Vinyasa Sequencing Courses Online

The 4 Best Vinyasa Sequencing Courses Online

Yoga practice starts with basic poses, seamlessly building upon one another, increasing in difficulty before transitioning into cooling postures and then relaxation. Poses are performed once in a sequence. However, different pose variations can help focus on various aspects of the pose. A yoga sequence can focus on specific issues, like relieving menstrual pain or headaches. A yoga teacher should know how yoga poses should build up on each other and to what end.

The 4 Best Vinyasa Sequencing Courses Online:

  1. Yoga Bliss: The Science of Sequencing
  2. The Mazé Method: Advanced Sequencing for Teachers
  3. The Peaceful Warriors: Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course
  4. Full Circle Yoga School: 300-Hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training Online Course

A yoga sequence is among the essential tools a yoga teacher should have. Having the correct poses for practice but sequencing them improperly will not only lead you to not achieving your goal but can also create a chance to hurt yourself or the students you are instructing. Vinyasa sequencing applies to the breath, body, senses, and mind. Correct vinyasa sequencing is a science and an art. You have to combine knowledge, principles, and unending self-assessments. You will also need prior organization and considerable c creativity. For a single goal, there are many paths one can take. For every yoga practice, there are numerous amounts of possible practices. However, integrating these correctly to create the perfect vinyasa sequencing requires a lot. That’s why we list below the four best vinyasa sequencing courses online that will help you learn to create the ideal flow.

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What is yoga sequencing?

For a particular outcome, sequencing is needed. Sequencing refers to how yoga poses are placed in a specific order, creating a logical flow in your yoga practice. Various yoga schools teach how to sequence a yoga class differently, achieving flow and a particular outcome, like relieving a headache. A yoga sequence is an art form that places yoga poses together in a continued and connected pattern, leading to an intended result. Yoga sequencing is very flexible, so you can arrange the elements (like breathing practices and poses) in various ways to produce an entirely varying result. 

However, certain types of yoga, like Ashtanga and Bikram, stay consistent with their sequence. Ashtanga has six sequences that increase in difficulty as you continue practicing, while Bikram follows the same order with 26 poses. However, yoga forms like Iyengar, Hatha, and Vinyasa require the teacher to pour their creative juices into the sequencing and choice of poses. Most yoga sequences start with easy poses, building on one another seamlessly. They also increase in difficulty, then end in cooling postures and relaxation. With yoga sequencing, a yoga teacher can put a pose once or more times in practice if it’s meant to achieve focus on various aspects of the pose each time. 

The 4 Best Vinyasa Sequencing Courses Online

Welcome to the world of Vinyasa yoga sequencing! You’ve come to the right place if you’re an aspiring yoga instructor or a seasoned practitioner looking to deepen your knowledge and refine your skills. In this fast-paced and ever-evolving field of yoga, mastering the art of Vinyasa sequencing is crucial to creating transformative and dynamic classes.

Whether you’re designing fluid and harmonious sequences or exploring the subtleties of breath-linked movements, online Vinyasa sequencing courses offer a comprehensive and accessible way to enhance your teaching or personal practice. These courses are carefully curated to provide the tools, techniques, and insights needed to craft inspiring and well-structured Vinyasa flows catering to diverse levels and abilities.

With expert instructors guiding you through the intricacies of intelligent sequencing, you’ll gain a profound understanding of how to create seamless transitions, build toward peak postures, and artfully integrate alignment principles. 

Whether you’re an experienced yogi looking to refine your sequencing expertise or a newcomer eager to delve into the world of Vinyasa yoga, the best Vinyasa sequencing courses online provide a transformative journey that will elevate your practice and teaching skills to new heights. Step onto your mat, open your heart and embark on a profound exploration of Vinyasa sequencing that will leave you inspired and empowered to share the gift of yoga with others.

Here are the best Vinyasa Sequencing courses online:

1. Yoga Bliss: The Science of Sequencing

Welcome to the Yoga Bliss Science of Sequencing course, and dive deep into the art of creating purposeful, intelligent, and harmonious yoga sequences. Unlike many 200-hour trainings that provide memorized sequences, this course equips you with the essential tools to build your sequences with confidence and creativity.

Sequencing in yoga is not merely about aligning poses but finding the optimal alignment for each practitioner to harness the energetic benefits of the practice. It goes beyond simply putting poses together; it is like choreographing movements that flow seamlessly and create a union between each student’s body, mind, and spirit.

This course is specifically designed for current and aspiring yoga teachers who wish to master the art of creating intelligent and unique sequences that facilitate transformation. It exceeds the standards set by Yoga Alliance for a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course, making it a valuable source of Continuing Education credits.

What we like about it:

  • Led by senior teacher Lisa Chamberlain (E-RYT500 & YACEP), a highly experienced instructor in the field.
  • You will earn 25 continuing education credits upon completion, which can be added to your Yoga Alliance account if you are a registered 200-hour yoga teacher.
  • As a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), it is essential to continually enhance your teaching skills by completing 30 hours of Continuing Education every three years.

Join the Science of Sequencing course and elevate your ability to create transformative yoga sequences that provide your students with a robust and holistic experience.


  • $227 one-time payment

2. The Mazé Method: Advanced Sequencing for Teachers

Introducing the Advanced Sequencing for Teachers course, a Skill in Action continuing education tuneup program from The Mazé Method. Designed for experienced yoga teachers seeking to enhance their teaching prowess, deepen their practice, and reignite their passion for instruction, this advanced training program goes beyond the basics. 

