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Tony Robbins Results Coaching: Price, Training, and the Works!

Tony Robbins is one of the most famous life coaches in the world, and for good reason—people from all over the world have felt the positive impacts of following his program on their lives and their self-development. While the Tony Robbins Results program may not dramatically change your life, it has the potential to.

Tony Robbins Results Coaching ranges from around 3,000 dollars to over 14,000 dollars over 12 months and 36 training sessions. Life coaching from Tony Robbins can be beneficial for people looking to self-improve because it gives their efforts focus and the clarity of an objective, third-party opinion with regards to their goals and progress.

Tony Robbins Results Coaching may not be for everyone, but for many people, this form of life coaching can have fantastic results when it comes to changing your life for the better. Keep reading to learn more about why life coaching—especially getting a life coach through the Tony Robbins Results program—may be the right choice for you.

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What Is the Price of Tony Robbins Coaching?

The price of Tony Robbins Result coaching varies from program to program. In the Tony Robbins Results coaching program, you aren’t being coached by Tony Robbins directly—instead, you’ll be placed under the mentorship of one of 120-140 different life coaches that have been trained through the Tony Robbins Results program.

The consultants in the program often negotiate fees and terms on an individual basis, which means that the price and rates that one person in the program may pay can vary dramatically from the fees paid by another person under a different life coach.

Life coaching programs can be priced out at either a monthly fee (which is typically more expensive) or at a discounted package for lessons from six to eighteen months, depending on how much life coaching you want to commit to. These fees can vary in price from roughly $3,000 to $14,000+, depending on the length of commitment and several other factors that go into the coaching contract.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you buy a discounted package of life coaching lessons, you may save on the overall cost of several months of life coaching, but you will have to pay for the entire life coaching package in advance and in full. 

You can also attend a Tony Robbins seminar or a Tony Robbins events, which are full of helpful information and tips from him on how to improve your life as well!

What Does the Training of Tony Robbins Coaching Entail?

When you sign up with a Tony Robbins life coach, you will receive one-on-one life coaching from a life coach that is trained in the Tony Robbins Results program. During these sessions—the amount of which can vary depending on the length of the program you commit to—a life coach counsels and guides their client towards identifying areas of their life that they need to implement change in, then helping their clients identify tangible goals and concrete action steps towards achieving those goals.

These are some of the other ways that a Tony Robbins life coach can help a client with their self-improvement goals:

  • Acting as a person to be accountable to. In many cases, it is difficult for people to achieve their personal goals because there is nobody watching them strive but themselves. A life coach acts as both personal trainer and cheerleader when it comes to pushing us to be the best versions
    of ourselves.
  • Encouraging self-discovery and personal growth. Many people have a hard time pursuing self-improvement just because they don’t know enough about themselves to know what exactly they want out of life. For some people, this is because they have had their identities stamped out by the wants and needs of others. For others, it’s the result of a lifetime of trauma or poor self-esteem. A life coach can help you move past these problems to learn more about yourself.
  • Acting as a sympathetic ear. Everybody hits a wall sometimes when it comes to self-improvement, and a life coach can not only act as a shoulder to cry on when it comes to the trails of self-improvement, they can also provide real solutions for problems that can allow a person to move forward despite their emotional turmoil or insecurities.

When you train with a life coach, you’ll receive plenty of encouragement, but you’ll also be challenged in your preconceptions about yourself too. For many life coaching clients, this is an important step towards becoming a more proactive and successful individual.

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5 Reasons Tony Robbins Results Coaching Could Be Right for You:

Life coaches are a dime a dozen in the 21st century, mostly because people from all walks have life have come to learn how delegating some goal setting and motivation to an enthusiastic, positive outside party can have serious effects on an individual’s ability to remain focused and committed to their goals. Nothing gets the job done like peer pressure, and there is hardly stronger peer pressure than a person who is at least as focused on your personal goals as you are, and nothing else.

There are many reasons why Tony Robbins Results Coaching could be a good choice for you in your self-improvement journey. Here are just a few of the many ways that a Tony Robbins life coach can help change your life in a positive way.

1. Makes You a Better Leader

In life, many people are naturally inclined to lead, while others are more inclined to follow, but almost all people across all walks of life are called on to act as leaders or influencers at some point in their life. Being able to effectively lead others in a social situation can make the difference between success and failure in many different areas of a person’s life, from their romantic life and family dynamics to their career decisions.

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Here are some reasons why leadership is so important in many aspects of daily life:

  • It leads to nonconformity and innovation: Leaders aren’t afraid to follow the beat of their drum, and they’re more likely than followers to start a trend or to rally a group for positive change. Because they aren’t afraid to show by example, a person with a leader mindset is more likely to foster change or put forth new and exciting ideas that can give them new opportunities.
  • Leadership creates more positive thinking patterns: Rather than ruminating on past failures, people with leader mindsets are constantly looking for new ways to refine their lifestyles and do things in a better or more efficient way. This can lead to better relationships in business as the result of successful business results and can also lead to people being more proactive in solving problems in their personal lives too.
  • Leadership improves our ability to function at the executive level: Taking self-responsibility and refining leadership skills makes it easier for us to complete our daily tasks and our responsibilities, both responsibility to ourselves and responsibility to other people. From making it easier to tackle your to-do list to letting you make larger life decisions at the bird’s-eye view, leadership can improve your ability to make executive choices in life. (Source: Klient Solutech)
  • Leadership allows you to successfully delegate to others: One mistake many people make that stagnates them in life is trying to take on too many things at one time. Contrary to popular belief, people are generally terrible at multitasking. (Source: NPR) This means that to make time for more larger life goals, you’ll need to eke out some personal time to tackle them, and this, in turn, means that you’ll need to step up and put some of those responsibilities on others.

