Kaivalya Yoga Method Review

Kaivalya Yoga Method Review

I help yoga teachers embody their knowledge and create more impact in the world,” explains Alanna Kaivalya, owner of the Kaivalya Yoga Method online yoga teacher training school. The Kaivalya Yoga Method’s yoga teacher training challenges and fosters growth in its students. And by the end of the program, the teacher trainers will find their lives transformed! And the “Kaivalya Yoga Method” isn’t just the name of a renowned teacher training facility; it’s also the method in which beginning yogis are taught to become yoga teachers. And graduates of the program go onto become influential and elite members of the yoga community!

In this article, we’ll be reviewing Kaivalya Yoga Method’s yoga teacher training programs. We’ll discuss requirements, syllabi and what yoga teacher trainers can expect for their careers and lives when they finish the programs. We’ll go through the 200, 300 or 500-hr certifications available to students and will even share with you feedback from former students.

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Who is the Kaivalya Method’s Teacher Training For?

People from all walks of life will find joy in the Kaivalya Yoga Method’s teacher training, including:

  • The Soul Seeker – who wants to learn more about yoga
  • The Health Pro – a yoga teacher who wants to learn more
  • The Life Changer – someone who’s always dreamed of taking a YTT program, and now is the time!

So, if you’re a soul seeker, health pro, life changer or if you just love yoga and want to spread that love to others, read on and learn how you can grow and improve your life at the Kaivalya Yoga Method’s yoga teacher training!

200-Hour Teacher Training Program

The Kaivalya Yoga Method’s 200-hr online yoga teacher training course will equip students with all the skills they need (and more) to become an in-demand yoga teacher. This beginning yoga teacher training program is for anyone who’s ever felt a calling or curiosity to teach yoga. And, students will be taught by Alanna Kaivalya, herself, a prominent and powerful figure on today’s yoga scene.

Students will attend the program online, but it will seem like they are right in the room, thanks to dynamic video lectures, interaction with lead mentors, assessments and real-time engagement. Add to that, comprehensive written content and it’s clear to see why this program is one of the most worthwhile teacher trainings out there today.


Teacher trainees will learn valuable information such as:

  • Anatomy & Alignment – Key muscle, bone, joint and connective structures; terms of movement and alignment principles to keep yoga students safe.
  • Vinyasa Sequencing courses & Subtle Body – How to safely sequence a vinyasa class, insights into energetic and esoteric yoga principles, subtle anatomy, including chakras, allow showing the trainee how to harness the power of asana practice.
  • Teaching Techniques, Building a Business & Being a Professional – How to create a well-rounded class, utilize the power of the web and how to increase their understanding of business, all in preparation of starting and running a successful business that students will remember.

When students have completed the 200-hr class, they’ll be able to apply for Yoga Alliance RYT 200, and they’ll enjoy lifetime registry with the Kaivalya Yoga Method.

Also, graduates will be given the ability to purchase yoga insurance, a must-have for any yoga teacher, at $25 for the first year. And that yoga insurance will come in handy as graduates will have all the skills they need to begin teaching private yoga, online or in a studio. Or they may even teach yoga in a corporate or hospital setting. The sky’s the limit!

A former student praised the class, saying, “It’s an honest and first-in-class course. Credential? Check. But you are going to grow and learn and be challenged along the way. Just what I signed up for!”

300-Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teachers who have taken a 200-hr yoga teacher training course will increase their knowledge, hone their skills and gain the skills need to transform peoples’ lives by taking the 300-hr online yoga teacher training program.

Just like the 200-hr program above, students will enjoy exciting video lectures from Alanna, filled with her vibrancy, scholarship and humor. You’ll be actively engaged; these aren’t the usual boring lectures! Engagement and participation will be real-time. And you’ll be held accountable for each element of your learning. You’ll interact daily with a team of mentors, allowing you to ask questions and gain feedback.


