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The 11 Best Yoga Therapy Training Certification Courses

Do you have a passion for yoga, meditation, and holistic wellbeing? Do you like helping people, solving problems, and guiding people towards solutions? Are you also thinking about starting a new career? Becoming a yoga therapist may be an excellent choice if you answered yes to these questions.

best yoga therapy teacher training

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In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best yoga therapy training certification courses, presented by leading institutions and experienced instructors dedicated to imparting the art and science of yoga therapy.

Whether you are a yoga enthusiast looking to deepen your practice or a healthcare professional seeking to integrate yoga therapy into your patient care, these courses offer comprehensive and reputable training options to help you achieve your goals.

Article Topics

What is a yoga therapist?​

A yoga therapist is not a yoga teacher. Instead of guiding a student through a series of yoga poses, yoga therapists use a mind-body approach to help their clients, or a group of clients, grow and learn to help themselves achieve a greater sense of independence.

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Here are examples of the approaches a yoga therapist may use to address their client’s needs:

If the yoga therapist decides to take an ayurvedic (eastern holistic healing based on yogic teachings) approach, then they may introduce:

Yoga therapy is a vast field. A yoga therapist could work in a hospital helping cancer patients with the side effects of their treatment or in a retirement home helping older people stay healthy and pain-free. A yoga therapist could also have a private practice, attracting clients who desire a natural approach to healing. 

There are many avenues a yoga therapist can take, and if you are interested, sign up for a session of yoga therapy to see what it looks like, as it may spark a drive in you to learn more.

The 11 Best Yoga Therapy Training Online

Yoga therapy is a new and expanding area that straddles yoga and naturopathy. Yoga therapists are highly trained to look at every part of a client’s life to discover issues and help their clients leverage their innate capability to improve well-being.

To become a certified yoga teacher, you must complete at least one teacher training in-person or online. The 200-hour yoga teacher training is typically very interactive; yoga therapy training is no exception. It’s a long road to becoming a yoga therapist, with a minimum of 2 years. Most yoga online certifications require that you work as a yoga teacher for at least a year before starting a program.

best yoga teacher trainings online

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During your initial 200-hour yoga training, you’ll receive a brief introduction to the musculoskeletal system, whereas the anatomy training for aspiring yoga therapy instructors goes much deeper. Enrolling in a 300-hour yoga teacher training program is a viable option for students seeking a more profound understanding.

Yoga enthusiasts increasingly recognize the significance of yoga therapy, leading to a proliferation of yoga therapy training options. Some programs even offer master’s degrees in the field. We’ve thoroughly evaluated the top-rated yoga therapy training certification programs, considering tuition costs, curriculum quality, and other program aspects.

Explore our handpicked selection of the finest yoga therapy training online and find the perfect one to help you with your yoga journey.

1. My Vinyasa Practice: Yoga Therapy Training Online

Photo: My Vinyasa Practice

My Vinyasa Practice (MVP) is a highly-rated yoga school based in Austin, Texas, offering online and in-person training. If you’re interested in pursuing an online yoga therapy certification, MVP provides excellent options to get you started. 

My Vinyasa Practice Applied Yoga Therapy Course Online

This online, self-paced course is the first module of MVP’s entire yoga therapy training course. It provides yoga teachers with the foundational knowledge and skills to collaborate with healthcare professionals, bridging the gap between private yoga therapy and integrative medicine. 

What You’ll Learn: 

MVP’s Applied Yoga Therapy course online is 300 hours and includes clinical applications, case studies, yoga history, philosophy, and energetic practices. Here are a few of the topics you’ll go through:

  • Applications of pranayama and yoga for anxiety
  • Yoga for cancer recovery
  • Practical application of yoga for medical conditions such as hip dysplasia, frozen shoulder, and spinal stenosis
  • Sound healing practices
  • Yoga practices for psychological diseases like seasonal affective disorder
  • How to conduct client assessments and maintain case notes 

Program Specifics: 

  • Prerequisites: 200-hour teaching certification, one year of experience in personal practice, and one year of teaching experience.
  • After completing the program, you will earn your advanced certification, enabling you to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-500. You’ll have a strong foundation in applying yoga practices to clinical settings, opening opportunities for collaborating with healthcare experts.
  • Price: $1,870 one-time payment or four payments of $233.75/month for the Applied Yoga Therapy course (Module 1 of MVP’s full C-IAYT training). However, they occasionally run sales, so check the site for the most current information.

