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TRX Training’s Most Common Questions Answered

Have you ever walked into a fitness studio and been confused at the sight of people using straps hanging from the ceiling for their workouts? You were likely watching a TRX suspension class. This form of exercise has become popular, particularly for anyone who likes yoga or Pilates, because it incorporates strength and mobility in similar ways.

TRX, or total resistance training, is a form of exercise pioneered by a man named Randy Hetrick. TRX requires two suspension straps attached to the ceiling or a door that allows participants to utilize their body weight to work against gravity and improve their strength, mobility, balance, or flexibility.

Anyone looking to try out total resistance training likely has some questions about what a typical workout entails if it’s good for weight loss, or how it actually helps people reach their fitness goals. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of TRX training.

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What is TRX Training

TRX requires participants to utilize two suspension ropes with attached handlebars and perform a series of movements meant to develop strength, flexibility, and balance.

If you have consistently incorporated strength training into your fitness routine with exercises like push-ups and pull-ups, you’ll likely find many TRX exercises to be familiar.

TRX incorporates many different exercises that are familiar for many people but allow more modifications and variations by allowing you to perform an even wider variety of bodyweight exercises than if they weren’t using suspension straps at all

For example, a regular push-up would involve your hands and feet firmly on the ground, but with TRX, you can do a push-up standing on your own two feet or with your hands on the ground and feet suspended by the straps.

Here are TRX Training's Most Common Questions Answered

There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to incorporating TRX into your regular fitness routine. In this article, we’ll answer the most common questions people have when they want to start TRX training.

If you’ve thought about trying out total resistance training, this article will tell you everything you need to know to start your TRX journey.

Can You do TRX at Home?

Many people value the convenience of being able to work out at home. They have more control over when they workout and save time by not having to travel to the gym. If you enjoy working out from home, TRX is definitely an option

You can do TRX from home by anchoring the suspension straps to the top of a door. You’ll want to anchor the straps close to the hinges of the door for maximum stability. And you’ll preferably want to choose a door that opens away from the side where you plan to workout.

For step-by-step videos with tips on how to set up your TRX straps from home, check out this page on the TRX Training website.

Once your anchor and suspension straps are secure, you’re ready to start your TRX workouts at home.

What do You Need for TRX training?

TRX training is designed to take advantage of your body weight to create a strength training workout that doesn’t involve a lot of equipment. If you want to be able to do TRX training in your own home, you only need a few main pieces of equipment.

The two major components you need to make sure you have for TRX workouts are: your body and quality suspension straps.

Once you have these two things ready to go, you want to make sure you mount the suspension straps to the ceiling, wall, or another steady foundation. Check out this article for more information about the different mounting options for your TRX suspension straps.

However, if you’re planning on investing in equipment for your home gym TRX workouts, there are a few other tools that are always good to have handy for any workout.

A complete TRX gym at home will likely have these pieces of equipment:

  • TRX straps and mounting equipment
  • Kettlebell
  • Resistance bands
  • Mat

Check out what you’ll need this equipment for and some options for purchasing them below. You might not need everything on this list immediately, but as you complete more and more workouts, you’ll want to add more weight and equipment into your routine to ensure you’re pushing yourself.

Suspension Straps and Mounting Equipment

At, you can find the official TRX Training® suspension straps, equipment, and even workout programs.

The main item to look for first is the suspension straps. They offer multiple packages with different equipment include so you can find the best one for you. For beginners looking to start investing in their home gym, the TRX Home2 System is the perfect place to start.

It comes with straps along with two different anchors, so you have options as to where you want to set up the straps. This system also has adjustable foot peddles and comes with instructions on how to use the TRX app so that you also have workouts right at your fingertips.

These are the official straps of the TRX brand, and their quality is definitely unmatched. Check out the TRX training website to learn more about why these straps are the best ones to use and what value they’ll bring to your workout routine.

Adjustable Kettlebell

Once you have the suspension straps mounted properly, you’re ready to get started. Many TRX workouts only require the suspension straps and can take you through an entire strength training routine without involving other equipment.

However, some advanced or intermediate workouts may require a few extra pieces of equipment like a kettlebell or medicine ball. These weights are versatile and bring more variety to your workouts.

