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Creating or Finding Great Guided Meditation Scripts

Guided meditation is a great way to help yourself be guided down the metaphorical maze that is in your mind. There are loads of different types of guided meditation. Using guided meditation scripts is a good way to lead yourself down into a deep meditative state, but how do you find a great meditation script? And how do you create your own? Let’s find out.

A great guided meditation script is all about the meditator’s needs. It should completely relax the meditator and ultimately help them complete their purpose in meditation. Great guided meditation scripts can be found anywhere on the web.

Creating a great guided meditation script, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. It helps to truly know what you are looking for in your meditation.  Is this for you?  Is this for your students?  Maybe you’ve got a small gathering on Wednesday nights or want to introduce it virtually to a bunch of YTT students taking their yoga teacher online training cert through your studio.  There are different methods and techniques that you can use to make your script.  Keep reading to learn more about some approaches we recommend.

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What Is a Guided Meditation Script?

When meditating, it is easy for your mind to lose focus. As the mind wanders, it becomes harder to stay in control of your meditative state. Guided meditation helps to keep your mind on a straight path, hence the name “guided” meditation.

A Guided Meditation Script is a form of meditation that uses another person’s words to guide the reader as they take a deep dive into their subconscious. It is the easiest method of meditation and a good way to go deeper into the meditative state.

Guided meditation scripts are just pre-written or recorded words to help smoothly guide the listener, or reader, down the path to their meditation goals.  You’ll become very familiar with these if you ever decide to pursue your Meditation teacher certification online.  The basic parts of a guided meditation script are relaxation, the journey, and the beginning. These three steps will help to create the perfect mood for you as you journey through meditation. 

How Do You Read Guided Meditation?

When you practice and memorize a meditation script, the delivery is easier. Recording your meditation script is also a good option because that way, you will not have to worry about making a mistake and breaking your concentration.

Guided meditation scripts should be practiced and or recorded before use. The meditator wants a smooth journey into the depths of their mind. Constantly running into problems with finding the words and having to pause to remember them makes things a lot more difficult.

Where Can I Find Great Guided Meditation Scripts?

Good guided meditation scripts can be found anywhere online. It is all about what the meditator is searching for while meditating. Be sure to read a sample version of the script or a description to know what you are getting from the script.

If you’re unsure what you really want in a script or are looking for some options, here are a few places to find good meditation scripts:

  • Inner Health Studio – Inner Health Studio has tons of relaxation scripts and meditation scripts. They cover from anxiety to spiritual well-being, and the best part is that they’re free to access.
  • Dharma Crafts – Dharma Crafts gives a list of great meditation scripts for both children and adults. Their scripts cover letting go, self-love, anxiety, and more, and they are free to access.
  • The Daily Meditation – The Daily Meditation gives eight free guided meditation scripts for those who are just starting their guided meditation teacher journey and even those who aren’t. Their scripts range from self-love to anger, and they are definitely worth checking out.

There are, of course, other good websites to find guided meditation scripts out there, but these are just a few to help you start your search. You can also find meditation frequency music to relax and go deeper into your meditation!

Writing Your Own Your Own: How Do I Start a Meditation Script?

Feel like creating your own meditation script? It’s not as difficult as you may think.

When creating a meditation script, the creator must determine what the goal of the script will be. It is good to start by considering why the script is being created, getting in the mood, preparing the readers, and using the countdown. Once you have done that, you are set to make a great meditation script.

Getting In the Mood

You want to be able to get your readers in the mood, so it is important that you get yourself into the mood as you write your script. Make sure you are relaxed as you write. Stay calm and collect your thoughts as you breathe through the script.

Considering Why You Are Creating the Script

When beginning your script, ask yourself what the purpose of the script is. What emotions are you trying to evoke within the reader? This is important because it establishes the ultimate goal of the script. Without this element, your script is completely baseless and has no depth.

Preparing the Readers

Prepare your readers by giving them advice on the best ways to relax. You can offer them some breathing exercises to use or even give them an idea of what in-home or outdoor setting they should use for total relaxation. Make sure that you give your readers a moment in between to completely relax their minds rather than just jumping to the next step.

The Countdown

The most frequently used way to lead readers into meditation is the countdown. Another name for it is The Beginning. It helps the reader slowly fall into the meditation so that they can begin The Journey. There are many different ways this can be done. You can simply tell your readers to count down from 10, or you could get more creative. How you choose to go about this step is completely up to you.

After you have written the preparation and beginning sections, you are ready to get further into your script. Some people like to let their minds be their guide as they write their scripts; others prefer to make a plan for their scripts in a more detailed and organized fashion. Here is a guide on the most important parts of a good meditation script.

What Are the Parts of a Good Guided Meditation Script?

The most important parts of a good meditation script are relaxation, the journey, and the bringing back. This is the basic structure of a meditation script, and it should never be changed. The creator may, of course, add their own personal additions, but this should be done without straying from the template.

Even if you are creating the script for yourself, you are going to want to follow the basic structure of a good meditation script. Here is a more thorough explanation of the basic structure of a good guided meditation script:


After you have finished Preparing Your Readers and you have led them into a deeper meditative state using The Countdown, begin relaxing your readers. Before the first part of their journey begins, both their minds and bodies should be relaxed. You can do this by telling your readers to inhale and exhale slowly as they relax. There are other methods that you can use; this only serves as an example.

The Journey Part 1

You must give your readers some sort of environment. They could be sitting under a tree or on a beach with the ocean waves reaching up to their toes and slowly crawling back down. Whatever setting you choose is up to you. Remember that it becomes monotonous if you drag it out too long and can ruin the experience. It might also help to give the reader a little bit of room to add to the setting that you created, allowing them to get creative themselves. This will also help to keep them relaxed.

The Journey Part 2

This is where you let your readers experience the purpose of the meditation script. Whether you chose anxiety, self-awareness, love, etc., this is where you unload that content. You will lead your readers through experiences using the relaxing environment that you have set up for them in The Journey Part 1. They are slowly digging deeper into their hearts with your words as the guide. Consider what you want the end result of the script to be and build on that.

The Bringing Back

This is where you gradually bring your reader back to a state of consciousness. If the prior steps were performed correctly, your reader would be in a deep state of meditation. Depending on the journey that you took your readers on, you may have to bring them back before you awaken their consciousness. If you lead your readers up a mountain on their journey, take them back down the mountain.

You can even use The Countdown to bring them back to awareness, just as it led them into the meditative state.

It is important to bring them back to their physical body and make them once again aware of where they are.

  • Give them a minute to breathe and let them come back on their own accord.
  • You may also instruct them to sleep afterward rather than waking them.
  • If you instruct your reader to sleep, make sure that when you are Preparing Your Readers, you suggest they lie down in their bed or somewhere comfortable so that they wake up with no problems.

If you are looking to personalize your meditation script by adding your own personal flair to it, there are many ways that you can do that. As long as you are not deviating from the template and you stay on point, your script should still be amazing.

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Guided meditation scripts are a great way to meditate. You can create your own or find one on the internet. It is important to find or create a guided meditation script that relaxes your mind and completes your meditative goals. Remember that the most important element of meditation is you.