Note that this Applied Yoga Therapy course is not a full IAYT certification but the first of 3 modules in MVP’s full IAYT training. Consider it your first step toward becoming a C-IAYT

This course is a perfect starting point for yoga teachers who want to work in clinical settings. 

My Vinyasa Practice IAYT Clinical Online Yoga Therapy Training

My Vinyasa Practice also gives you the option to enroll in all three modules of their yoga therapy training online

After completing Module 1 (seen above), you’ll progress through two more phases. In Module 2, students will choose eight courses from 9 options provided for about 440 hours. This phase is a mix of online and in-person content. 

Finally, Module 3 is hands-on training either through MVP’s Online Yoga Therapy Training Clinic or via an internship at a healthcare facility related to their specialization.

What You’ll Learn: 

MVP’s second module of their clinical yoga therapy course online expands upon the knowledge covered in the first Applied Yoga Therapy course. The nine modules offered take you deeper into the following topics:

  • Yoga for recovery
  • Biology of yoga
  • Psychology of yoga
  • Meridians and marmas
  • Sound healing
  • Group yoga therapy
  • Memory loss
  • Interventions
  • Pre and post-operative interventions

To complete phase 2 of your clinical yoga therapy training online certification, you must complete 8 of the nine modules listed above, which will help identify your area of particular interest. 

Program Specifics 

  • Prerequisites: 200-hour teaching certificate, one year of experience in personal practice, and one year of teaching experience.
  • After completing the program, you can find employment as a C-IAYT in private and public hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and outreach organizations. Alternatively, you may offer therapeutic yoga as a private instructor. MVP provides career counseling to help you decide your path following your certification.
  • Price: $ 7,200, with a $500 deposit required upon enrollment and payment plans available. 

School Rating: 4.79/5 (Yoga Alliance) 


“I was so impressed by MVP’s support and resources for their teachers, even after the end of training. The studio cultivates a collaborative, supportive, and fun community, and I really enjoyed getting to know the other people in my training. I appreciated the focus on alignment, and insights from trauma-informed research.” – Corinne Hunt (Yoga Alliance review)

2. Breathing Deeply: Yoga Therapy Certification

Photo: Breathing Deeply

Breathing Deeply is dedicated to disseminating high-quality, ethical, and practical teachings in yoga therapy. Breathing Deeply’s mission is to help people obtain and maintain health by offering an 875-hour Advanced Yoga Therapy Certification program

The first part is Foundations, which gives students a solid start on their journey. This is primarily online, with three retreats over a weekend. After the Foundations course, students will attend seven weeks of residential learning in Claverack, New York. 

Lastly, they’ll work 215 hours of mentored yoga therapy in their communities. And finally, after graduation, students will earn the International Association of Yoga Therapists Certification (C-IAYT). 

What You’ll Learn: 

The Breathing Deeply Foundations course includes 50 online lectures with accompanying coursework. Using a kosha-based framework approach, you’ll learn about human anatomy and how to apply it to real-world settings. The Advanced training expands on these concepts and may take up to 3 years to complete. 

  • How to work with emotional imbalances and system-wide imbalances like autoimmune disease and chronic pain
  • Stages of rehab and healing techniques for various types of pain
  • Ayurvedic concepts
  • Anatomy of breathing and how to use the breath therapeutically 
  • Retreat topics cover Healing Through the Body and Breath, Healing through the Pranic Body and Conscious Mind, and Yoga Therapy for the Innermost Self. 

