing the celestial bodies across the sky.

In ancient times, a solar eclipse might have been seen as an angry god’s warning, and a lunar eclipse could signal that significant changes were coming, sometimes even the fall of an empire. As years passed and we learned more about our universe, fear turned into fascination. Today, we know eclipses are just part of how our planet and its celestial neighbors move.

But even with all our knowledge, eclipses haven’t lost their ability to make us wonder. They can still feel like significant milestones, creating memories that stick with us. It’s interesting to think about what was happening in your life during these cosmic events.

Understanding Solar vs. Lunar Eclipses

Eclipses are fascinating celestial events, and knowing the difference between solar and lunar can be enlightening.

Solar eclipses happen when the Moon slides between Earth and the Sun, temporarily blocking the Sun’s light.

Picture this: for a moment, the Moon gets all the attention as it casts a shadow over the Sun. This kind of eclipse is linked with new beginnings and unexpected opportunities. The universe is giving you a nudge to explore new paths.

On the flip side, lunar eclipses occur when Earth positions itself between the Sun and the Moon, overshadowing the Moon.

Unlike the Sun, the Moon doesn’t shine independently; it reflects the Sun’s light. So, during a lunar eclipse, the Moon fades from sight, which can feel quite dramatic. Lunar eclipses coincide with full moons, signaling endings or the wrap-up of a chapter. They can be emotionally charged, urging us to let go of past baggage and embrace growth.

Think of solar eclipses as turbo-charged new moons, sparking initiative and discovery. Lunar eclipses are like full moons amplified, highlighting reflection and release. Both serve as cosmic catalysts, propelling us toward personal evolution and revealing truths we might have missed.

How Eclipses Impact You

Eclipses don’t affect everyone equally; their impact on your life can range from subtle to monumental.

Your natal chart largely determines your connection to an eclipse—the positions of the planets and other bodies when you were born. If an eclipse occurs at the same degree as any of your natal planets, particularly the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, you’ll likely feel its influence more intensely.

Eclipses work in degrees, starting from the highest and moving backward, which means not every eclipse will strike a chord with you. However, if they align with your Sun, Moon, or another major planet in your chart, they can bring unexpected changes.

Eclipses Aligned with Your Natal Planets

If an eclipse falls at the same degree as a planet in your natal chart, it can be a more profound experience. The closer the degree of the eclipse matches your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, the more significant and personal the effects.

Eclipses in Your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign

Eclipses in the same sign as your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign can act as catalysts for change. For example, if you’re a Libra or Aries with key planetary placements in these signs, you’re in for an eventful time when an eclipse occurs in either sign in 2024. The effects are particularly pronounced if the eclipse is near your birthday or directly hits your personal degree points.

Solar Eclipses in Astrology

In astrology, solar eclipses are known to bring about new and fated beginnings. These events, which can only happen during a New Moon, mark moments when life offers us a clean slate. The universe is opening a door, allowing us to start something new or reset our lives somehow.

On a personal level, a solar eclipse might signal the start of something exciting and new—like a job opportunity, a significant move, or the beginning of a life-changing relationship. It’s as if life is handing you a blank page and a pen to start writing a new chapter.

On a broader scale, a solar eclipse can act as a trigger for more extensive societal changes, such as the start of a significant political movement, the unveiling of new technology, or a shift in cultural trends. There are moments when collective attention shifts to something new and meaningful.

A Total Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse is a breathtaking event where the Moon completely covers the Sun, plunging day into an eerie twilight. It’s a moment that stands out not just in the sky but in time—when the stars appear in the daytime sky and the Sun’s corona flares around the Moon’s dark silhouette. On April 8, 2024, NASA is expecting one.

Solar Eclipses Through the Houses

When a solar eclipse occurs, it can activate the latent energies in our astrological houses, each representing a unique area of our lives, prompting change, growth, and often significant turning points. Below, we’ll explore how solar eclipses can impact each house in the astrological chart.

Solar Eclipse in the 1st House

A solar eclipse here sparks a powerful new beginning in how you present yourself to the world and your approach to life. Expect an opportunity to reinvent your image and assert your individuality.

Solar Eclipse in 2nd House

In this house, a solar eclipse could signify a new source of income or a changed attitude toward personal finances and material possessions, prompting a re-evaluation of what truly holds value for you.

Solar Eclipse in the 3rd House

A solar eclipse can indicate a new mode of communication, a project related to writing or speaking, or changes in your relationship with siblings or neighbors, emphasizing the importance of information exchange.

Solar Eclipse in the 4th House

This eclipse may bring a new living situation or shifts in family dynamics. It’s a time when you could lay down roots or make decisions that fundamentally alter your private life.

Solar Eclipse in the 5th House

An eclipse here can signal a new romantic chapter, a creative breakthrough, or news related to children. It’s a time for expressing yourself and enjoying the fruits of personal creativity.