Leadership is one of the most important life skills to cultivate under the guidance of a life coach because it has such far-reaching influence and effects on every aspect of your daily life. Without leadership, you will find yourself driftless and carried along by the whims of more powerful and persuasive people.

2. Gives You Clarity Towards Your Life

Another reason that Tony Robbins Results Coaching is a useful way to help refine your self-improvement goals is that employing a life coach can help provide you with clarity and a third-party perspective on your life. This affects not only how you perceive your own life but allows you to see how your life is perceived by others.

Here are a few ways that life coaching helps you achieve clarity towards your life:

  • Life coaching helps you identify areas of strengths and weaknesses: Many people have blind spots when it comes to assessing their own strengths and weaknesses, and a life coach can be a great tool for helping to improve a person’s ability to self-assess and figure out exactly what they want out of life, as well as the best way for them as an individual to achieve it based on what they’re good at (and not so good at).
  • Life coaching helps you identify things in your life and tackle them one at a time. Single-mindedness isn’t a natural state for most people—instead, it’s a state that needs to be cultivated by fostering mental focus and by actively pursuing a goal under the tutelage of someone who has a personal investment in your success.
  • Life coaching focuses on and forces executive action. Since you’re accountable to report your progress with a life coach, this can force you into attacking your goals with a clear mind that is focused on the things you want to achieve. The more closely we look at the goals we want to attain, the clearer they become to us and the more ideas we have for achieving them.

Sometimes it takes looking at your life through the eyes of another person to truly see the things you need to hone in and focus on, so life coaching through a program like the Tony Robbins Results program can help to see your life with clear vision.

3. Helps to Bolster Your Physical Health

One unique aspect of the Tony Robbins Results coaching program is that it often rolls physical health into your goal setting. Physical health and fitness can have positive impacts on many other areas of life, including sleep hygiene, mental acuity, and motivation.

These are some of the ways that life coaching can help move your physical health in a positive direction while also addressing your other life goals:

  • Life coaching can help you kick a lifetime of substance use, abuse, or dependence: Very few adults are complete teetotalers, but it’s easier than people imagine for them to become dependent on chemical substances and soft drugs such as caffeine and nicotine. Many people don’t view these substances on the same level as harder drugs, but the truth is they can impact mental clarity and reinforce physical dependence. Kicking these habits is easier with a life coach.
  • Life coaching can help you get in shape or lose weight: Better fitness ranks as one of the most popular goals that people set for themselves, and it is more important in the modern world than it ever was as people get more out of shape and obesity is on the rise across all walks of life. (Source: Live Strong) A life coach can help hold you accountable in your fitness goals so that you see physical results and are mentally motivated to continue.
  • Life coaching can give you the motivation to stick with a fitness regimen. Many people start many fitness regimens over the course of their life, only to fall off the bandwagon within a few weeks or months. The more often this happens, the harder it is to get started again. Life coaching pushes accountability that can help you work through the tedium of getting into the habit of exercising until it becomes a pleasure, rather than an obligation.

While physical health and fitness might not seem like they would have much influence or effect on areas of your life such as family or your career, you’d be surprised at how much more energy you have to work in other areas of your life once you develop your physical fitness to a healthy level.

4. Teaches You How to Weather Life Changes

An aspect of achieving goals that keeps many people from actively doing it is that going after your life dreams often involves putting yourself in a position where you’re outside of your comfort zone, and this can create a slew of distressing emotions that can dampen our skills of reasoning and can cause us to kneejerk withdraw from the activities that are improving our lives, even if they are actively helping.

Having a life coach is a great benefit when it comes to self-improvement because every person who self-improves deals with these peaks and valleys, and it helps to have a person cheerleading in your corner when you come up against emotionally difficult times on your self-improvement journey.

Here are some of the ways that life coaching through the Tony Robbins Results program can teach you to deal with change in your life:

  • Life coaching can teach you to manage your emotions. One issue many people run into when it comes to running their own life without the aid of a life coach is that their emotions—especially emotions about volatile situations or situations that are close to their heart—can significantly cloud their judgment and keep them from making right decisions. Because a life coach is emotionally uninvolved in the conflict, they can often come to the issue with a clearer eye.
  • Life coaching can help you learn that everyone deals with hardship in life. Many people who become life coaches become life coaches because dire life circumstances forced them to radically transform their lifestyles. They then take the lessons they learned through this transformation and go on to help mentor others into making positive changes in their own lives.
  • Life coaching can help you focus on concrete results rather than emotional turmoil. One way to get relief from emotional problems that result from situations we can’t change is to focus on the objective, tangible things in our life that we can Life coaching helps us see past the fog of our emotional turmoil to focus on the things in life we want. People without this kind of guidance often get caught up in their emotional reactions, never giving logic a chance to step in.