Program Specifics 

  • Prerequisites: 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate, one year of personal practice, and one year of teaching experience.
  • To complete the Foundations course, you must complete all 50 online lectures, attend three retreats (virtual or in-person), compose two papers outlining case studies, and pass an oral and written exam. Ultimately, you’ll earn a C-IAYT and be able to assess clients and teach techniques for self-healing confidently. 
  • Price: The introductory Foundations course totals $4,295: $2,995 for tuition paid in full (or a deposit of $500 followed by 12 monthly payments of $235); 3 virtual retreats of $350 each, and a final exam fee of $250.
  • The full C-IAYT Advanced Certification costs $14,895, which you may pay throughout the program. In addition to the cost of the Foundation’s program, this includes four week-long online retreats for $1,100 each, four week-long residential retreats for $1,100 each, and a final Practicum fee of $1,800.

School Rating: 5/5 (Facebook)


“Breathing Deeply is a top notch school for someone who is seriously interested in pursuing yoga therapy. I spent a lot of time carefully researching the most suitable, comprehensive and authentic program that is recognized and meets the high standards of IAYT. BDYT stands out because it offers both guidance and resources such as access to experts in the field, online sessions and forum discussions, even after you finish the program.

Brandt Passalacqua is a very competent, knowledgeable, experienced and professional teacher who manages to explain even the most complex topics in layman’s terms. I highly recommend this program!” Yolanda Hornman (Facebook review)

3. The Mindfulness Center: Online Yoga Therapy Training

Photo: The Mindfulness Center

The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, Maryland, is a non-profit wellness center founded in 2009 by Dr. Deborah Norris, Ph.D., and her daughters. Their school provides an extensive 800-hour Professional Yoga Therapy Training course that develops students’ knowledge of yoga therapy’s philosophy, theory, and application. 

In addition to the 800-hour IAYT Certificate, The Mindfulness Center’s students earn additional certificates for Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, yoga, Science, and Research, Beginner Ayurveda, and Mental Health and Advanced Therapy. 

The online yoga therapy training also includes a mentorship and 150-hour practicum through the Mindfulness Center’s clinic. Finally, as part of receiving your IAYT certificate, you’ll become familiar with conducting and designing research, writing proposals, and applying for grants. 

What You’ll Learn: 

The Mindfulness Center’s program is a complete IAYT certification course totaling 800 hours. Participants work through online modular learning and thirteen 5-day intensive modules over two years to develop the necessary skills and practical experience to practice yoga therapy. The program emphasizes scientific research methodology within the field of yoga therapy, providing a solid foundation for collaborating with other healthcare professionals. 

  • Yoga therapy tools and practices like asana, bandhas, mudra, and pranayama.
  • How to apply yoga therapy to specific health conditions such as chronic pain, trauma, hypertension, neurological conditions, chemotherapy side effects, and more. 
  • How to conduct or assist with research in mind-body or other integrative approaches to health and well-being. 
  • Deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga therapy.
  • Ayurvedic principles for identifying illnesses and common disorders of major bodily systems, including symptoms, management, and more.
  • Essential skills for conducting therapy sessions (listening, presence, directive and non-directive dialogue), and specific tools for working with individuals versus group sessions. 

Program Specifics 

  • Prerequisites: 200-hour yoga teaching certificate and at least one year of teaching experience. 
  • After completing your IAYT Certificate with The Mindfulness Center, you’ll maintain access to its resources and your new colleagues via the graduate alumni directory, helping you find job opportunities in your new field of practice. 
  • Price: $6,999 plus the additional cost of texts and other reading materials, estimated to be between $450-600. 

School Rating: 4.72/5 (Yoga Alliance)


“My journey with The Mindfulness Center has been an amazing experience. As a future teacher, you are fully accompanied in the theory, the practice, and the spiritual dimensions. Debbie and Jessie are wonderful teachers, knowledgeable and open-minded. Beyond yoga, you’ll learn a lot about yourself!” – Clotilde Villette (Yoga Alliance review)

4. The Yoga Therapy Institute: Yoga Therapy Online Training

Since 2017, The Yoga Therapy Institute has been a leader in the field of yoga therapy in Europe. Its founder, Montserrat Mukherjee, was one of Europe’s first C-IAYT Yoga Therapists. They welcome students from diverse backgrounds and fields, including yoga, medicine, mental health, corporate education, and more. Through a collaborative education environment, participants of their courses learn vital biomedical knowledge, and trauma-informed skills

The Yoga Therapy Institute offers a wide range of educational options. For yoga therapy specifically, you can choose between online yoga therapy training for 875-hour or 625-hour tracts. In addition to the C-IAYT programs, the school also offers short courses of 6 hours each and various online courses with over 35 hours of content to choose from. 