Solar Eclipse in the 6th House

A solar eclipse could initiate a new job, a change in work conditions, or a new health regimen. It emphasizes setting practical affairs in order and establishing efficient routines.

Solar Eclipse in the 7th House

A solar eclipse might manifest in a new business partnership or significant relationship. It’s a call to balance your needs with those of others, often through formal agreements or contracts.

Solar Eclipse in the 8th House

A solar eclipse in the 8th house is about starting a transformation journey. It could bring new investment, inheritance, or a shift in intimate relationships, focusing on the give and take in deep bonds.

Solar Eclipse in the 9th House

A solar eclipse can signal a new phase of learning, a belief system overhaul, or travel that expands your worldview, prompting you to seek truth and meaning.

Solar Eclipse in the 10th House

Expect career advancements, new public roles, or significant shifts in life direction. This eclipse might bring you into the spotlight and require a reassessment of your long-term goals.

Solar Eclipse in the 11th House

New social circles, humanitarian pursuits, or involvement with community and groups are highlighted, underscoring the importance of networking and collaboration.

Solar Eclipse in the 12th House

A solar eclipse in this house could mark a period of spiritual awakening, a new private project, or work behind the scenes. It’s a call to listen to your inner voice and reconnect with your higher self.

Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

Lunar eclipses signal a time of emotional revelations and significant life changes. As they occur on full Moons with the Earth casting its shadow on the Moon, they highlight the balance between the Sun’s radiant energy and the Moon’s reflection of our inner emotional state. Endings, culmination points, or unexpected shifts in our personal and collective narratives often mark these events.

Emotionally charged, lunar eclipses can lead to breakthroughs or break-ups, nudging us to address our needs and desires. While these celestial moments illuminate our relationships, they also call for introspection regarding our personal growth, health, and career.

The realizations that come with a lunar eclipse may take time; they can unfold over the six months following the event. Under their influence, you might feel a heightened sense of emotionality, and it’s wise to give yourself time to process before making significant decisions. As lunar eclipses tend to reveal what is hidden or suppressed, this period is ideal for bringing closure or for epiphanies that lead to substantial life adjustments.

Lunar Eclipses Through the Houses

The houses in astrology represent different areas of life, and a lunar eclipse activates these sectors, shedding light on the associated issues. Lunar eclipses relate to endings, culminations, or breakthroughs, reflecting our internal self and emotions.

Lunar Eclipse in the 1st House

A lunar eclipse in this house could signal a time to let go of an old self-image and embrace the emotional transformation that has been occurring internally, impacting how you present yourself.

Lunar Eclipse in the 2nd House

Financial or material matters come to a head now, asking you to release outdated attachments and consider your self-worth beyond your possessions.

Lunar Eclipse in the 3rd House

An emotional realization regarding your communication style or relationship with siblings could emerge, inviting reflection and closure.

Lunar Eclipse in the 4th House

Lunar eclipses here bring emotional climaxes in your home life or with your family, prompting you to seek emotional security or release tension in your personal life.

Lunar Eclipse in the 5th House

Romantic relationships or matters concerning children might reach an emotional peak, requiring you to address the balance between joy and responsibility.

Lunar Eclipse in the 6th House

There could be a culmination point in work or health matters that asks you to let go of unhealthy habits or routines, encouraging you to find harmony between service to others and self-care.

Lunar Eclipse in the 7th House

Significant relationships or contracts come under the emotional spotlight, making you reflect on your role within them — they could reach a new level or change completely.

Lunar Eclipse in the 8th House

Deep, internal shifts may occur, prompting you to confront issues of intimacy, shared resources, or psychological matters, potentially leading to an emotional rebirth.

Lunar Eclipse in the 9th House

A lunar eclipse in this house could challenge your belief systems, asking you to let go of outdated views and embrace a broader perspective or complete an educational journey.

Lunar Eclipse in the 10th House

A lunar eclipse could end a critical career phase, asking you to realign your professional goals with your emotional needs.

Lunar Eclipse in the 11th House

You might reassess your friendships or your role within a group as you seek to align your hopes and dreams with your true self.

Lunar Eclipse in the 12th House

An emotional culmination of your inner work can rise to the surface, urging the release of subconscious patterns and embracing your spiritual path.

Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is a significant period that spans from one month before the first of two eclipses to one month after the second. We often experience sudden shifts and changes that can feel like fate stepping in during this time. With the whirlwind of transformation that eclipse season brings, it’s essential to remain flexible, trust your inner guidance, and resist the urge to make hasty decisions.

These seasons occur approximately every six months, meaning roughly a quarter of the year contains this unique energy. The best way to handle this intense period is by grounding yourself, finding balance, and staying open to the messages the universe might be sending.

