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Last updated on December 6th, 2023.

Since the 1960s, there has been a trend of people asking others about their zodiac sign as well as other aspects of their astrology. There are those who will simply answer that they do not know as they have never had an interest in the topic, and others who will talk about their sun, moon, and rising signs. These are pieces found in what is known as a “birth chart”, which be confusing to understand. So, how do you read and understand a birth chart?

Understanding a birth chart like a professional takes time, but there are some key aspects that can help make understanding them somewhat easier. In order to understand and read a birth chart, you must understand planetary placement, zodiac signs, as well as the moon and rising signs/placements.

While these concepts may seem confusing to one beginning to understand birth charts, you will be able to have a better understanding of birth charts, zodiac signs, as well as planetary placement after reading this article. Continue reading to learn about each of these concepts as well as some steps to help you to better read and understand your birth chart or the birth chart of others.

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What Is A Birth Chart?

A birth chart is a magical chart that astrologically helps us define who we are. The chart is a kind of map that helps to show how the planets and stars were aligned at the moment in time when you were born. It is also called a natal chart, and there are 7 types of natal charts.

A birth chart is often used by those who believe in astrology to help determine certain aspects of oneself. Some of these aspects include:

  • One’s strengths and weaknesses
  • The best time to do certain things and make certain moves
  • Any opportunities for your soul to grow

Through astrology and numerology, surprising insights can be discovered about patterns you tend to follow and preferences you may have.

What Does A Birth Chart Include?

When you look up your birth chart, you are met with an image of a circle that is cut into twelve pieces, and the chart will have many different symbols within those pieces and around the circle.

The twelve pieces that are shown on a birth chart represent “houses”. Each house represents a different aspect of our lives. Each of these houses is also associated with the different zodiac signs, so you may want to have an understanding of the different zodiac signs in order to better understand each house.

Another aspect that is shown on the birth chart is the planets. Each planet helps understand the energy of each house.

Finally, the zodiac signs are included within the chart. You may be familiar with your sun sign as this is often the zodiac sign that one is most likely to know. Each of these elements works together on the birth chart to help give you a better understanding of yourself and others.

What Is Most Important In A Birth Chart?

When it comes to understanding a birth chart, there are a few key aspects that an astrologer will look for. These aspects include:

  • Which zodiac sign and which house the planets are in
  • The moon zodiac sign and the rising sign
  • Saturn in order to determine when one may need to work harder
  • Jupiter in order to determine when one may be lucky
  • A balance of qualities
  • Any patterns that are formed on the chart

Each of these can help an astrologer determine any patterns in one’s lifestyle or any preferences a person may have and not realize. These can also help to discover more about a person in a way that cannot be determined through common discussion or knowledge.

What Are The Steps To Read A Birth Chart.

Now that we have coverde what a birth chart is and some important parts of a birth chart, we can look into the steps one must take in order to read and understand a birth chart.

Step 1 - Important Information

The first step in reading a birth chart is knowing some key information about yourself. You must know:

  • The day you were born
  • The time you were born
  • Where you were born

These help to determine the alignment of planets and stars when you were born. You can enter this information into a website that helps to create your birth chart or creating your birth chart with the help of an astrologer.

Step 2 - The “Three Legs”

Once you have your birth chart, you want to look at your sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant or rising sign. These three signs are referred to as the “three legs” of the birth chart.

Your sun sign tends to reflect who you are at all times, and this is the sign that is mostly talked about when one refers to a horoscope. Your moon sign reveals a side of you that not many people get to see, but there are a few who do see this side of you; it is the ruling force in your decision-making. Your ascendant/rising sign helps to reveal how others may see you.

Step 3 - The Planets

The third step in understanding and reading a birth chart is examining the planets. The planets can be separated into the inner three planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Urnaus, Neptune, and Pluto).

Inner Planets

Each of the inner planets tend to rule over certain aspects of your life. Mercury rules over your mind and communication. Venus rules over your love life. Mars rules over your overall energy an actions.

Outer Planets

The outer planets tend to influence more abstract areas. Jupiter rules over luck and progress. Saturn rules over your fears and self-discipline. Uranus rules over change. Neptune rules over dreams and the ways you heal. Pluto rules over your transformation and power.

Ruling Planet

Once you have an understanding of the planets, you can better understand your ruling planet. This is the planet that is associated with your ascending/rising sign. The qualities of this planet help to reveal the most about you, such as what you value and what rules over your behavior.

Final Thoughts

Birth charts are a fun way to understand yourself through the use of astrology and are easier with the use of astrology card decks. Everyone has a birth chart that is determined based on how the planets and stars aligned at the moment you were born. They can be difficult to understand at first, but hopefully this article has been able to help you grasp a better understanding of your birth charts and all the elements within it. Dive more into the world of astrology to explore various things beyond science and facts, here is the guide from us to know on psychic medium you might find interesting to read.

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