For the full 875-hour IAYT certification, you’ll complete a series of flexible, online learning modules, which you can customize to your preference and particular interest. After finishing 11 of the 14 available modules, you’ll dive into 150 hours of case studies, a personal mentorship, and a 3-day peer supervision meeting to share and learn from other students. The process takes at least two years, and you have up to 4 years to complete your certification once you begin.

What You’ll Learn: 

The Yoga Therapy Institute’s curriculum is flexible, allowing you to complete their online learning modules in whichever order you choose. They recommend starting with the 100-hour Yoga Therapy Foundations course. After that, here are some of the topics you’ll continue studying: 

  • Therapeutic applications of asana, pranayama, and restorative yoga
  • Musculoskeletal issues and lower back pain
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory health issues
  • Nervous system, degenerative disease, and pain management 
  • Yoga therapy for digestive problems and the gut link
  • Endocrine and immune system disorders
  • Reproductive system, family dynamics, and the aging process
  • Applied somatic counselings
  • Ethical, legal, and business principles

Program Specifics 

  • Prerequisites: 200-hour yoga teaching certificate, at least one year of personal practice, and one year of teaching experience. 
  • If you already hold a 500-hour advanced yoga teaching certification, you may transfer up to 300 hours to the 875-hour certificate with the Yoga Therapy Institute. 
  • Price: 875-hour C-IAYT is €13,854 with a 7% discount when paid in full; the 625-hour diploma is €10,890 with a 5% discount if paid in full. For either training, you can also pay per module as you go or in monthly installments. 

The Yoga Therapy Institute offers promotions and discounts on various courses throughout the year, so be sure to check their promotions page to see their current offers. Note that each price includes the VAT (value-added tax) for business in the EU; also, remember to check current exchange rates for the most accurate conversion into US dollars. 

School Rating: 5/5 (Google); yet to be reviewed on Yoga Alliance.  


“Doing my C-IAYT certification with the Yoga Therapy Institute was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. The lecturers / teachers are committed to students and their learning. They will bring you deep in interesting subjects that are in close relationship with the profession. In this faculty, I have improved so much my knowledge about observation, pain assessment, anatomy, physiology , trauma informed approach, safety and much more …. As a yoga therapist, I fully recommend this outstanding faculty to those who wish to practice yoga therapy at a high level of standards and to work safely with their clients. – Krishna Anand (Google review)

5. Optimal State Yoga Therapy: Yoga Therapist Training Online

Another school offering a complete C-IAYT program is The Optimal State. Their 862-hour yoga therapist training online blends Eastern and Western medicine concepts with Ayurveda, anatomy, kinesiology, psychology, and neuroscience course material. The Optimal State emphasizes “embodied mental health,” teaching you how to bring the autonomic nervous system back into balance to facilitate healing in the body and mind. 

This self-paced, online program may take 2 to 6 years to complete, depending on your learning pace. You’ll first learn the foundations of therapeutic yoga and ayurveda, then progress into the mental and physical specialist series. 

For the final phase of this program, you’ll complete 30 hours of personalized mentoring and a practicum of 150 hours in which you’ll participate in supervised one-on-one work with clients. 

What You’ll Learn: 

Optimal State’s IAYT Certification coursework is online and divided into 6 phases. Each step shines a spotlight on an essential aspect of Yoga Therapy, from mental and physical health to business, eventually putting it all into practice with supervised sessions. Here are the main topics covered:

  • Therapeutic applications of yoga for mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction
  • Case studies in each category
  • Physiological and anatomical assessment and therapeutic planning
  • How to build a yoga therapy business
  • How to lead Yoga Nidra sessions

Program Specifics 

  • Prerequisites:  200-hours yoga teaching certificate or an equivalent. 
  • As part of this training, you’ll also receive a certificate in Yoga Nidra
  • Price: $15,964 total with a yearly payment plan option for $3,991 per year for three years, plus a $3,991 sign-up fee. 