Check out this kettlebell available to purchase through Amazon. You can actually adjust the weight on it, adding more weight for an intense workout or making it lighter as you still adjust to this new style of exercise. Not to mention, with an adjustable weight, it eliminates the need to purchase multiple sets of dumbbells or kettlebells.

Resistance Bands

Like kettlebells, resistance bands are not always a required element to a TRX workout, but they’re another way to incorporate resistance training into your exercise routine or TRX training.

There are plenty of resistance bands on the market. If you’re looking to stay with the TRX brand, they also sell different levels of resistance bands on their website as well as their suspension straps.

However, if you want a more budget-friendly option where you can get an entire pack of resistance bands for under 10 dollars, these bands from amazon are a great option. 

These resistance bands take up little to no space in any workout room or bag and can help you develop even more strength with simple yet challenging moves.

Exercise Mat

The very last item you’ll want to consider getting when you begin your TRX journey is a good quality exercise or yoga mat. A dense mat that’s thick and comfortable will protect your body from unnecessary impact and help you focus on your workout instead of finding a comfortable position.

Just like for any new workout routine, your body will likely need time to adjust to this new type of workout, and stretching is a large part of helping your body recover efficiently.

This mat from amazon comes in a variety of colors and provides a thick cushion to give you both comfort and support throughout your workout.

With a solid mat to protect your joints and make stretching or core exercises easier on your body, you’ll be able to easily take your TRX workouts to the next level.

Is TRX Good for Beginners?

TRX is a type of exercise that can work for anyone at any level of fitness. If you’re a TRX beginner thinking about whether TRX is something you should try, the answer is yes.

The TRX system can look intimidating or like it’s mainly for serious athletes, but this isn’t actually true. TRX can be a great option for beginners looking for a challenging full-body workout that helps their strength and balance improve.

TRX can actually be an ideal option for beginners because they’re able to adjust the angles and intensity of their workouts as they become stronger and their beginner workouts become easier and easier. You can take a TRX workout as easy as you’d like or challenge yourself to really push your limits.

Don’t let your assumptions about TRX get in the way of at least trying it out.  

Is TRX Worth the Money?

If you’re looking to purchase TRX equipment, you’ve likely notices that it requires a bit of an investment. A typical TRX suspension kit will cost between 150 and 250 dollars

You might be asking whether purchasing TRX equipment is with the money. Consensus among many people who have incorporated TRX into their regular routines is that TRX is definitely worth the money. If you need a some tips and tricks on how to save money to purchase the equipment, check out that article!

A few reasons TRX is worth the money are:

  • Offers versatility in workouts and the ability to exercise in many different places
  • Effectively provides full-body workouts and strength training that make a difference in your exercise
  • Incorporates quality equipment that doesn’t take up a lot of space and provides safe support throughout a workout
  • The convenience of getting a strength workout with minimal equipment without sacrificing intensity

The main cons that TRX users talk about are the focus on upper body strength it provides and the number of adjustments it requires if you’re doing a circuit-style workout.

It’s important to think about the pros and cons before investing in a TRX system for your home gym, but many users describe the cons as minimal compared to the benefits of having a TRX suspension system available in their home.

Will TRX Ruin my Door?

The elements of anchoring the straps to the door frame and suspending sometimes your entire body weight onto them can cause concern about future damage to your door,

However, this is not actually something you should worry about. TRX users rarely, if ever, have described any damage occurring on the door from their TRX straps,

The anchor system effectively attaches the straps to your door and allows for bodyweight workouts to be done without causing any damage to the door.

Is There a Weight Limit for TRX?

TRX suspension straps do have a weight limit of about 350Ibs. It’s not recommended to put more than this amount of weight onto the suspension straps.

With a high weight limit like this, TRX is a suitable option for many people who do all different weights.

The main tip to remember is ensuring that the door you use to install the straps is stable and that the strap anchor is installed correctly. This will ensure that the straps can hold up the entirety of someone’s weight sadly and securely.


Don’t be intimidated by TRX suspension straps. Ultimately, they’re an effective and versatile way to incorporate strength training, balance, and flexibility into your workout routine. (You can even get your own TRX training certification online!)

With all of the most common questions answered, all you have to do is pick out which TRX suspension straps or other equipment you’d like to purchase.  

Your body will definitely thank you if you decide to move forward with TRX and consistently incorporate the workouts into your routine.