7 Tips to Prepare for an Eclipse

Preparing for an eclipse means aligning your actions with the celestial energy. Here are some practical tips to help you during eclipse season:

  1. Act with intention during a solar eclipse, particularly a new moon solar eclipse, as this is a time ripe for beginnings and opportunities. Consulting with an astrologer can offer personalized insights, especially concerning your birth chart.
  2. Stay alert to the information you receive, from conversations to signs and symbols. Messages during this period often have significant weight.
  3. Be aware that eclipses can accelerate events, bringing imminent changes that may have seemed distant.
  4.  Eclipses illuminate what needs to evolve or be released in our lives, which may include revealing truths about relationships and personal dynamics.
  5. Remember, the outcomes of eclipse-driven events tend to be final. Embrace them rather than resist, trusting that these changes serve your personal growth.
  6.   Postpone major decisions or actions until after the eclipse has passed, especially with lunar eclipses. Solar eclipses, however, can be a powerful time for initiating new ventures.
  7. Keep your schedule flexible. Eclipses often bring unforeseen matters that need your attention, so a lighter agenda allows you to handle surprises easily.

Eclipses 2024-2030

Don’t worry if you need to be in the right spot on Earth to see an eclipse; its energetic influence reaches everyone.

Here are the upcoming eclipses from 2024-2030:

Eclipses 2024-2030

Lunar EclipseMarch 2405° Libra 14′
Solar EclipseApril 819° Aries 22
Lunar EclipseSeptember 1725° Pisces 47′
Solar EclipseOctober 210° Libra 02′

Be sure to circle April 8 on your calendar and consider a getaway to the Southwest U.S. for optimal viewing conditions. If you’re in Texas, you might be at the perfect vantage point without venturing far.

This expansive eclipse has a path of totality stretching 125 miles, offering a rare opportunity to millions more than the memorable 2017 eclipse event. Catch this moment, as the next similar view in North America will come in March 2033 in western Alaska, followed by another chance in August 2044 in parts of western Canada and the Northern United States.

2024 Eclipses

Lunar EclipseMarch 2405° Libra 14′
Solar EclipseApril 819° Aries 22
Lunar EclipseSeptember 1725° Pisces 47′
Solar EclipseOctober 210° Libra 02′

Be sure to circle April 8 on your calendar and consider a getaway to the Southwest U.S. for optimal viewing conditions. If you’re in Texas, you might be at the perfect vantage point without venturing far.

This expansive eclipse has a path of totality stretching 125 miles, offering a rare opportunity to millions more than the memorable 2017 eclipse event. Catch this moment, as the next similar view in North America will come in March 2033 in western Alaska, followed by another chance in August 2044 in parts of western Canada and the Northern United States.

2025 Eclipses

Lunar EclipseMarch 1323° Virgo 57′
Solar EclipseMarch 299° Aries 00′
Lunar EclipseSeptember 715° Pisces 23′
Solar EclipseSeptember 2129° Virgo 05′

2026 Eclipses

Type Date Position
Solar Eclipse February 17 28° Aquarius 50′
Lunar Eclipse March 3 12° Virgo 54′
Solar Eclipse August 12 20° Leo 02′
Lunar Eclipse August 28 4° Pisces 54′

2027 Eclipses

Type Date Position
Solar Eclipse February 6 17° Aquarius 38′
Lunar Eclipse February 20 2° Virgo 06′
Lunar Eclipse July 18 25° Capricorn 49′
Solar Eclipse August 2 9° Leo 55′
Lunar Eclipse August 17 24° Aquarius 12′

2028 Eclipses

Type Date Position
Lunar Eclipse January 11 21° Cancer 27′
Solar Eclipse January 26 06° Aquarius 11′
Lunar Eclipse July 6 15° Capricorn 11′
Solar Eclipse July 21 29° Cancer 51′
Lunar Eclipse December 31 10° Cancer 33′

2029 Eclipses

Type Date Position
Solar Eclipse January 14 24° Capricorn 50′
Solar Eclipse June 11 21° Gemini 29′
Lunar Eclipse June 25 4° Capricorn 50′
Solar Eclipse July 11 19° Cancer 38′
Solar Eclipse December 5 13° Sagittarius 45′
Lunar Eclipse December 20 29° Gemini 21′

2030 Eclipses

Type Date Position
Solar Eclipse May 31 10° Gemini 50′
Lunar Eclipse June 15 24° Sagittarius 43′
Solar Eclipse November 24 3° Sagittarius 02′
Lunar Eclipse December 9 17° Gemini 54′

Navigate Eclipses With Insight and Balance

Eclipses can stir the soul and spur us on to new life chapters. These are times when the universe seems to open a door, revealing paths we might not have noticed before. There’s a blend of anticipation and introspection that comes with solar and lunar eclipses, each bringing their brand of cosmic energy to our doorstep.

During these times, focus on finding your footing even when the ground seems to shift. By preparing for the eclipses, staying flexible, and listening to the subtle hints of change, you can move through these times with purpose. Remember, the key isn’t to force action but to be aware and ready to embrace the opportunities that come.