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The Best Way to Get Your TRX Training Certification Online

TRX training, which stands for Total Resistance Exercise training, utilizes resistance and body weight for many types of exercises to achieve personal fitness goals. Founded by former navy seal Randy Hetrick in 2005, it has become very popular as it brings a fast and effective total body workout. Certified trainers are in demand, and people are in search of online sources to become TRX trainer certified.

Online certifications are available, some of which are self-paced, and some are available at scheduled times. Online certification allows you some flexibility and mobility during the certification process. Getting certified can open some doors and expand your business in your fitness career.

While the course itself is not accredited and does not give you a national council on strength and fitness certification, it does give you a certificate of completion and can be applied towards your national certification with continued education. Knowing what the training certification entails might help you in your fitness educational decisions and goals. Read on to learn more about getting your TRX training certification online.

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What Does a TRX Training Certification Entail?

The TRX training certification process involves not just an online class and a certificate of completion. In this course, you will participate and there is a test. You will need to get involved and exercise your knowledge with an 80 percent passing grade on their exam. Be prepared to be involved, although it is virtual you will be active in participation. Here is what you can expect:

  • 7 hours of online training from an advanced TRX trainer
  • Up to 7 hours of continued education credits toward national certification
  • Digital course manual
  • Exam
  • Certificate of Completion, if you pass all criteria
  • Opportunity to become a TRX Core member

The training is extensive and you will gain knowledge not just physically being able to do exercises but also be able to guide and teach others to obtain their personal fitness goals using the TRX system. You will also be able to use this certification as credits towards your national fitness certification. Here are some of the subjects that will be taught during your 7-hour instructional training class: 

  • Properly set up the TRX training equipment in home, office, or gym
  • Perform a variety of TRX exercises
  • Teach the principles of TRX movement and philosophies
  • Adjust fitness intensity levels for clients with different needs and abilities
  • Be able to observe and correct improper exercise techniques

At the end of the course, you will have extensive knowledge to be able to apply proper technique and instruction to your clients. It may also expand your clientele as TRX training is becoming popular in the fitness world and is being sought after. Being able to offer this to your clients can prevent your clients from getting bored or plateauing after doing the same exercises over and over again.

How Much Does TRX Certification Cost?

Naturally, before beginning your journey to becoming certified online, you will need to be prepared for the costs. The first costs you will encounter are those for the equipment. You will need to purchase the TRX Trainer if you do not already own one or have access to one.

The TRX Trainer can range from $150 to $250 if you purchase directly from TRX. The TRX Trainer options vary for different skill levels, so you will want to purchase what is best for you.

There are a few different options when it comes to TRX certification but the best-reviewed courses and certification comes from TRX itself. There are different levels of certification that come with different costs. The more advanced the course, the higher the price. Third-party vendors offer the certification at a lower cost but most often they do not include all material and course credits for your further education in fitness.

The basic TRX Suspension Training Course starts at around $300, but you can catch a sale once in a while. This cost will pay for the following:

  • Instruction with a certified TRX instructor
  • Digital course manual
  • Exam fee
  • Qualification with a certificate of completion with a passing grade

You must obtain an 80 percent or better on the exam to pass. Failure to pass can result in additional costs and time.

There are specialized courses that zero in on particular fitness disciplines ranging from kettlebell training to yoga and even golf. These courses range in price starting at around $25 and can range to $300. Specialized courses are additional tools to expand your TRX training knowledge and will enable you to further customize workout sessions for your client’s particular goals and needs.

The advanced TRX training can cost around $900 and is the most extensive training package. This gives you much more training and specialized courses and a certification as a TRX instructor rather than a qualification. Each course level brings you different levels of training and knowledge which level you want will help you make your decisions in your TRX certification goals.

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What Are the Different Levels of TRX Certification?

There are a couple of different levels of TRX certification, and there are additional courses that train in specialized fitness disciplines.

The more advanced courses are more expensive and take more time to complete. They also give you credits towards national certification with accredited fitness organizations.