School Rating: 5/5 (Facebook)


“I found this program from wanting to learn more about yoga therapy and how to apply it to help others in my yoga classes and my one on one session. What I discovered went beyond my expectations. Yoga is filled with philosophy and concepts that I thought I understood. This program deepened my understanding and appreciation of these ancient teachings and most importantly taught me how to apply this knowledge. The program has a very practical approach with all aspects of being a successful yoga teacher and yoga therapist being covered. There’s a business module, a mental health module, physical health module, etc. I have gained the knowledge to be more confident in my class teaching and working with clients. I have gained the knowledge on how to help myself heal and grow through yoga. I recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming a yoga therapist or simply wanting to be an advanced yoga teacher.” – Eddie Montoya (Facebook review) 

6. Yoga Well Institute: Yoga Therapist Training

Yoga Well offers a 1,008-hour Yoga Therapist Training Program that educates its students on a traditional approach and modern applications. This training program particularly emphasizes personal development, allowing participants to experience first-hand the transformational process they will eventually guide their clients through.  Students of Yoga Well’s yoga therapy training finish the program feeling empowered with knowledge of how yoga can heal and transform. You’ll receive extensive training with all the tools and strategies needed to embark on the path as a yoga therapist confidently. 

What You’ll Learn: 

The yoga therapist training course blends online with in-person training. It includes 15 in-person modules, 163 distance learning hours, and 220 practicum hours and takes 3.5 years to complete. 

  • How to utilize the connections between mind, breath, body, behavior, and emotions.
  • Therapeutic practices to align the mind-body connections to facilitate overall well-being.
  • Yoga’s perspective on how the human system functions.
  • Practical expertise in yoga to influence the body’s systems to achieve optimum health. 

Program Specifics 

  • Prerequisites200-hour yoga teaching certificate, at least one year of personal practice, and one year of teaching experience. 
  • This program strongly focuses on personal development, giving students new perspectives that shift their understanding and engagement with the world. It prepares students to offer yoga therapy in various environments, from pain clinics and hospitals to prisons and other medical facilities.
  • Price: Between $21,150 and $23,500, depending on payment plan arrangements 

School Rating: 4.77/5 (Yoga Alliance) 


“Yoga Well’s practitioner and teacher training programs are the most profound Yoga experiences and studies I have found. During my 300 hour training with Mr. Chase Bossart in 2021, I changed all of my personal practice and teaching exclusively to the Viniyoga tradition, began a massive transformation of my life to align with the incredibly clear and supportive principles of Yoga, and committed to Yoga Well’s 1000+ hour Yoga Therapist training with full payment up front — all because the wisdom of humanity and the divine is so easily and diligently accessible in this community. In less than a year during this 300 hour training, I finally got the message of Yoga and will be a lifelong student of Viniyoga. …I recommend Yoga Well’s Deepen Your Yoga program for any and all teachers and practitioners. It is foremost a container for practitioner’s to delve into an experiential learning of Yoga, and second a 300 hour program for teachers ready for highly diligent practices. The same goes for their Yoga Therapist training I am 1/3 of the way through at the time of submitting this review.” – Siara Morrow (Yoga Alliance review) 

7. Ajna Yoga: Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Programs

Ajna Yoga is based in Canada. It offers an 800-hour accredited yoga therapy training program and was one of the first yoga schools accredited in 2014. This training perfectly balances foundational yogic principles and functional anatomy. 

The coursework provides students with new perspectives on understanding the human body. From the yoga side, you’ll learn about the human body through vayus, doshas, chakras, and practices like pranayama and meditation. You’ll then learn therapeutic yoga tools for managing different types of pain, dysfunction, and trauma. 

To earn your yoga therapy certificate with Ajna Yoga, you may choose to study full-time (20-25 hours per week) and complete the course in 2 years or take a part-time track to finish in 3-4 years. The program includes 19 learning modules and two immersive trainings. 