Here are the valuable teachings you’ll learn in the 300-hr YTT:

  • Yoga Assisting Workshop – learn how to profoundly connect with students, guiding them to deepen a posture, modify it, or address injuries or concerns.
  • Philosophy, History & Theming – learn how to communicate ancient and complicated yoga philosophy to a modern audience. Discover how to live as a yoga in the modern world and give dharma talks. You’ll also learn how to build a class around a theme in order to address your students’ mind, body and spirit.
  • Meditation, Myths & Mantra – meditation training and unlock the power of sound healing. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the significance of basic Sanskrit, chanting and mantras by exploring their myths and meanings.
  • Final Teaching Culmination – Once you’ve completed all the learning modules in the Kaivalya Yoga Method 200-hr and 300-hr teacher training, this final section allows you to upload a video of you teaching an entire 60-minute class in the “Kaivalya Method” of yoga. Afterwards, you’ll be a certified Kaivalya Yoga Method instructor and you can also apply to be certified by the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hr level, as you’ve now studied for 500 hours to be a yoga teacher.

Just as in the case of the 200-hr course, graduates will have the ability to buy yoga insurance discounted to $25 for the first year.

And, graduates will have an even deeper understanding of yoga compared to the 200-hr courses, so they may be even more sought out for employment in studios, corporate settings, online and more.

500-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

For those ambitious souls who want to become a yoga teacher and also gain advanced knowledge, the Kaivalya Yoga Method offers a 500-hr online certification course that offers all of the teachings of the 200-hr course combined with the teachings from the 300-hr course.

From the 200-hr course, students will study:

  • Anatomy & Alignment
  • Vinyasa, Sequencing & Subtle Body
  • Teaching Techniques, Building a Business & Being a Professional

And, then, from the 300-hr course, students will gain knowledge in:

  • The Art of Adjustments
  • Philosophy, History of Yoga & Theming
  • Medication, Myths & Mantras

Lastly, after learning all of the information, students will gain access to the Final Teaching Culmination. As we said above, after the student uploads a video of them teaching a full 60-minute yoga class, they will become certified in the Kaivalya Yoga Method and will be able to apply to get their RYT 500 certification. These certifications will allow the newly minted teacher to teach in yoga studios, online, with private clients, in offices or any place that needs a highly qualified and skilled yoga teacher.

Plus, after completing the 500-hr class, students will receive a complimentary password to the Kaivalya Method’s Yoga Functional Anatomy teachings. These valuable teachings will further propel the graduate along, allowing them to better understand the human body and how it relates to movement.

And, don’t forget that graduates of all levels of courses from the Kaivalya method receive a discount on their first year of yoga insurance!

Welcome Kit

All new students to the Kaivalya Yoga Method will receive a Welcome Kit. This kit will be a valuable resource to the students during their education and after they graduate. It will give them the support they need to create unforgettable yoga classes. The kit includes:

  • Release of Liability Template for your students
  • Health questionnaire for your students
  • Two beautifully designed resume templates
  • Chakra ebook
  • Art of Adjustments ebook
  • Yoga Beyond the Mat ebook
  • Sequence Worksheet
  • Asana Workbook
  • Chakra mini-course registration
  • Mudras for Sleep Mini Course
  • Concise Cuing Guide
  • The Changing Yoga Landscape talk with Alanna
  • Social Media Guide for Yogis
  • 3 Guided Meditations
  • Zodiac Cheat Sheet
  • Chakra Cheat sheet
(Learn more about chakras with these amazing chakra courses online!)

Wrapping Up

After reading the above review, there’s no doubt you’ll agree that the Kaivalya Yoga Method is miles ahead of other yoga teacher trainings. Students will benefit great from the program. They acquire all the knowledge they need, and more, to become a highly respected yoga teacher. Whether they are taking the 200-hr, the 300-hr or taking the combined 500-hr program, they’ll leave with the support of the Kaivalya Yoga Method, knowing that the programs’ materials are available to them forever. You can’t beat this program!