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Last updated on December 1st, 2023.

Do you love to meditate? If so, then you must have heard about Vedic meditation. The ancient meditation art involves mantra meditation, derived from ancient Hindu Sanskrit phrases. Most of these phrases have been around for thousands of years.

What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic meditation is a specific form of meditation that has its roots in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. It is an ancient practice that has been passed down through generations and is believed to be more than 5,000 years old. Vedic meditation is one of the oldest forms of meditation, and it is characterized by its simplicity and practicality.

In Vedic meditation, practitioners use a personalized mantra—a specific sound or word—to help focus and quiet the mind. The mantra is given to the individual by a trained teacher, based on certain criteria specific to that person. The mantra is meant to be repeated silently and effortlessly, allowing the mind to transcend ordinary thinking and access deeper levels of consciousness.

During Vedic meditation, practitioners sit comfortably with their eyes closed and gently repeat the mantra in a non-forced manner. The practice is typically done for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening.

The goal of Vedic meditation is to reach a state of deep restful awareness, where the mind becomes quiet, and the body experiences profound relaxation. Through regular practice, Vedic meditation is said to bring about various benefits, including reduced stress, improved clarity and focus, increased creativity, enhanced emotional well-being, and overall improved health.

It’s important to note that Vedic meditation is a specific technique taught by trained teachers who are well-versed in the tradition. While the basic principles may be similar to other forms of mantra-based meditation, the personalized mantra and the way it’s used in Vedic meditation are distinctive to this particular practice.

Since Vedic meditation is based on Hindu principles and Ayurvedic medicine (see our article on the best Ayurvedic Nutrition Certifications here), you can learn this therapeutic form of meditation from a school or institute that offers an extensive training module. Here is a snapshot of the 5 Best Vedic Meditation Training Courses out there are:

    1. The Veda Center
    2. Flow Meditation
    3. Thom Knoles
    4. Laura Poole
    5. London and New York’s Meditation Centers

The 5 Best Vedic Meditation Training Courses Out There

Every individual’s path to spiritual experience comes through movement and flow. You can master your body through athletics, dance, or martial arts. The yoga philosophy recognizes that the body is the seat of consciousness. Mastering your body and its movements awakens your awareness and elevates your senses.

Although many meditation centers offer Vedic meditation courses, below are the best Vedic meditation courses to help you learn Vedic meditation.

1. The Veda Center

The Veda Center sits at the top of our list.  The Veda Center has created three distinct courses that grow the Vedic Meditation Teacher’s level of expertise throughout his or her journey.  The beginning course is an online course that is 200 hours in length.  If you have been practicing Vedic meditation for at least a year and have completed the Vedic Meditation Mastery or an equivalent course, you can join this exclusive course in Bali.  See details below.  They also offer a great Meditation Retreat in Bali if you’re interested.

The course is ideal for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. However, here are the three major categories that can benefit from this course the most:

      • The Wisdom Seeker
      • The Change Maker
      • The True Yogi

For more on the Veda Center, you should check out this Veda Center Review!

Charlie Knoles is the primary instructor and guide for this course. Apart from being the co-founder of The Path and the Director of The Veda Center, he is a seasoned meditation teacher. He dedicated his entire life to teaching yoga and has taught 7,000 people to meditate. 

There is an online course that is broken down into Video Training, Live Streamed Q&A Sessions, Meditation Techniques as well as community access to learn and grow with other meditation teachers.  There is also a Vedic Meditation Mastery course that is $5,000 which is a preparation course for the final Vedic Meditation Teacher Training Intensive.  

The Vedic Meditation Teacher Training Intensive is a 3 month retreat in Bali at the price of $10,000.  What Charlie has done is create a tiered system of expertise that turns students into masters and finally, equips them to bring Vedic Meditation into the world through their own enterprises.  


One of the best online programs for teaching Vedic medication, FLOW Meditation, teaches students this ancient art through visualization technique, breath-work, and mindfulness. The Flow Meditation Course comprises twelve video lessons along with 30+ short videos to answer all questions that revolve around Vedic meditation.

The training program is excellent for people who can’t access a qualified Vedic teacher in their local area or for busy individuals who find it hard to enroll in a Vedic meditation program. 

James Brown is the developer and teacher of the FLOW Meditation program. He is the founder of Vedic Path Meditation in San Francisco.

The course is a mix of in-personal and live-sessions that offer a step-by-step program and run over three of four consecutive days. Apart from attending the daily sessions, you also get meditation assignments to practice at home. Here is a breakdown of this program. Each of the four sessions is 90 minutes long.

      • Session 1. Students learn the basic technique and receive their personalized mantra
      • Session 2. You learn how to settle the mind effortlessly.
      • Session 3. Students learn how to release stress, recharge, and relax their bodies through meditation.
      • Session 4. You learn how to become a daily meditator to reap all the benefits of this form of meditation.

You are a self-sufficient meditator once you have completed the course. As a graduate, you have the knowledge and skills to practice on your own. Graduates also receive a lifetime of free follow-up support with group meditation opportunities.

The cost of the FLOW Meditation online program is $250. However, a fee for private courses and corporate programs depends on the location, the number of people, and other factors.

3. Thom Knoles

Thom Knoles is a maharishi of Vedic Meditation who has taught thousands of students worldwide. Thom is a famous speaker and he is popularly known as “Maharishi Vyasananda” in India. You can attend his four-day meditation course, where he holds training sessions for 90 minutes every day.

The introductory talk is a free one-hour lecture and Q&A session that provides an overview of the ancient practice. Topics include the meditation’s origin and its application. Students must attend this talk before taking the four-day course.

The 90-minute training session takes place at 7 pm. The best part about the course is that students can choose their course fees based on their yearly household income. Professionals who don’t have regular income, students, or unemployed individuals can also pay via installments. The private four-day courses are customized according to the student’s individual schedule, in the city where Thom is conducting the session.

4. Laura Poole

Based in Melbourne, Laura Poole offers an extensive Vedic meditation training program. She also hosts retreats in Bali and India. Her desire to share her passion and knowledge of the ancient Vedic culture allows her to spread this ancient form of meditation.

The course requires that you have taken the four-session in-person Vedic medication course, after which you will have to practice Vedic meditation for a minimum of 2 years, twice a day. Other prerequisites include the advanced mantra, Rounding Retreat, Rishi Training, Siddha Training, or equivalent. 

You can contact her through email to discuss individual programs and the cost of her training sessions.

5. London Meditation Center and New York Meditation Center

Michael Miller and Jillian Lavender founded the London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center in 2007. Not only do they teach Vedic meditation in both the cities but they also teach around the world.

Their course requires that you have been meditating regularly for at least a year to study in order to study their Advanced Technique. The two-day course revolves around how you can awaken your sense to a whole new level and benefit from this ancient art through your mantra.

Students can explore a wide range of specialized courses such as Exploring the Veda, Mastering the Siddhis, and Initiator Training course in India. The cost of the course depends on every student’s budget, and students receive exclusive discounts.

Final Thoughts on the Best Vedic Meditation Training Courses

Meditation is a simple activity, yet it requires a lot of time before you can do it properly. Not to mention, you cannot obtain the needed benefits from it unless you do it the right way, and that’s where vedic meditation courses come in. At this point, you know some of the best places to learn Vedic Meditation, so you can choose the best one according to your budget and needs.  

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