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The 10 Best Yoga Flow Tracks

Have you ever been to a yoga class, especially a vinyasa class, where you really couldn’t feel the rhythm? Your movements and the movements of your classmates were disjointed, and nothing seemed right, perhaps. It may have been the music. It could have been too fast or too slow, or even, too loud.

Music for a flowing yoga class needs to be able to move people, both physically and emotionally. When you’re practicing yoga, your body and your mind are open. You’re taking in energy and positivity. But, if the music you’re listening to is harsh or frenetic, your mind could become closed and your body could stress up.

The perfect music for a yoga class won’t distract the students. It will accompany movements into and out of the poses effortlessly. A great track will have a beat that you can almost breath to. The student almost becomes one with the track.

And, if the tracks are really good and make for a successful class, students will return. If you’re practicing alone, at home, finding some great yoga flow tracks will keep you on goal. You’ll return to your practice each day, and your practice will get better the more you do it.

Read on as we go in-depth about how yoga music can make a good practice even better.

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What is a Yoga Flow Track or Mix Track?

Vinyasa yoga, a type of yoga where students flow from one post to another almost as if they were doing a dance, works best when accompanied by a yoga flow track. Yoga flow tracks are unique, made up of beautiful traditional instruments overlaid with electronic beats. It may sound odd to mix the old and new, but these mix tracks really work. Occasionally, the tracks feature singing, but generally, they’re instrumentals, designed to be the perfect background to a successful yoga class. The gentle and steady beats of yoga flow music allow yoga students to almost feel the beats as if they’re coming from inside themselves. A successful yoga flow track will put students in almost a trance-like state while they are guided from pose to pose.

Below, we’ve got the 10 best yoga flow tracks for your Vinyasa practice. You’ll be energized to move effortlessly from asana (yoga pose) to asana. We give a brief description of each track and a link so you can check it out for yourself.

Then, we talk about Yinyasa yoga, a gently flowing yoga combined with deep Yin stretches. It’s the best of both worlds and will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

And, not only do we list some great Vinyasa tracks, we’ve also given you some suggestions for mellow and meditative music to listen to while you practice Yin.  So, whether you’ve just finished your in-person or ryt certifcation we hope the below inspire you to create some great flow tracks.  

Music is such an important part of your yoga practice. It can instill a feeling of calm and allow you to center yourself, so your mind doesn’t wander. It will improve your yoga practice and will bring a sense of peace that you’ll carry throughout the day. So, read on below and click on some of the music links. You’ll be happy you did.

The 10 Best Yoga Flow Tracks

If you’re a yoga teacher looking for music to inspire a vinyasa class, there are many compilations out there, streaming on YouTube and various music streaming sites like Pandora.

Surya Namaskar, with its quiet beats and mellow music is the yoga flow track you’d want at the start of any yoga practice. It could warm students up for a more energetic practice and keep them chill for a slow flow vinyasa class.

The flow will keep going on Bodhi Mandala, with the traditional instruments marrying perfectly to the electronic beats. It would be great for a beginner vinyasa class.

A very cheery song, perfect for a morning hatha or beginner vinyasa class. Drishti Beats says its music is a combination of chill downtempo electronic beats, live vocals and instrumentation.” And it even has a bit of a jazzy feel to it.

Indian Summer’s chill electronic beats are “a spiritual anthem for adventure,” says Jai Wolf. An advanced Hatha yoga or any vinyasa class would flow beautifully with Indian Summer.

Traditional instruments take Rama’s electronic trance beats to a new level. It’s perfect for any type of vigorous yoga class, especially a power vinyasa. It will work wonders in energizing yoga students!

Your vinyasa class will love flowing to Satyam Shivam Sundaram, with its beautiful vocals and traditional music set to a chill electronic beat.

Beautiful electronic beats amplify the traditional instruments to make Spacious Offerings a great song to flow to.

More chill electronic beats that will enhance your vinyasa class. It will be hard not to flow to the beat with Durga Shakti playing the background.

You’ll be captivated by the electronic beats as you glide gracefully through a vigorous vinyasa class with Return of the Nightingale as your backing yoga flow track.

Heart-opening and mournfully beautiful, this song will allow students to flow gracefully from asana to asana. Great for and end of class chill-down, use it to bring students down to the mat to begin savansana without jolting them from their meditation.

The Best Pandora Station for Yinyasa Yoga

Yinyasa is a hybrid type of yoga, where students are guided through gentle flowing yoga poses at the beginning of class to warm them up and strengthen their bodies. Students are then brought down to the mat for long Yin yoga poses to soften and increase flexibility. And, Yinyasa is great for people of all ages and newcomers to yoga. It’s a great way to learn to flow and will give you the basics so you can explore other types of Vinyasa classes. Yinyasa is the perfect class to end your day on. Your mind will be calm and steady, and you’ll feel a sense of stillness in your mind, and your body will feel strong and healthy.

If you’re a yoga teacher searching for a great Yinyasa playlist, one that won’t jar students out of the deep peacefulness they create as they flow through poses and stretch deeply on their mats, you’ll love the Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation radio station on Pandora. It blends traditional and contemporary sounds. Traditional Indian instruments are overlaid with calming electronic sounds that fill your entire being with peacefulness.

The Best Yin Yoga Songs

Below are three meditative tracks that will help guide you through your Yin yoga practice or of course these are perfect if you’re wanting to become a Yin Yoga Teacher and need a few songs for your arsenal.  The noise and chatter in your mind that distract you when your practicing will float away as you listen to these beautiful offerings.

1. Moonwater – Rudy Adrian

Gentle organic and electronic sounds entwine into a dreamlike track unlike any other.

2. Deep Sleep – Ayurveda

The electronic waves of Deep Sleep will wash over you, allowing you to concentrate on breathing and opening your body and your mind.

3. First Light – Brian Eno and Harold Budd

First Light’s gentle ambient electronic sounds have a beautiful piano tune behind them and will bring joy to your being as you move through your practice.

Music Makes the Practice

With the right tunes, your yoga practice could inspire you to reach further than you’ve ever been able to. A great yoga flow track will keep you in the moment. Your mind won’t wander. You’ll be more aware of your breath and movement. And you’ll find yourself effortlessly moving into poses. That’s how powerful the right yoga flow track can be.

We hope you add the 10 yoga flow tracks we listed to your practice. Don’t forget to read the overviews and try them all out; I’m sure some, if not all, will be a worthwhile addition to your flow.

And, if you’re explore Yinyasa, try the Pandora station we suggested. It will be a great complement to the flow and stretch of your yoga session.

The list of Yin songs we offered were made to accompany any sort of meditative practice. You could use them for your Yin class to better focus on breathing and stretching.  In addition to these flow tracks we also suggest checking out our recommendations for the best meditation sleep music on YouTube.

Start your journey into peaceful and flowing yoga music today.

(Adding music to your yoga routine has some tremendous benefits. It is like yoga and meditation in one. To learn more about the benefits of meditation and movement, check out that article!)