Ways of Using Yoga Cards for Kids

7 Fun Ways of Using Yoga Cards for Kids

Yoga cards are fantastic ways to keep kids engaged and active while learning and mostly staying calm. However, most people aren’t sure how to use them besides simply being able to show kids certain poses.

Yoga cards for kids can be used in so many ways, but there are 7 very popular ways such as:

  • Matching Game
  • Create A Story Board
  • Strike a Pose
  • Guessing Game
  • Charades
  • Create a Sequence
  • Hide and Seek Matching

Now, there are many more ways to play with yoga cards, but these are the most popular and easy ways.  You can use them every day with your kids, if you’re a children’s yoga teacher or share with friends.  No matter how you choose to use yoga cards, they will be informative and keep your kids active.

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What Are Yoga Cards For Kids?

Yoga cards for kids are very similar to regular yoga cards except they are specifically made with kids in mind. They are a deck of cards that have specific yoga poses on them ranging from easy to hard that kids can follow along with. The cards also contain keywords, or the corresponding part of the atmosphere or spirit certain poses are associated with. Use these three commonly used mantras in every kundalini yoga class to achieve yoga’s practice intent easily.

This can help kids learn about yoga’s history and meaning more than just the poses. The concept of yoga in a deck of cards allows kids to pick and choose a collection of cards to create a sequence that is easy for all skill types.

How Do You Use A Yoga Card For Kids?

Most people use yoga cards as a way to teach kids about yoga, its history, the meaning behind it, and how to integrate it into your lifestyle. However, due to how yoga cards are created and sold, they can be used in many different ways.

Learn about the evolution of yoga over time to educate yourself and the younger generation about the details that these practices entail.

7 Fun Ways Of Using Yoga Cards For Kids

There are tons of ways to use yoga cards for kids and some of the ways haven’t even been thought of yet. However, there are around 7 ways that are the most common and popular ways to use yoga cards.

Matching Games

You can separate keywords and poses and use them to play a matching game. You can match the pose to its keyword, or a keyword that is associated with it and finish when someone makes the last match.

You can kick this game up a notch by requiring the person who got the match to do the pose before they can claim it. This adds movement to a game that would otherwise be a lot of sitting.

Create A Story Board

Using the yoga poses and their keywords you can help your kids, or task them with making a storyboard. They can fill in the story and keywords with their imagination, for example, if they choose a tree, dancer, and eagle pose, they could be a tree that dances when an eagle makes a nest on the branch.

Knowing the meaning behind the kundalini serpent can push your imagination to create a fun story explaining its meaning to kids! This can help facilitate imagination and creativity while also helping your kids with movement and focus.

Ways Of Using Yoga Cards For Kids

Strike A Pose

Put all the cards face down in a pile and take turns flipping a card over, once you flip a card, everyone has to do the pose or a pose associated with the keyword as fast as they can. If someone gets a pose wrong, they are out and the game continues until someone is the last person standing.

Guessing Game

Pair yoga poses and keywords together and put them facedown the with keywords on top. Take turns turning the keywords over and trying to guess the pose that is matched with them. When you guess the pose, take the pair and the person with the most matches at the end when.


Put all of the cards in a bowl, or just face down on a surface and set a timer. Put together teams and take turns turning the cards over, starting the timer, and having the teams guess which pose or keyword the actor is acting out.

You can make this more challenging by only letting the actor have 15-30 seconds to do the pose and then they have to stop.

Create A Sequence

Divide the kids into groups, or you can choose one large group. Let kids take turns choosing certain poses to create a sequence. ONce 3-7 cards have been chosen, have the entire group act out the sequence together, then spend some time talking about how the sequence helped our body or what keywords you dealt with today.

Hide And Seek Matching

Place keywords on a table or the floor face up so the kids can see which keywords they are choosing. Hide the poses around the house, or in a room and tell each kid to pick one keyword. They have to find a pose for their keyword, call it out, act it out and take it back to the floor before they can pick another one.

The kid with the most matches at the end wins. You can always make this game harder by pairing the kids off and making one blindfolded. When the one kid who isn’t blindfolded finds the match, they have to give directions to the partner who is blindfolded on how to do the yoga pose. You end up with quite a few funny poses and plenty of laughter.

Final Thoughts On Using Yoga Cards For Kids

Yoga cards for kids are fantastic teaching tools because they can be used in hundreds of ways and there are so many benefits of teaching children’s yoga in general.  Whether you are using them to teach yoga online, or using them for movement and calming time, they are useful for every age, group size, and environment.

Thankfully yoga cards can be used with, or without prior knowledge because they are self-led and very straightforward. No matter your prior knowledge, you can find a way to use yoga cards with kids and everyone will have a great time.