Then, you’ll move on to a practice teaching mentorship module, including 63 hours of teaching group yoga therapy classes, 50 individual yoga therapy sessions and mentor coaching, and a 6-week groupwork mentorship with faculty members.

What You’ll Learn: 

Ajna Yoga’s 800-hour yoga therapy curriculum provides a strong foundation in yogic principles balanced with practical anatomical study and strategic applications. Here is an overview of the topics covered by the learning modules: 

  • Back care, wrist and shoulders, and knees and hips
  • Inner alignment of the vayus
  • Anti-oppression covering racism and white supremacy, diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality 
  • Sequencing for yoga therapy
  • Restorative and chair yoga for healthy aging
  • Pranayama, philosophy, and meditation
  • Doshic theory and journey through the chakras
  • Maintaining a therapeutic relationship with clients

Program Specifics 

  • Prerequisites: 200-hour yoga teaching certificate, letter of reference from your 200-hour training facilitator, resume or document outlining at least one year of teaching experience, and written personal statement.
  • Upon completion of the program, you can register as a C-IAYT. 
  • Price: $12,590 for international (non-Canadian) students, with a $1,000 deposit. Payment plan options are to break it into six installments or pay for each module as you go through the program.  

School Rating: 4.88/5 (Yoga Alliance) 


“Ajna Yoga Center is an excellent school for learning about the therapeutic application of yoga. Classes are well-organized with strong supporting content and feature activities that really allow you to apply what you’ve learned. The teachers are approachable, they lead by example, and they are all highly skilled in their fields. I’m grateful to have studied and to continue to study at Ajna.” – Gillian Hennessey (Yoga Alliance review) 

8. Santosha Yoga Institute: Foundations of Yoga Therapy

Photo: Santosha Yoga Institute

Designed for experienced yoga teachers and therapeutic professionals, Santosha Yoga Institute’s 100-Hour Foundations of Yoga Therapy training provides a unique opportunity to deepen one’s knowledge of the human body and explore how yoga can support physical and mental well-being.

This online program aims to increase understanding of the intricate connection between the body, mind, and spirit. Participants will understand how yoga applies to specific conditions and amplify their ability to facilitate meaningful healing.

As the demand for integrated approaches to health grows, the fusion of traditional yoga practices with modern therapeutic insights becomes increasingly valuable. Santosha Yoga Institute’s course is designed for seasoned yoga teachers and extends its reach to medical professionals, physiotherapists, coaches, and other therapeutic experts. 

What You’ll Learn: 

Taught by a physiotherapist, participants gain the tools to comprehend movement patterns and identify critical ailments intuitively. You’ll learn through examining in-depth anatomy studies and course modules covering the following topics: 

  • Foundations of Yoga Therapy
  • The Locomotor System, understanding the intentions of movement
  • The Power of the Breath, the physical systems that control our breathing
  • Chronic Disorders and how to ease suffering
  • Nervous System & Neuroscience, applying yoga therapy practices to various scientific theories to aid in healing
  • Mental Health & Trauma

Santosha Yoga Institute’s Online Foundations of Yoga Therapeutics training is not a C-IAYT program but includes a certificate for which you can register for 100 hours of continuing education units with Yoga Alliance. 

Program Specifics 

  • Prerequisites: Santosha Yoga’s yoga therapy foundations course requires no prior certification. They encourage medical professionals, physiotherapists, coaches, and other health professionals to learn about yoga’s therapeutic applications. Keeping the course open to all interested helps bridge the gap between holistic health practices and traditional Western medicine. 
  • Santosha Yoga’s Foundations of Yoga Therapy online course counts for 100 hours of continuing education units, approved by Yoga Alliance. 
  • Price: $990 AUD, but check online for the most current exchange rates. 3-month payment plans are also available. 