This course provides an outlet for those looking for serious continued education opportunities. Focusing on functional anatomy, kinesiology, and applied biomechanics, you will deepen your knowledge, ensuring accurate and confident teaching. Another focal point of the training is the development of your repertoire of pose and movement regressions and progressions, allowing you to cater to the diverse needs of your students. Just have a look at this seven-day intensive curriculum!

  • Day 1. Sequencing strategies overview, full spectrum sequencing, levels of classes, and alignment vs vinyasa yoga sequencing and teaching
  • Day 2. Alignment methodology, deconstructing and reconstructing poses, and sequencing for anatomical body regions
  • Day 3. Focus pose sequencing vs. peak pose sequencing, sequencing for handstand progressions, sequencing for forearm balance, and focus pose: downward facing dog
  • Day 4. Focus pose sequencing: standing poses, basic backbends, forward folds
  • Day 5. Sequencing for headstand, shoulder stand, and peak pose sequencing for arm balances
  • Day 6. Sequencing for backbends
  • Day 7. Sequencing for courses & class series, workshops, retreats, beginners, specialty groups, and specialty topics

Whether you seek to become more precise with your teaching, revitalize your practice, or reawaken your creativity and love for guiding others in their yoga journey, this $695 comprehensive program provides the perfect platform for your growth and development as a yoga instructor.

3. The Peaceful Warriors: Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course

The 80HR Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course holds a significant place within The Peaceful Warriors’ 200HR Online YTT Pathway, contributing to the attainment of a 200HR YTT certification. This course is thoughtfully crafted to illuminate students on the Peaceful Warriors’ distinctive approach to sequencing, encompassing the rich traditions of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. The course trains both classic and contemporary sequencing methods, enhancing the knowledge of yoga enthusiasts and instructors alike.

Throughout this module, participants will gain insights into:

  • Essential foundations of intelligent sequencing, encompassing class/practice structures, key components, and general sequencing rules
  • Physical mechanics behind peak postures and their corresponding asana families
  • Incorporation of essential structures like Sun Salutations A, B, and C, as well as mandala sequencing, progressive sequencing, and themed sequencing
  • Teaching strategies for multiple proficiency levels and principles of instruction ethics

The 80HR Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course Module is replete with valuable content, including:

  • Vinyasa Sequencing Masterclass
  • Hatha Sequencing Masterclass
  • prerecorded on-demand Hatha and Vinyasa practices led by experienced senior teachers. 
  • comprehensive 58-page Sequencing Manual
  • 26 sample Hatha & Vinyasa sequences in PDF format and a Yoga Habit E-Book
  • 60-minute prerecorded on-demand practices
  • 20 practical exam sequences taught by The Peaceful Warriors 200HR Online YTT Pathway graduates.

This flexible and accessible 100% online module is $550 and empowers learners to dictate their own pace of learning. Furthermore, lifetime access to course content ensures ongoing opportunities for exploration and growth. Designed to serve individuals of varying yoga proficiencies, the Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course caters to practitioners seeking to deepen their practice or enhance their understanding of traditional and contemporary sequencing.

4. Full Circle Yoga School: 300-Hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training Online Course

Embark on a transformative and spiritual journey with Full Circle Yoga School and their 300-Hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training Online Course. This immersive program seamlessly blends the ancient traditions of Hatha and Vinyasa, offering a harmonious fusion of meditative stillness and dynamic flow. Beyond mastering yoga asanas, this course delves deep into spiritual and mystical practices, encouraging deep personal healing and immersion in conscious living. 

Key features

  • Hatha and vinyasa fusion. Experience the perfect union of Hatha and Vinyasa, combining the meditative stillness of Hatha with the rhythmic flow of Vinyasa, creating a balanced and holistic practice.
  • Spiritual and mystical lifestyle. Immerse yourself in spiritual practices, meditation, and conscious living, enriching your yoga journey and fostering deep personal healing.
  • Comprehensive curriculum. Delve into advanced yoga topics, including anatomy, philosophy, sequencing, and energetic healing, expanding your knowledge as a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher.
  • Yoga Alliance certified. As a Yoga Alliance-certified program, graduates are recognized and respected in the global yoga community, providing enhanced credibility and opportunities for teaching worldwide.

Enroll with Full Circle Yoga School and embark on a spiritual and mystical lifestyle. This transformative journey goes beyond the physical practice, empowering you to dive deep into the spiritual essence of yoga. 

Experience personal healing, immerse yourself in conscious living, and master the harmonious fusion of Hatha and Vinyasa practices. Step into your role as a skilled and compassionate yoga teacher, ready to inspire others and lead them on their transformative journey.

Final Thoughts on the Best Yoga Sequencing Trainings

Sequencing a yoga class can go right, wrong, or even dull. Learning sequencing in-depth requires you to do so after your basic 200-hour YTT because these courses serve as continuing education and build up on what you’ve already studied in your yoga teacher training. If you’ve been teaching yoga for a while and even you are getting bored of sequencing and want to learn new ways to go about it, the four best vinyasa sequencing courses online explained above will be a great place to start. Learning proper sequencing, depending on the theme of your class, highly differentiates a boring class from a fun one. These sequencing courses will help you learn how to switch things up while keeping them safe and enjoyable for your students.