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The 5 Most Common Meditation Frequencies

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The human brain is a complex and unique organ capable of accomplishing many things. But did you know that listening to different sound frequencies can affect brain activity and state of mind? Knowing which frequencies induce what levels of thinking can help you be more successful during an activity like meditation.

Many different frequencies are used to induce calm and relaxing thoughts during meditation. Still, if you want to meditate effectively and successfully, you should work the five most common meditation frequencies into your routine.

The 5 Most Common Meditation Frequencies are:

  1. 528Hz Transformation and Deep Healing 
  2. 432Hz Nature’s Frequency
  3. 963Hz Sleep and Relaxation Frequency
  4. 639Hz Rebalancing Positive Energy Frequency
  5. 852Hz Improving Communication

Once you know which frequencies you should be listening to during meditation, you will be better able to control your progress during meditation and achieve your goals. Keep reading to learn more about the five most common meditation frequencies and what they can do for your meditation time.

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Which frequencies are suitable for meditation?

Several different frequencies can be helpful during meditation. The frequency you decide to play will change based on what you try to achieve with your meditation practice. You may even use different frequencies to accomplish various mental goals throughout your meditation practice.

Meditation Frequency music -Which Frequency is Good For Meditation

The frequencies used for meditation reach specific mental states by inspiring your brain wave frequencies to match with the frequencies you are hearing. When used correctly, these frequencies can induce feelings of calm, relaxation, an open mind, and an increased ability to learn new things.

When choosing the frequency you listen to during meditation, you must evaluate your journey and pick the frequency that aligns with your meditation goals. This will ensure that you select the frequency that is good for you and your meditation goals.

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A List of the 5 Most Common Meditation Frequencies

If you think meditating on frequencies could help you on your spiritual and emotional journey, then it’s time to learn about the five most common meditation frequencies listed below.

You can learn more about how these frequencies can be used during meditation to help you expand your mind, heal, connect with others, and incite positive emotions. This way, you can select the frequency that will improve your life the most.

Along with meditation frequencies, you can also pair this up with guided meditation scripts to go deeper into your meditation!

1. 528Hz Transformation and Deep Healing

Do you constantly find yourself stressed out, sick, and tired? Then, you would benefit from meditation to the frequency of 528 Hz. This frequency has been used since ancient times to help those who need deep healing. They couldn’t have known it back then, but this frequency has been shown in animal studies to reduce stress and anxiety.

This frequency can do all this because it lowers cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, which can cause tons of damage to your body if allowed to run rampant. When you reduce this hormone, you will spend less time sick and injured and feel more energetic.

Incorporate this frequency into your meditation if you are healing from trauma, whether physical or mental, and it will help you to feel more relaxed. And over time, you may also notice an increase in energy and healing from the many benefits of 528Hz

2. 432Hz Nature’s Frequency

If you think this frequency sounds familiar, that is because it is very well known both in history and in music theory classes. This is because 432Hz is the frequency that is commonly found in nature, and thus, it is believed that listening to this frequency while meditating can help you relax and connect you to nature.

There are so many benefits of listening to 432Hz; it’s no wonder there’s so much great content on 432hz on YouTube!

Meditation Frequency Music - Infographic

And it turns out that these claims are well-backed by science. In one study in 2019, it was discovered that participants who listened to the 432Hz frequency had a lower heart rate and breathing rate and overall felt less angry than the control group that didn’t listen to the frequency. Not only that, but they also reported being able to concentrate better and were more satisfied with the experience.

Therefore, if you want to lower your vital signs, learn to relax, and just let go of your emotions, this frequency is perfect for your meditation practice. And chances are you will thoroughly enjoy listening to this beautiful frequency that is part of the world around you.

3. 963Hz Sleep and Relaxation Frequency

Everyone struggles with sleeping now and then, but if you spend every night lying in bed and staring at the ceiling, you should play the frequency of 963Hz while meditating.

This 963Hz frequency has been known to activate the Pineal gland, the part of your brain that produces melatonin and serotonin, two hormones that regulate the sleep cycle. It can also help you to relax while you meditate.

In addition, people have reported that it helps them to open their minds and be more receptive to new experiences and people. This is likely because when you can’t sleep well, you are more agitated and tend not to get along as well with others, but when you can sleep at night and relax, this can profoundly affect your attitude and overall mentality.

