Astrology University Review

Are you ready to become a Professional Astrologer?! Astrology University can provide you with comprehensive training courses and certification programs that will immerse you in the world of astrology. Their structured curriculum is designed to introduce you to a wide array of astrological concepts and methodologies. Throughout their programs, you can expect to refine your analytical skills, boost your creativity, and develop confidence in chart readings.

What sets their programs apart is the opportunity to learn from not just one, but many master astrologers, each with their own unique specialization. Astrology University has a faculty of over 25 instructors, and their collective goal is to empower you as an astrologer, emphasizing a life-affirming approach that respects the significance of free will in shaping destinies.

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What are the Astrology University programs?

Whether you’re pursuing astrology for personal growth, just for fun, or aiming to become a professional or certified astrologer, the University offers two distinct tracks:

Audit Courses

Tailored for self-driven learners, this track is perfect for those not pursuing a diploma but interested in specific courses to enhance their astrology knowledge.

They have a huge catalog of astrology courses to choose from, including but not limited to:

  • Practical Astrology for Beginners
  • The History of Astrology
  • Intro to Astrological Symbols
  • Lunar Phases and Planetary Phase Relationships
  • The Archaeology of the Astrological Houses
  • Relationships & Karma
  • Astrological Counseling Tools
  • The Lunar Nodes 101
  • Timing Development with Progressions
  • Retrograde Planets Course
  • Transformational Astrology Foundation Course
  • Career Astrology Course

You only need to take all of their courses in order if you intend on the diploma track. Continue onwards to learn more about that.

Diploma Track

Ideal for students seeking a diploma, this track involves completing assignments, testing, and receiving feedback and mentoring support.

The Professional Astrologer Training and Certification spans four years. You can choose to study with your cohort over those four years, benefiting from group interactions and scheduled live Q&A sessions, or opt for progressing at your own pace to suit your busy schedule with one-off course enrollment.

Each year of this astrology certification covers nine courses, getting progressively more fine tuned towards you becoming a certified professional astrologer.

Year 1 includes subjects like:

  • Intro to Astrological Symbols
  • The Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus and Mars
  • The Luminaries: The Sun and the Moon

Year 2 includes subjects like:

  • Understanding the Four Angles
  • Natal Chart Synthesis 201
  • Retrograde Planets

Year 3 includes subjects like:

  • The History of Astrology
  • Solar Arc Directions
  • Myth and Modern Astrology

Year 4 includes subjects like:

  • Lunar Phase and Planetary Phase Relationships
  • Introduction to Asteroids
  • Your Professional Toolkit

Additionally, if you prefer, there are graduate study electives for further education. Most of the courses within the astrology certification track are individually $295, and they do offer bundle pricing for each year of study. Books are paid for separately, and those costs will vary, but do your research before purchasing a brand new book.

Commitment to Diversity

The Astrology University instructors undergo diversity and inclusivity training to ensure a welcoming environment for students from all backgrounds. At Astrology University, they are dedicated to fostering diversity within the field of astrology, providing specialized financial need scholarships and full-ride scholarships to promote accessibility.

Astrology University is a Vibe

You can be a successful professional astrologer without a certification, but it will likely increase your credibility and knowledge as a practicing astrologer. Regardless if you want to casually learn about chart interpretation, houses, planets, timing techniques, or traditional astrology, Astrology University should be highly considered as a one-stop shop. They value the experience gained from different viewpoints with their expansive faculty, and this range comes to the forefront with their equally large number of course offerings.