TRX Suspension Training Course

The basic TRX certification course is called TRX Suspension Training Course, which is a virtual live course. In this course you will get the following:

  • A digital course manual
  • 7 hours of instruction
  • The credits to apply to your national certification

You will get course material, an exam, and a course completion certificate upon receiving a passing grade.

TRX Advanced Group Training Course

The advanced TRX training is called the Advanced Group Training Course. This is a virtual live course as well.

The difference between the basic and advanced courses is mainly content. You get a lot more training, and it is geared toward group classes. You will also get instruction on developing an 18-day period of instruction through a group training format.

TRX Yoga Foundations Course

A specialized course in yoga is offered, called TRX Yoga Foundations Course. This is similar to the basic TRX Suspension Training Course, and you get the same material and certificate of completion but the instruction offered is with a TRX yoga instructor.

It is a good option if your fitness career is geared towards yoga clientele.

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TRX Golf Workshop

TRX Golf Workshop is a specialized course, about 90 minutes in length. This course teaches you about swing mechanics and training your core and muscle groups that are used the most in the sport of golf.

The course focuses on the following areas:

  • Core strength
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Stability
  • Strength in your hips

This course is good for both amateur and professional golf enthusiasts.

TRX Suspension Training Workshop

TRX Suspension Training Workshop is the shortened version of the basic TRX Suspension Training Course. At 90 minutes long, you learn the basics of suspension training without the cost and the material you would get with the course.

This course is a good option if you need a quick lesson or a refresher in knowledge if you have been away for a while.

TRX Kettlebell Workshop

TRX Kettlebell Workshop is a 90-minute course on doing workouts with kettlebells. In this course, you will learn basic and advanced kettlebell workouts.

If you have never used a kettlebell before or if you are a seasoned kettlebell enthusiast, you will have something to gain from this course.

Proper methods and techniques in basic and advanced exercises will be taught and will give you more options in your exercises.

TRX Rip Training Workshop

TRX Rip Training Workshop is a 90-minute course that gets you the knowledge in rip training. This course focuses on the following disciplines:

  • Core
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Cardio

This course is about movement and is fast-paced and fun. Think of high-volume fast-paced strength training and aerobics when you think of the rip training. All the elements you need to have your clients looking ripped at the end of their time with you.

Whether you are looking for a full certification course or some workshops to further your TRX knowledge and skill base, there is a course for you. The courses being offered virtually give you some flexibility in your schedule and location. There are a few options when it comes to getting the certification, some are cheaper, but you get what you pay for, the best-reviewed option is from TRX directly and is quite affordable.

The Best Place to Get Your TRX Training Certification Online

TRX offers the best overall training, and you are getting the training from TRX themselves. No third party, and no gimmicks. The pricing is straightforward and it is clear what kind of instruction and material that you are getting. You will need to own your own set of TRX training equipment, so prepare for that additional cost if you do not already own the TRX exercise equipment.

There are other options when it comes to the training, some are offered self-paced online, and some come cheaper in price, but you need to look at what you are getting. Some alternatives you have to complete in a timeframe given, or the course does not give you the credits towards your national certification. Some level of training from third-party vendors is not as extensive as you would get from TRX directly.

When shopping around for where you want to get the certification, be aware of what you are buying and what you will get. If you already have some certifications and just need some knowledge, third-party options can be the cheaper route for you. Just be aware of what you are purchasing.


TRX certification gives you the ability to expand your clientele base in your fitness career. The program and the equipment allow you to be able to work out just about anywhere as it uses light portable equipment and utilizes your natural body weight. It has a variety of different workouts and disciplines so that you can change your routine based on your particular fitness goals, and never worry about getting bored.

The cost of the TRX certification is affordable, although it does not mean you are a certified fitness instructor, it does give you credits towards that goal if you have not already achieved it. Knowing your base clientele will help you determine which specialized courses to train in as well. Do your homework before signing up for a third-party certification course, and enjoy your pursuit of becoming TRX certified.