Santosha Yoga Teacher Training Review

Santosha Yoga Teacher Training Review

When you practice yoga for months or even years, it is natural to get addicted to that feeling of bliss and calm that comes with it. Yoga goes beyond the bodily movement (asanas) that you perform daily. Most dedicated yogis come to a point where they want to attend yoga teacher training (YTT) to either expand their knowledge of yoga or become yoga teachers. Whatever your reason for seeking YTT, you can’t go wrong because you’ll learn so much that will help you and others around you.

Santosha Yoga Institute offers Yoga certifications to aspiring and qualified yoga teachers. Santosha Yoga Institute offers YTT in Bali, Sri Lanka, and Byron Bay. If you’re looking for the perfect teacher training, then Santosha Yoga Institute is one of the best that you’ll ever come across. The teachers are dedicated, and you’ll learn in beautiful and inviting locations. You’ll also come out of it with a yoga certification online since they’re a registered yoga school under Yoga Alliance.

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Who is Santosha Yoga Institute?

Sunny Richards founded Santosha Yoga institute. This retired surfer decided to pursue the teachings of yoga, creating a yoga studio next to the ocean for students to enjoy their spiritual journey in and out of the studio. At Santosha Yoga Institute, you’ll have access to the most comprehensive yoga teacher training whether in Bali, online, or their other locations. There is a combination of traditional yoga and a contemporary understanding of the body. 

When studying at Santosha Yoga Institute, you’ll learn more than one form of yoga. They ensure that you learn about Ayurveda and Krishnamacharya. The yoga teachers at Santosha Yoga Institute have over ten years of experience teaching and practicing yoga, so you’ll be learning from the best. 

How did Santosha Yoga get started?

Santosha means contentment and gratitude for everything. This yoga school hopes that everyone feels Santosha by interacting with them. The beginning of Santosha Yoga Institute is quite interesting. Sunny Richards, the founder of Santosha Yoga Institute, now a retired surfer, wanted to create a sacred space for healing and transformation. She then decided that the best place to do so would be beside the ocean. Such an environment where students could find the serenity to awaken and deepen their spiritual journey. 

The institution has been helping turn yogis into teachers for over ten years. Sunny works with fantastic yoga instructors worldwide to help yogis deepen their understanding of what yoga is and its practice and help others too.

Which locations does Santosha Yoga Institute teach?

Santosha Yoga Institute teaches in various locations to ensure that they accommodate the needs of many people. These include:


Online yoga teacher training has become normalized in recent years, and Santosha Yoga has online courses. They offer online 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher training. Both courses are self-paced, allowing the students to take them as slowly as they’d like. The online yoga teacher training courses contain video modules, pre-recorded posture labs, meditation, pranayama, in-depth teaching sessions, and asanas. All these study materials will help you deepen and evolve your practice. 

Unlike most online teacher training, Santosha Yoga has interactive online yoga teacher training. You’ll get extensive support from your instructor whenever you need it. When taking your online 300-hour yoga class, you can choose specialized modules that you want to make up for the 300 hours. 


What could be better than learning your YTT in paradise? In Bali, you can experience the sun, surf, and spirituality. This could be like your yoga holiday. You can take the 200-hour or 300-hour yoga teacher training in Bali. Here, you can have one-on-one classes with your instructors enabling you to experience true transformation, healing, and growth. 

Bali is an island with many spiritual beliefs that anyone would love to indulge in. Life is slow-paced, and the people are blissful. Because of how intense your YTT will be, it’s best to be on this tropical island where you can relax and reflect after a day full of studies with a beautiful sunset in the background and white sandy beaches. 

Byron Bay

This is another beautiful place to have your YTT. Byron Bay offers the 200-hour YTT as one of the main courses. You can have a fourteen-day experience here and still access 100 hours of online training. This teacher training helps you gain unique skills in Yoga Massage, Trauma Sensitive Teaching, Yoga for Mental Well-being, and Ayurveda modules. 

If you don’t want full-on online yoga teacher training but aren’t willing to travel as far as Bali, this is the right YTT course for you. Here, you’ll be on one of the most beautiful beaches where you can enjoy surfing and ocean vibes. There is a lot of sun for you to bask in, and the area is lined with cafes, yoga, and wellness centers. You’ll surely be getting a yoga vacation at Byron Bay. 

What certifications does Santosha Yoga Institute offer?

200-hour teacher training

Santosha Yoga Institute offers 200-hour in-person yoga teacher training in different locations, but all have the same information. This certification is for those yogis who want to get started on their spiritual journeys. Here, you can have all the 200 hours of study and get certified. While studying this 200-hour teacher training, you’ll also learn how to build a yoga business, run it, and find clients. It’s a comprehensive course to get you started as a yoga teacher or even a yoga beginner who wants to learn from the best. 

You can decide to take your 200-hour teacher training online, in Bali, or in Byron Bay. Whatever works for you is okay. Wherever you choose to study, you’ll be sure to have the best teachers with lots of experience. After completing your 200-hour YTT, you’ll get the RYT-200 certification recognized by Yoga Alliance, which allows you to teach yoga in most studios, gyms, and wellness centers worldwide. 

300-hour teacher training

Taking a 300-hour course means you’ve already completed your 200-hour teacher training and had experience teaching yoga for quite some time. By taking the 300-hour course, you’ll then earn the RYT-500 certification. This certification covers many different types of yoga practice, allowing you to have a quality certification. During your 300-hour course, you’ll learn about Yoga Therapeutics, Advanced Pranayama, Yoga Tantra, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Mental Health, Kirtan, Teaching Expansion, and so much more. 

Gaining such skills will help you work with just about every student that walks into your yoga studio. You will also deepen your spiritual practice and journey through this course. You can choose to take this course in person in Bali or online. Either way, it’s such an extensive YTT course that will open your eyes and heart and deepen your practice. You will also learn to equip yourself with tools to help more people with their practice. 

50-Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

If you’d like to gain more CEUs and learn Yin Yoga, you now have the chance to do so online. With this Yin Yoga course, you’ll learn the practice of Yin Yoga and be able to share it later on with your students. You will have support from the teachers and fellow students and also be able to teach and share the healing practice of Yin Yoga. 

This Yin Yoga course provides you with the foundations of the theory and practice of Yin Yoga. You will learn how Yin Yoga poses work and their effects on the body. By taking this course, you’ll have tools to help you teach entire Yin classes or workshops, not just as a cool-down practice. 

Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training Online 50 Hours

Ayurveda, a traditional Indian healing science, is quite fascinating and will help you learn a lot that you can teach others. You will learn to align your body, mind, and spirit. This Ayurveda training also comes with teachings about the Doshas. Ayurveda principles will help you care for your mind, body, and spirit to attain optimum health and prevent diseases. You are what you eat, and that’s what the Ayurvedic diet teaches you. You will also gain 50 hours for your CEUs. 

50-Hour Online Yoga Nidra Course

Yoga Nidra has transformative benefits that will amaze you. By learning Yoga Nidra, you’ll be able to guide others to restore their physical and mental well-being through the powers of active rest. You can finally add this to your yoga classes and help your students experience rest. The 50 hours will also count as CEUs.

Final thoughts

Santosha Yoga Institute is a great institution put in place by amazing human beings to help yogis dive deeper into their practice and understand more so they can help others. You can choose in-person classes or online classes if you so wish. But either way, you gain knowledge like no other. These YTT courses will open your eyes to new practices and realities. Please select one of their amazing yoga teacher training courses and start today.