Everybody deals with difficult times in life, and for some people, these hard times can have a large negative impact on their attempts to reach their life goals, sometimes cutting off those attempts for a lifetime. Life coaching can help you get through these tough patches and move on stronger to the other side of the conflict to continue achieving your dreams.

5. Reignites Your Passion for Your Life

Many people fall into the trap of sleepwalking their way through life, aimlessly moving from daily task to daily task without ever taking the time to look at their life from a larger perspective and figure out things they want to achieve in it. Because of this, many people may feel trapped or like their lives are meaningless, without realizing that they are the ones responsible for both identifying meaning in their lives and pursuing it in their activities.

These are some of the ways that life coaching can help you reignite passion in your life:

  • It can help you remember the things you love and want. Years ago, you may have wanted to take a martial art in order to get in better shape and find a deeper sense of discipline and purpose in your life, but other life events interceded. Life coaching can help you remember
    the things that you may have wanted in the past but have pushed aside for the wants or needs of others.
  • It can make you reevaluate your past choices. If you’re unhappy or stagnant in your life, there are definite, tangible elements that are holding you in that rut. They could take the form of an unsatisfying romantic relationship, a dead-end job, or that nagging dream that just won’t let go no matter how many years you put behind you. Life coaching helps you see more clearly the parts of your life you need to let go, and the new parts of your life you need to take up.

It is sometimes hard to be passionate about our own lives because we see the mundane in them as well as the extraordinary. But life coaches are trained to both see the great potential in our life paths as well as to nurture good decisions that will lead to those successful results.

The Biggest Benefit of Tony Robbins Result Coaching

The biggest benefit of Tony Robbins Result Coaching is that by signing up officially with a life coach, you are investing in yourself mentally, emotionally, and financially. The reason this is such a major benefit is that if you actually risk something of value in order to improve yourself, chances are higher that you’ll follow through with the commitment.

Maybe you’re wondering: ‘What does a life coach do?’ Think about it as the difference between buying a gym membership and making a nonverbal commitment to yourself to pick up jogging. If you’ve never told anyone you’re going to start jogging, and you can stop at any time, it’s easy to give it up. But if you buy a gym membership, you have a financial obligation that helps attract you back to your initial goal in two ways:

  • Reminding you of your past goals and your commitment to them: Often, we let our goals fall to the wayside in life simply because we get caught up in day-to-day activities and forget to take a look at the larger picture. Life coaching helps you keep that larger picture in mind at all times and helps you make better choices to further your life goals.
  • Giving you a financial reason to continue pursuing them: Because not continuing with your goals is a waste of money and resources, and most people don’t have so many resources that they’re willing to just throw them away without positive results.
  • Motivating you through the power of affiliation: You want to say you go to a gym, but it becomes harder and harder to claim it if you’re not actively going—the same goes for proactive self-improvement and goal setting.

By employing a life coach, you’re not only getting the gym membership; you’re investing in a personal trainer for your life too. A personal trainer will keep you focused on your goals even on days when it feels like you won’t be able to move forward or you’re feeling overwhelmed with your various obligations in life. Life coaches can help keep you on the path moving forward, rather than allowing you to stagnate due to inertia in your life.  

Here are some of the other ways that Tony Robbins Result Coaching can help improve your chances to achieve your overarching life goals (Source: Life Coach Directory):

  • Seize the moment: It is easy for us to allow weeks, months, or even years of our lives leak away because we’re too caught up in the mundane daily activities to take a larger look at our lives. Tony Robbins Life Coaching will teach you how to step back and assess your lifestyle from an eagle’s eye view in order to make positive changes.
  • Take an unflinching look at your flaws: Many people have a fragile ego and find it difficult to acknowledge or identify their personality faults and flaws, much less take concrete, tangible steps to address and correct them. But this is one of the most important things you can do as part of a self-improvement regimen because unless we address our flaws, we can never hope to actually fix them.
  • Plan for the future: It’s difficult for some to plan for the future, especially if they are a person who is naturally inclined to stay in the present moment or ruminate on the past. But planning for the future is one of the most important aspects of goal setting, and without acknowledging your future, you have no real power to change or exert influence over it.

Like a personal trainer at the gym, getting involved with a life coach—especially through a program as successful and long-running as the one that Tony Robbins endorses and manages—can help give you a massive jump on achieving your biggest goals in life. Reading some of the best Tony Robbins books can help you learn how to improve your life as well!

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Life Coaching Through the Tony Robbins Results Program is a Step in the Right Direction

Most people in the world have goals and dreams that are bigger than what they achieve in their day-to-day life, and for many of them, it can be a challenge to consciously acknowledge these dreams at all, much less take steps to achieve them. But a life coach can make a huge difference in how far you get towards making your dreams in life a reality.

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