4. 639Hz Rebalancing Positive Energy Frequency

Sometimes, life and your relationships with others may feel a little out of balance, and that’s okay. Meditating with the 639Hz frequency can help you rebalance your life.

The 639Hz frequency has long been connected with the human heart. Of course, it can’t influence love and regret, but it helps to instill a sense of calm and positivity within you that can feel like love. It has also been reported to help calm resentment against others, leading to better relationships in life.

But the benefits don’t end there. The 639Hz frequency is commonly used during music therapy to help with healing. It is also often associated with developing feelings of mutual respect towards others, along with sympathy and understanding.

So, if healing and positive energy are something you lack in your life, it may be a good idea to listen to this frequency while meditating.

5. 852Hz Improving Communication

For those who want the open mind that comes with the 963Hz frequency above but don’t necessarily want the associated sleep benefits, you should listen to the 852 Hz frequency during your meditation.

Listening to this frequency can help you to open your mind to learn more about yourself and your deepest fears and desires. This way, you will be able to conquer them more effectively and live the life you want to live. The 852Hz frequency is also associated with connecting with the universe and your higher self.

Out of the five frequencies on this list, this one unlocks the most complicated process, and therefore, you should only use this frequency after you have released your stress and solved any mental turmoil you may have with other frequencies on this list.

3 Great Resources on YouTube for Meditation Frequency Videos

This is a lot of information, and knowing where to start can be difficult. You could begin studying Zen Buddhism to learn a little about its history. Luckily, in this day and age, almost everything you need to incorporate frequencies into your meditative practice can be found on YouTube. Could you read the descriptions so you know what frequencies you are listening to and the effects you can expect?

1. Solfeggio Frequencies For Meditation

Before you dive in, you may want some more background information about listening to frequencies while you meditate. This video by Relaxing Music can give you all the answers you need. And the best part is that it is under eight minutes, so that it won’t take up much of your time.

Frequencies For Meditation

This video mentions all of the frequencies in this article, but it also says a few more. Sticking with these five frequencies when you start and move on to the others once you become more apt at meditating to frequencies is best. But don’t be afraid to keep your mind open to learn about other frequencies that are out there.

After you’ve learned more about meditating to frequencies, you can review the creator’s profile for some examples of frequencies to meditate to. They have some fantastic 432Hz videos and a variety of others. Start with the video of the frequency you think will help you most!

2. Guided Meditation Align With Wellness

When you decide you are ready to embark on a journey to meditate to different frequencies, it’s time to check out a video like this one by Rising Higher Meditation.

This video is beneficial when you are just starting because it is a guided meditation video, meaning a voice-over is there to help you learn how to use a frequency while you meditate correctly. This video is a guided meditation to the 548Hz frequency, but many others from this creator use other frequencies you may be interested in meditating to.

Another nice feature is this is a shorter guided meditation. When you search for meditation frequencies on YouTube, you will constantly find videos that are hours long. This one is only 15 minutes long and ideal for beginners.

3. 432Hz Miracle Tone

Some of you may be ready to take the full plunge and immerse yourself entirely in meditation with frequencies. And suppose you are already experienced in meditation and just looking to expand your daily practice. In that case, this next video brought to you by PowerThoughts Mediation Club is what you should be watching.

This video lasts two hours, ensuring you have sufficient music, even for the most extended meditation periods. This video will also give you an idea of how you will feel while meditating with frequencies, as this frequency is one of the most relaxing ones known to humans worldwide.

There are plenty more videos like this, many of which are the same length and style for different frequencies, so feel free to explore a little. Be careful not to get too relaxed and fall asleep while listening to one of these fantastic frequencies during meditation!

Concluding Thoughts on Meditation Frequencies for Meditation

Whether you are new to meditation or have been meditating for years, meditating with frequencies is for you. Mediation to specific sound frequencies can help take you to a new mental level while providing numerous other health benefits most people can only dream of!

Although meditating to frequency may sound scary, it is relatively easy, and you will likely find it very relaxing as long as you have the right resources to guide you. Before you know it, frequencies will have you on a meditation journey unlike no other!