why is tony robbins so popular

Tony Robbins: why is he so popular and loved?

After working for long or just living, life becomes a bit hectic, and we lose motivation in all aspects of life. At this point, giving up becomes an easy way out. But if you choose to find a new way to look at your life, make progress, and achieve greater fulfillment, you’ll need to check out a life coach. Tony Robbins is so popular because that’s what he is. He helps people by coaching them to live a fuller life.

Tony Robbins is so popular because of how many lives he has changed. His life coaching method is like no other and has helped thousands of people change their lives by teaching them how to transform it. There are multiple blog posts out there with people praising Tony Robbins because they’ve taken his coaching services and have completely changed their lives, put things in perspective, and found happiness deep within.

We all know to achieve anything in life; you’ll have to change the way you think then take little steps to achieve the goals you’ve set out to achieve. Tony Robbins helps guide people by asking them the most important questions and being there as they make these little changes to improve their lives. If you’re willing to accept change, then getting a life coach like Tony Robbins is your best shot.

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Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker and life coach. Tony Robbins has built his wealth by teaching people about personal development. Even though he had a challenging upbringing, Tony Robbins learned that he had a knack for public speaking in his teenage years. Even though he did not attend college, he started reading inspirational books like Dale Carnegie and Ralph Waldo Emerson. He even started working with Jim Rohn by organizing his seminars.

Tony also trained closely with John Grinder where he closely observed him and copied his behavior as a learning model. In the early 1980s, Tony began holding his seminars. He then produced audiobooks, TV infomercials, smartphone apps, and even later on, a short-lived reality show.

Later on, Tony Robbins changed what he was talking about to target entrepreneurs, US Presidents, and fortune 100 CEOs. He helps them figure out their finances and is notoriously known for his excessive energy, where he can talk for ten straight hours without looking visibly tired.

Why is Tony Robbins so popular?

Tony Robbins popularity stems from his work with millions of people and even helped famous people. He claims to have worked with people of interest like most US presidents, Nelson Mandela, and even Mother Teressa. Even though these are just a few of the people he says he’s worked with, there are more people he’s worked with, including athletes that needed help.

Tony’s popularity also stems from the travels he has done worldwide. He has held events in over 100 countries, helping over fifty million people change their lives for the better. Most people who have attended his live seminars have turned their lives into a positive direction and always recognize the impact he has had on their lives. Even so, the only part he plays is by encouraging people to unleash parts of themselves that they’d left to sleep and achieve their best lives.

When people like Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian, and Eva Longoria swear by you, it means that you’re doing something right. Tony’s messages resonate deeply with so many people. That’s why even such celebrities swear by him, making him even more famous.

How did Tony Robbins get rich?

At the age of 17, Tony decided to leave home, and because of his circumstances, he couldn’t attend college. So, he instead became a janitor earning $40 a week. One day, he asked his landlord how he got so rich, to which the landlord replied that he had attended a Jim Rohn seminar which was $35. Tony decided it was worth it and paid for the seminar, and it was a worthy investment since he met Jim Rohn after asking for work. He started working for Rohn and became his pupil by observing how he talked to people and learning.

At 26 years, Tony Robbins had accumulated a net worth of millions, and he was a best-selling author. To earn all his wealth, there are various projects that Tony Robbins uses to make his wealth, which include:

  • The program “Unleash the Power Within” produces $9 million every year.
  • He has sold over 50 million audio programs.
  • In every speaking engagement, he receives over $300,000
  • Tony has worked hand-in-hand with major celebrities like Bill Clinton, Pitbull, Oprah, and Peter Gubar.
  • Tony Robbins has sold over 15 million copies of his self-help books.
  • Many people pay as much as $10,000 to participate in his life mastery program.
  • Tony has a very expensive life coach certification.
  • Tony Robbins has invested his money in multiple companies, including supplements, credit cards, sports teams, hospitality, wealth management, and even asteroid mining.

Besides accumulating such wealth, Tony Robbins also donates his money to Feeding America. So far, he has fed over 325 million people in need. He has also provided fresh water to over 250,000 people in India to keep away waterborne diseases. He has facilitated schools, prisons, shelters, and service organizations programs.

