My Vinyasa Practice Review

My Vinyasa Practice Review

Austin, Texas-based My Vinyasa Practice has built a warm and welcoming community around the principle of making “yoga, spiritual self-studies and education affordable and scalable.”

The studio is committed to uplifting the collective consciousness through its in-studio and online yoga classes, live events and yoga teacher training, and continuing education and personal development courses.

But that’s not all My Vinyasa Practice offers. To further reach out to people near and far, the studio offers online coaching and yoga therapy. They want to help people identify the strength within them. To strike for and reach their dreams and goals.

Ultimately, My Vinyasa Practice believes that yoga teachings and practices will align the mind, body and spirit in compassion and balance, leading to health and longevity.

Read on as we go deeper into what My Vinyasa Practice is all about. We’ll start with classes and events for yoga practitioners. And then we’ll talk about the studio’s yoga teacher training program. And don’t worry if you live far from the studio. They have a rich schedule of online classes for yogis anywhere in the world!

Article Topics

Yoga Classes and Community Events

My Vinyasa Practice has a schedule full of different yoga classes and events. People of any ability are sure to find something that fits them! And they’ll make friends and feel like they’re part of a community while they explore all that My Vinyasa Practice has to offer.

Yoga Classes

Students can practice yoga at the Austin, TX studio or drop in on a live streaming class. And, My Vinyasa Practice is striving to make its online offerings as personal as in-person classes. Online students can interact with teacher, ask questions and even receive alignment feedback.

Community Events

My Vinyasa Practice is excited about offering special events, bringing people together and creating personal connections both in-person and online. For instance, the studio offers free live-streamed classes themed around Black History Month. Also, it offers free community outdoor yoga in Austin on Sundays. And it even offers craft-making classes to make items significant to yoga and meditation, such as malas. There’s always something to do at My Vinyasa Practice.

Online Yoga Therapy and Online Coaching

Besides classes and events, My Vinyasa Practice is committed to helping people through online yoga therapy and online coaching. Their goal is to help people find peace and balance in their lives. They’ll work with clients to make their lives the best they can be. Let’s learn more about these services.

Online Yoga Therapy

My Vinyasa Practice runs private online yoga therapy sessions, at which the client will receive guidance on how they can live the life they were meant to live through the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. The therapist formulates a game plan for each client based on that client’s physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies. They’ll help clients work towards goals and find their way to energetic harmony and abundance. Clients receive a 6-week wellness plan and check in with their yoga therapist via online meetings, emails, phone calls and text messages.  

Online Coaching

Break old habits and behavior through My Vinyasa Practices Online Coaching program. The program uses Eastern and Western philosophies to help clients learn to find balance and meet their full potential. The 6-week session includes guided skills practice, check-ins, access to My Vinyasa Practice teachers, therapists and health and wellness professionals. Clients will learn to:

  • Identify essential values
  • Map behavioral patterns
  • Practice compassionate self-forgiveness
  • Cleanse and release energetic blockages
  • Leverage yoga and meditation for balance
  • Utilize positive projection as a tool for manifestation
  • Align essential values and energetic resources
  • Manifest heartfelt desires in all aspects of being

Online Yoga Teacher Training

My Vinyasa Practice trains prospective yoga teachers in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga styles, as well as how to apply yogic philosophy to daily life.

Online 200-Hr YTT

The main certification My Vinyasa Practice has become known for, the 200-hr YTT is where it all begins. It’s the beginning yoga teacher training, where the world of yoga opens up to the student. After finishing the class, students will be eligible to teach yoga anywhere.

They’ll learn the foundations of teaching yoga by studying:

  • Yoga history and Philosophy
  • Ayurveda
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Sequencing and Cuing
  • Food for Chakras, Energies and Practices to elevate the consciousness
  • Dharma and Karma

Online 300-Hr YTT

The next level in Yoga Teacher Certifications by My Vinyasa Practice, the 300-hr YTT class is for yoga teacher who have already taken the 200-hr YTT. After completing the 300-hr class, a yoga teacher can upgrade their yoga certification to 500 RYT with certification body Yoga Alliance. A 500 RYT certification means that a yoga teacher has completed 500 hours of teacher training. It’s a widely sought-out yoga qualification from potential employers. It shows them that the yoga teacher has a deep understand of all things yoga.

During the 300-hr YTT, students learn to teach:

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga styles such as Yin, Restorative, Adaptive and Prenatal
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga

Students will also learn:

  • Subtle Bodies
  • Ayurveda
  • Business of Yoga
  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga for Anxiety and Yoga for Recovery (optional)

Other teacher training opportunities

And for those students with a sense of adventure, My Vinyasa Practice occasionally runs teacher training intensive courses in far off places. One such training was recently held in Greece. And who knows where the next one will be!

Continuing Education and Personal Development

But the education doesn’t stop after yoga certification. My Vinyasa Practice also offers continuing education classes to further the career and personal development of yoga teachers. For yoga teachers looking for further certification, or for those yogis wanting to learn something new and increase their skills, check out My Vinyasa Practice’s host of continuing ed certifications and courses. Here are just a few of their offerings:

Online Yoga Therapy Certification

Yoga teachers who have gained at least a 200-hr YTT certification can study to become a certified Yoga Therapist. The class combines a 300-hr Foundations in Yoga therapy Course, advanced training courses, 30 hours of mentorship, a paid internship and job placement. And certification in the course will allow a person to use their skills to work in clinical settings, complementing Western medicine practices.

Students will learn a host of therapeutic yoga topics such as :

  • Subtle Bodies
  • Adaptive Yoga
  • Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and for Memory Loss
  • Group Yoga Therapy
  • Sound Healing
  • And much more

Online Restorative Yoga Certification

The class is great for yoga teachers wanting to deepen their knowledge and bring yoga to segments of the population that may have difficulty in a typical yoga class. In this course, yoga teachers (or yogis interested in broadening their own practice) will learn:

  • Restorative poses for people recovering from trauma
  • Dynamic sequences for managing stress, or for those recovering from surgical or emotional trauma
  • Using props
  • Incorporating sound and oils
  • Rehabilitation Practices

Online Business of Yoga Course

Geared toward yoga teachers, therapists and healers, this course will show participants how to start their yoga teaching career, create sustainable income and have a healthy work/life balance. They’ll learn how to craft:

  • A successful business plan
  • Marketing strategies
  • Business Strategies
  • And more

Wrapping up

It’s obvious to see that My Vinyasa Practice is a model for growing a community of like-minded yogis eager to apply yoga philosophy and practice to their daily lives. You can’t help but come away from practicing with My Vinyasa Practice without feeling the open hearts and open minds of the teachers and other students.

The studio aims to uplift the community, not only with classes and events, but with its yoga therapy and coaching. They are committed to teaching their clients to reach their full potential.

And, we must not forget about My Vinyasa Practice’s full roster of yoga teacher training and continuing education courses. The studio is confident that when they send newly certified yoga teachers out into the world, those teachers will represent all that is healthy and mindful about yoga. They’ll have the skills need and more to create successful yoga teaching careers.

So, whether you want to be a part of a community of yogis or you want to further your career in yoga or the healing arts, take a look at My Vinyasa Practice today!