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2 Awesome Courses to Learn Acro Yoga Online

Acro yoga is a fun and dynamic yoga practice, borne from dance, acrobatics and the circus. It’s a dynamic and flowing practice, beautiful to watch and challenging to perform. The practice was created in Montreal and has spread worldwide.

People who practice acro yoga experience not online the meditative qualities of a regular yoga class; they learn great communication and collaboration skills, and they grow their personal strength, both physically and emotionally.

Acro yoga is generally not practiced alone, but instead, involves a pair who practice the positions and a third person to make sure everyone stays safe.

The Best 2 Online Acro Yoga Courses we found are:

  1. Learn Acro Yoga from Scratch in 45 minutes!
  2. ACROVINYASA: From Earth to Air

There is the flyer, the person being lifted and performing the strength and balance poses. Then there is the base, the person who supports the flyer.

Lastly, there is the spotter. They are tasked with guiding the flyer and also catching them if they lose their balance.

The three participants need to work as a team and need to be trusting of each other. As we said above, they’ll improve their communications skills, and they’ll learn to say what they want and need.

All in all, it’s a fun practice and, as long as you learn slowly and safely, you’ll enjoy a rich and rewarding practice.

How do I start acro yoga?

Acro yoga is a fun and exciting style of yoga, and you may want to jump right in. But, before you do, don’t forget that it’s easy to get injured when practicing this type of yoga. So it’s better to start slow and to make sure you cover all of your bases. You can also look at the tips to learn acro yoga at home, in that article!

In addition, while reading below, you’ll learn some important tips when beginning to learn acro yoga online.

You’ll discover three fantastic courses to introduce you to acro yoga. We’ve given you the lowdown of each class so you can find the one that is right for you!

And then, we talk about acro yoga classes on YouTube. Yes, YouTube. You’ll be able to watch acro yoga YouTube videos anytime, anywhere so that you can learn and perfect your technique. And we’ve found a great series of classes for you to watch.

But, first, check out what you need to know when beginning your acro yoga adventure.

What to remember when starting out to learn acro yoga online

Here are some helpful tips to know when you are new to acro yoga and you’re just beginning your acro yoga journey:

  • When you’re starting acro yoga, it will be easier if you are already familiar with regular yoga poses
  • Don’t worry if you’re not very strong; online classes will teach you techniques to be able to lift your partner
  • There are a couple of different acro yoga styles – Montreal acro yoga is faster and is based on dance movies, while U.S. acro yoga is generally slower and, instead of being based on dance, it is based on the healing arts
  • You don’t need to be an acrobat to enjoy acro yoga. It’s for every skill and every body
  • Acro yoga is a more vigorous style of yoga than regular yoga and there is potential for injury
(Need to build some muscles and improve your endurance before tackling acro yoga? Try TRX training! Who knows? You might fall in love with it and want to get your TRX training certification online!

2 Awesome Courses to Learn Acro Yoga Online

If you’re ready to learn acro yoga online, we’ve got three awesome classes for you to check out. We’ve broken down the classes and described in detail what you’ll learn when you embark on one of the three classes.

Each will offer an exciting journey into the world of acro yoga. You’ll start off with the basics and, while working at your own pace, you can determine when to move onto a higher level.

The great thing about your decision to learn acro yoga online is that it doesn’t matter where you practice or when. In a brick and mortar class, you’ll be constrained by time and distance. So, if you work or live far away from the nearest acro yoga studio, you may not be able to attend easily.

But the benefit of studying online is you can make anyplace your studio and if you and your partner want to practice at midnight or 5 am, it’s your decision.

Check them out today!

1. Learn Acro Yoga From Scratch in 45 Minutes!

All you need to learn acro yoga online is a yoga mat and a spotter with this udemy.com course! This exciting online class is for partners, whether you are romantic partners or good friends, and will allow you both to:

  • Get stronger and more flexible
  • Improve core strength
  • Improve your coordination and balance
  • Experience the intimacy of dual practice
  • Immediately experience intensely positive emotions and stress reduction

Other benefits of the class include:

  • Increasing your concentration due to the intensity of the practice
  • Gaining total control over every muscle in your body, and increasing your athleticism
  • Feeling like you’re getting a massage while your practice
  • Enjoying the playfulness of the class

What you’ll learn, per the course webpage:

  • High-quality tools to do AcroYoga with a great technique
  • Learn cool postures, simple transitions and how to do a massage in the air
  • The ability to play and fly wherever you want to and with almost anyone

Just remember, you’ll need to make sure you that you hold off and talk to a doctor before starting, if you suffer from chronic pain or are recovering from an injury.

