Tony Robbins Quotes

Tony Robbins: Motivational Quotes and Personal Development Speaker

If you’ve never heard Tony Robbins speak, read any of his books, or followed him on social media, you might not realize the extreme accuracy of the phrase “Motivational Quote Master”. He is truly a wordsmith who can make pure magic out of otherwise common words.

Tony Robbins can lift your spirits when you’ve hit rock-bottom. He takes big life issues and breaks them down into tangible, bite-sized pieces that seem less intimidating. If you’re going through a tough time, he is definitely a resource to help you find your way.

All of this, combined with his incredible onstage presence and well-planned messages, make him one of the most iconic motivational speakers in the world. Let’s learn more about this inspirational man.

Tony Robbins is a Motivational Quote Master

One of the biggest things that Tony is known for is his innate talent with words. During Tony Robbins seminars, (see a list of those here.  Many now virtual) he is able to capture the audience with his awesome stories, inspirational words and down to earth relatability. He is an exceptional storyteller who spent a great deal of time working on linguistics early in his career.

Today, motivational quotes from Tony Robbins can be found all over the internet! There is an entire Instagram page with almost thirty thousand followers, just for his quotes! Perhaps the reason they are so powerful is that they are relatable and oftentimes true for many of us.

At the core of all Tony Robbins events, books, podcasts, seminars and philosophies is the acknowledgement of personal power. He believes that we already possess everything we need to be successful and that we just have to activate it and start making decisions, followed by action. He helps people to overcome their insecurities through his words.

When you need a little motivation, reading his quotes is almost like having an on-demand life coach. Here are some of my favorites:

“Hunger is the only differentiation in people. It’s not talent.”

“In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”

“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.”

“Knowledge is power, but execution trumps knowledge. So it’s what you do from here that will matter.”

What do you notice about all of these quotes?

Every single one of them speaks to you in a way that is suggesting you need to take action. In order to be successful, to achieve success, you make your dreams come true, you have to take action. You can’t just sit on the sidelines and hope for something to happen.

This is the essence of what Tony teaches and how people receive it. We all know that doing nothing will result in the exact same result day in and day out. But taking action and making a decision is where the true change starts to happen. (Check out Tony Robbins results coaching!)

Tony Robbins is an Incredible Personal Development Speaker

There is no doubt that Tony’s greatest talent is speaking. His ability to get onstage, captivate an audience and deliver his message is uncanny. Although he also writes books, podcasts, etc., his true talent lies in his ability to connect with people in-person, both one-on-one and in large groups. If you want to know why is Tony Robbins so popular keep reading.

His messages really focus on two key areas of people’s lives:

In both key areas, Tony helps people to mitigate the noise that is in their lives and come to a place where they are ready to make a decision. His entire coaching program is based on making decisions, why you should make them and what will happen if you don’t. In true coaching style, he asks you questions until you come to your own decision, rather than telling you what to do or giving you a prescription.

There are a number of unorthodox methods that Tony uses in his public speaking that are both entertaining and enlightening. He uses The Dickens Pattern which is closely aligned with his other neurolinguistic programming practices that help you connect your brain, your language and your experiences. He also is very well-known for including fire walking in his seminars!

The Dickens Pattern

Tony employs a very specific technique in his seminars and coaching called the Dickens Process. This process is a Neurolinguistic-Programming methodology that Tony learned in the 80’s and began teaching. Through this technique, he helps people to associate pain with their lack of action.

In a nutshell, we generally make decisions (or not) based on two feelings: pain and pleasure. If something is extremely pleasurable, we will do it more and when something is painful, we try to do it less. Conversely, if something is not painful enough, we will not take action to change it.

Here is a great example:

Let’s say that Tony asks you about the career change that you want to make, but for some reason just haven’t done it yet. He is going to ask you what will happen if you don’t make the change now. Where will you be in one year, if you don’t make the decision and take action right now?

He will ask you how it’s going to feel, taste, look, smell, etc. He’s going to ask you who is around you and what they are doing. What is your daily life like and how does it make you feel?

Then he’ll ask you the same questions regarding 5 years from now, ten years and so on. He makes you dig so deep that you have to answer the uncomfortable questions. You have to tackle your demons.

Then you start the process all over again, but this time, the key question is: Where will you be one year from now if you DO make this decision and take action now? Same idea – how does it look, smell, feel, taste. He basically brings you to a place where you can experience the differences between action and inaction.

VOILA! That is how the Dickens Pattern works. You will be able to physically experience how you will feel in the different scenarios, which then leads your brain to want to take action.


This is exactly what it sounds like. You basically walk barefoot across a bed of coals that are on fire. So why in the world would Tony Robbins include firewalking into his personal development seminars?

Because he’s Tony Robbins, of course!

For real though, Tony’s website touts firewalking as a way for people to overcome their fears. There is a section in his seminar called Turn Fear Into Power. During this segment, he is teaching you to take your fears and turn them into something positive that will allow you to achieve something that you otherwise would not.

The theory for the participants is that once they find the courage to walk across those coals barefoot, the rest will be easy peasy. Although you still have to go home and then do the work that you’ve decided to do, getting over your fears is no longer an issue. You’ve already conquered that demon, so now you just need to maintain that level of confidence as you dive into the work you need to do and the decisions you need to make.


The scientific community has dismissed Tony’s neuro linguistic programming methodologies as a pseudoscience with no real evidence that they are effective. In many ways, their claims are true. There is no scientific evidence that these practices make any difference in human behavior or decision-making.

Ask anyone who has read Tony Robbins’ books, attended his seminars, or been coached by him. They sing a very different song. Now you have the ability to decide for yourself!