School Rating: 4.34/5 (Yoga Alliance)


“Santosha Yoga course was fantastic. Santosha offers the ability to be able to learn at my own pace from home & provides flexibility that other course do not. Santoaha offers live zoom classes year round, that way you can join when it suits you not on there timeline. The teachers and support staff provided timely and practical advice. The teachers are supportive and encourage you to grow as a teacher with practical advice. I have enjoyed my 200 hour course so much that I have enrolled and in other course Santosha courses.” -Natasha Spicer (Google review)

9. Applied Yoga Mobility​

Photo: Applied Yoga Mobility

The Applied Yoga Mobility Certification is a niche yoga therapy course that explains asanas from a functional movement perspective. The program’s founder, Jory Serota, has over 20 years of experience in kinesiology and various movement disciplines and brings a uniquely informed approach to asana practice as a Neurokinetic Therapy Instructor.

The Applied Yoga Mobility course equips yoga teachers to transcend mere yoga poses and embrace the art of healing the body through yoga therapy, blending ancient Eastern practices with the intelligence of Western science.

As a student of Applied Yoga Mobility, you’ll take your yoga teaching to new levels, acquiring new tools and strategies to support your students through periods of pain, dysfunction, and recovery through yoga therapy. 

What You’ll Learn: 

The Applied Yoga Mobility Course is self-paced, online, and focuses on nine core features to ensure you complete the course and become a well-rounded, anatomy-informed yoga teacher. The online modules break down dozens of asanas as they relate to different areas of the body or types of movement. The coursework covers:

  • How to assess and treat nearly every joint in the body
  • How to increase functional motor control, the core component of muscular health
  • How specific asanas relate to different categories of movement like hip mobility, glute strength, hamstring length, backline strength, and more
  • Breathwork, diaphragm mechanics, and conscious relaxation
  • Strategies for working with everyday issues like sciatica, hip dysfunction, knee and back pain

Applied Yoga’s Mobility Certification is not a C-IAYT program, but upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate and 10 hours of continuing education units accepted by Yoga Alliance. 

Program Specifics 

  • Prerequisites: This advanced certificate for yoga teachers and movement professionals requires a 200-hour certificate or equivalent. 
  • Upon completing this course, you’ll receive a certificate to add to your CV as a yoga teacher and ten continuing education units with Yoga Alliance. 
  • Price: $1,497 or three monthly payments of $597 each

School Rating: 4.7/5 (Yoga Alliance)

Review: No student reviews are available for this training during this writing. 

10. Soma Yoga Institute: 200-Hour Online Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program​

Photo: Soma Yoga Institute

Soma Yoga Institute’s 200-Hour Online Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program is a wonderful option for those just starting their yoga teacher journey pursuing their certificate. 

This isn’t your average 200-hour training, however. You’ll learn to teach yoga with a therapeutic approach led by C-IAYT yoga therapists and seasoned instructors. In addition to retaining all the standard yoga history, philosophy, and asana, you’ll learn about yoga’s holistic benefits to mind and body healing. 

What You’ll Learn: 

The curriculum covers diverse practices, from alignment-centric vinyasa flow to a robust grounding in hatha yoga, seamlessly integrated within a therapeutic framework. Here are some of the yoga therapy-related topics covered in this training course:

  • Anatomy-informed alignment for postures
  • Biomechanics of stretching
  • Pancha maya kosha framework for holistic wellbeing 
  • Applied Ayurveda to support overall wellness
  • Therapeutic frameworks
  • Restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and other yoga practices that down-regulate your nervous system
  • Review and discuss new evidence-based research

Soma Yoga Institute’s 200-hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training course is not an IAYT certification. However, since most C-IAYT programs require a 200-hour certificate to enroll, this training will count towards the entrance requirements for advanced training programs. 

Program Specifics 

  • This training is an entry-level 200-hour yoga teacher certification course. As such, there are no prerequisites other than a desire to deepen your practice and knowledge of yoga. 
  • After completing this certification course, you can register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200. With Soma Yoga Institute’s program, you’ll possess basic knowledge about yoga’s therapeutic applications. 
  • Price: $1,997 with payment plans available; check for sales as they occasionally offer discounts (up to 35% off)

School Rating: 4.88/5 (Yoga Alliance)


“What I enjoyed overall was watching the teachers model the yogi life in all aspects of what it means to be a yogi. The lessons I have learned at yoga teacher training were to be more mindful, meditation and the power of the breath, and having compassion towards others including myself. I would absolutely recommend Soma Yoga Institute to others, especially because it is alignment based and because it embodies all components of yoga.” -Lynn Lind (Google review)

11. Phoenix Rising: Yoga Therapy Certification

Photo: Phoenix Rising

In the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training, you’ll learn to blend the best of yoga, mindfulness, and talk therapy for a unique approach known as the Phoenix Rising Method. 