When you sign up to learn acro yoga online with the class, you’ll get:

  • 25-minute on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

2. ACROVINYASA: From Earth to Air

Glo Yoga’s streaming Acrovinyasa class blends inversions, acrobatic partner yoga and vinyasa for a fun and exciting yoga class. The Acrovinyasa class is made of up 36 videos and PDFs of photos of the poses you and your partner will learn. And you’ll be able to access the 9 hours of yoga anytime and anywhere.

You and your partner will learn how to work as a team. The videos will show you how to be a successful spotter, base and flyer, while learning intricate positions and building strength.

You’ll first establish a good Acrovinyasa understanding; later, you’ll move to intermediate and advanced postures.

The flows you’ll be taught start on the ground, letting you become comfortable with the poses. Then, you’ll learn to safely lift up your partner as well as being lifted up yourself, to soar.

And, don’t worry, the videos will guide you through the full, uninterrupted flow, complete with a spotter, to allow you to learn all three roles.

Acrovinyasa is a creative and challenging form of yoga that will allow you to broaden your horizons and soar to new heights.

You and your partner will gain insights into teamwork, allowing your practice to flow seamlessly. You’ll deepen your communication skills. And you’ll strengthen your trust of other people.

You’ll find that those qualities will transfer into the real world. Your personal and work relationships will benefit from your improved communication skills. And learning to trust can open up a whole world to you.

Yogabatics: YouTube Resource for Acro Yoga for Beginners

The Yogabatics 10-video acro yoga instructional series will enrich your life and deepen your relationships. You’ll pair up with a partner and learn to deepen your communication and trust, while gaining the strength and knowledge to perform these fantastic acrobatic poses.

Here are the lessons you’ll learn while watching the 10-video series. The positions in the videos are elemental to building a strong and safe practice. And it’s advisable to start from the first video and watch them in order, as each video builds off of the previous one.

  • Introduction & Spotting
  • Front Bird, Free Bird, & Bow
  • Throne, Easy Throne & Perched Throne
  • Folded-leaf, Folded-leaf Spinal Twist, & Reverse Throne
  • Back-bend, Inverted Bow, & Dancer
  • Straddle-bat, Floating V-sit, & Bat
  • Prasarita Twist
  • Candlestick & Free Candlestick
  • Cartwheel & Vishnu’s Couch
  • Star

The highly rated video series has almost 94,000 views and has introduced people around the world to this exciting yoga practice.

Final Thoughts on Acro Yoga Online

Now that we’ve given you the ins and outs of acro yoga, it’s time to start your own acro yoga adventure. And if you are looking for something less acrobatic, we also recommend adaptive yoga which is suitable for everybody!

Anatomy is so important in yoga! So be sure you start from the beginning and gain the fundamentals of acro yoga before you moved into more advanced classes.

We hope that you keep in mind the important tips above when beginning to learn acro yoga online.

And don’t forget about the three fantastic courses we’ve listed above to introduce you to acro yoga. Check out the in-depth descriptions and choose the class that is right for you. You and a partner may want to try all three classes to find the one that speaks to you.

And, even if you find the best online acro yoga class, remember that YouTube offers a wealth of acro yoga videos for you to broaden your education even more. We’ve curated what we think is one of the most help acro yoga series on YouTube. You’ll be able to watch the videos anytime, anywhere and you’ll find that each class builds upon the last class, allowing you to learn more advanced techniques every time you watch.  

Just as long as you remember to keep in safe, keep your mind open and keep your communication channels open, you will find plenty of enjoyment (Find some more enjoyment by adding some yoga flow tracks to your routine!) and mindfulness in acro yoga. So, start today!