What's Tony Robbins' Net Worth?

Even though Tony Robbins came from a low-income family, he grew his wealth to 600 million dollars, and he has over 50 companies that generate about $5 billion per year. If you’re to learn about earning wealth, it might as well be from Tony Robbins. Besides such immense wealth, the guy owns 525-acre of a private island in Fiji. He’s earned all this fortune through coaching others.

Growing up, not only did Tony’s family not have enough money to go around, but they also fought a lot over money. His mother was an addict and got married severally throughout his life. Tony started working earlier on in his life to provide for his family. From such a humble background came a man that’s now worth a fortune, and he’s the best person you can learn about money from.

How many companies does Tony Robbins own?

Tony Robbins is also the chairman of a holding company managing over 50 private businesses. The most money-making businesses include;

  • Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji
  • Robbins Research International
  • TwinLab and Metabolife
  • Fortune Practice Management
  • Tony Robbins Production

What is Tony Robbins Education?

Tony Robbins didn’t have any further formal education after high school in which he attended Glendora High School in California. Because of Tony’s problems at home with his abusive mother, he fled home at age 17, and he couldn’t go on with his education due to the lack of funds and support. That’s when he started working as a janitor. Later on, he was mentored into who we now know as Tony Robbins.

Even though he didn’t have much formal education, the guy is a genius in his craft and has courses for his peers who look up to him because of how good he is as a coach. He’s such an inspiration because not many coaches (I’m not sure there are currently any) can have around 10,000 people book their live tickets and have almost all of them talk positively about their lessons. Of course, you’ll find some negative Nancys online, but maybe the seminar wasn’t their style. Which is quite okay because there’s no “one size fits all” in this life.

When he started his work as a motivational speaker, he taught people a psychological trick of copying people who admire their conscious and unconscious actions to be more like them. He even learned the trick of walking on fire and even walked Oprah on it to prove that every one of our beliefs controls every aspect of our lives and even our bodies. This fire walking trick attracted so many people to his live seminars.

Who trained Tony Robbins?

Jim Rohn trained Tony Robbins. After Tony decided to sacrifice his weekly earnings from his janitor job to attend Jim’s seminar, he asked him for a job and if he could be his pupil, and Jim agreed. Tony’s new role was organizing Jim’s seminars, a mentee, and his assistant. Tony developed his skills by watching Jim’s high-energy teaching style in his seminars. He then added into it his behavioral psychology spin to that high-energy style he had learned.

Tony Robbins says that there are things he learned from Jim Rohn that will always stick with him like:

  • Reading thirty minutes every day. Jim always taught Tony that missing a meal was okay, but it wasn’t okay to forget your reading. Reading a book means studying something new every day to help you grow.  It doesn’t have to be super technical.  You can ready and study about your health or study psychology or if you’re looking to advance your career or a certification you can take an online course in Psychology. You can read and study about other cultures.  Try different topics!  It doesn’t have to be a hardcover book. It can be an audiobook or even a pdf. Either way, you’ll accumulate knowledge daily.
  • Do more than is expected of you. Jim Rohn taught him to always find a way to make your skills more valuable than what others are offering, whether at work or in your relationships.
  • Create daily habits/ rituals to achieve your goals. When you have discipline, it’s rare to experience regret. But without discipline, regret will be a usual occurrence. Even though willpower gets exhausted, habits will still take you further, and that’s why everyone should build on those.

Even though these three-pointers are not even half of what Tony learned from his mentor, it’s amazing to get an insight into it and see what knowledge he learned from Jim and how much more he must have learned to become such a great motivational speaker. He’s such a charming individual, and it’s great to try and see what goes into all that energy and enthusiasm.


Tony Robbins is a very charming individual, and it’s easy to see why so many people love him. He’s high-spirited, and people who take his teachings to heart and practice them eventually end up making the best out of their craft, careers, and lives. Attending one of his live events will not only make you feel loved and supported, but you will also feel unity amongst everyone. These events are very interactive and involve a lot of learning and movement so that you wouldn’t get bored. He has a way of charming anyone and making you feel like anything is possible. For those that can’t attend his live seminars, you can take coaching online, where you’ll be assigned someone to help guide you as you improve different areas of your life.