The entry-level 16-hour experiential yoga therapy essentials course is packed with valuable tools, giving you a taste of what you will learn in this full IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Certification if you continue your education.

You will become an expert in skillfully guiding others to align the wisdom of their body and mind in an individualized experience. Discover how to catalyze powerful change through this research-backed, body-centered approach to clear insight and life-changing action.

What You’ll Learn: 

The Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy IAYT Accredited 2-Year Yoga Therapy Training Program includes four semesters of blended online and in-person learning.

Each semester includes:

  • 11-day residential learning in Estes Park, CO
  • 5.5 months of distance learning (online and independent)
  • Supervised Practicum

Program Specifics 

  • As of December 2023, Phoenix Rising’s IAYT Certification course is paused as staff assess and enhance its direction. Be sure to check their website for updates or to contact them directly regarding the program’s reimplementation.

School Rating: 4.9/5 (Yoga Alliance)


“PRYT really gets the essence of yoga practice. I have been training with them since 2015. I have been personally transformed through the journey with them. Their training is spacious yet vigorous. We learn how to give and receive feedback from peers and this is very edgy yet very useful. PRYT is very trauma informed. The best trauma informed yoga teacher training!!! I am going to continue training and my journey with them way beyond the 300 hour training.” -Ria Nieboer (Yoga Alliance review)

How to become a yoga therapist

As you embark on your journey into yoga therapy, you must acquaint yourself with every facet of yoga. Practice regularly, revisit your 200-hour yoga teacher training materials, and prioritize your ongoing anatomy study.

yoga therapy programs online

Photo: Instagram @yogatimefi

Here are ten steps on how to become a yoga therapist:

  1. Have a solid yoga and meditation routine and practice regularly
  2. Complete your 200-hour yoga teacher training
  3. Work steadily in the field and focus on therapeutic types of yoga, such as yin or adaptive yoga
  4. Book sessions for yourself to familiarize yourself with the approach
  5. Determine if studying online or in person is better for you
  6. Visit a teacher training class to see what the education process is like
  7. Look at the various programs in this article to find a program that’s right for you
  8. complete your program and mentorship
  9. Apply to the International Association of Yoga Therapists for your accreditation
  10. Start your career and determine if you want to teach online, at healthcare facilities, nursing homes, etc.

How much does a yoga therapist earn?​

Yoga-related opportunities offer fulfilling and meaningful employment, with the flexibility to create your schedule and engage in in-person and online teaching or therapy. Our research indicates that the average annual income for yoga therapy positions is approximately $80,000. 

However, earnings vary significantly based on geographic location and practice nature, ranging from as low as $63,000 to as high as $101,000. Additional factors influencing annual income include employer benefits, such as insurance coverage, which hospital-based positions often provide. 

Conversely, you can opt to establish your independent yoga therapy practice. You’ll be responsible for expenses like insurance, rent, advertising, marketing, website maintenance, and possibly staffing, along with the costs of running a business.

Explore the Best Yoga Therapy Certification Courses​

The sense of fulfillment that comes from guiding individuals on their journey towards wholeness and well-being is truly remarkable, as you play a vital role in helping them lead healthier lives. You should now understand the structure of yoga therapy training programs, the prerequisites required, program duration, and tuition fees. Whether you aim to commit to a long and intensive program to earn a C-IAYT diploma or are simply curious about yoga therapy, this list has several options.

Remember that this is a transformative journey that doesn’t happen overnight. Still, it’s a rewarding endeavor to empower students with the knowledge and skills to make a profound impact in the lives of their clients. We wish you the best of luck as you embark on this fulfilling path.