Uplifted Yoga Review

Uplifted Yoga Review

Brett Larkin founded Uplifted Yoga to help aspiring yoga teachers improve their skills and build successful businesses. Uplifted Yoga was the first fully online yoga teacher training school, starting in 2015. Brett’s online programs aim to create supportive communities, empower students to find their authentic voices and assist yoga teachers in developing thriving businesses. Explore Uplifted Yoga’s offerings today and see how they can transform your career and life.

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Uplifted Yoga Online YTT Catalog

This studio has always been ahead of the game. Let’s look at Uplifted Yoga’s teacher training courses.

200-HR Online Yoga Teacher Training

Brett Larkin Uplifted provides students with a flexible timeline of up to 18 months to complete its 200-hour Online Yoga Teacher Training. However, on average, many students dedicate 8 to 10 hours per week to complete the course.

The training curriculum for Uplifted’s 200-hr YTT is comprehensive and diverse. Uplift prioritizes equipping its new teachers with a thorough understanding of various aspects of yoga to ensure they confidently enter the professional world.

Modules cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Anatomy
  • Asanas
  • Ayurveda
  • Chakras
  • Sanskrit
  • Yin Yoga
  • Modification
  • Meditation
  • Business fundamentals include taxes, insurance, social media presence, website development, etc.

Additionally, practical teaching experience and guidance on leading yoga classes effectively are integrated into the curriculum.

Classes are taught live on Zoom, featuring interactive group discussions, student collaboration, and personalized feedback sessions. Upon completing a final written exam and practicum, students receive their certification.

300/500-HR Online Yoga Teacher Training

Uplifted’s 300/500-hour YTT is the premier yoga program offering master-level yoga teacher training and comprehensive business coaching. It transcends conventional yoga education by integrating essential entrepreneurial skills.

Upon completion of the program, students will attain proficiency in:

  • Brain anatomy
  • Digestive System
  • Injury Management Techniques
  • Internal Organs
  • Tantra Philosophy
  • Koshas
  • Tantric World View and Universe Creation

Furthermore, students of Brett Larkin Uplifted will learn to establish their values, cultivate self-confidence, build a robust online presence, and implement strategies to achieve their income objectives. This YTT program empowers students as entrepreneurs, recognizing the essential role of business acumen in their success as yoga teachers.

Additionally, students will benefit from live lectures covering various topics, including:

  • Strategies for studio employment
  • Participation in yoga festivals
  • Hosting online workshops
  • Organizing retreats
  • Establishing email opt-ins
  • Effective online teaching practices

Graduates will emerge as proficient yoga teachers poised to share their knowledge. They will possess advanced career growth and business development techniques, offering them a significant advantage over peers without comparable yoga business training.

The course comprises high-quality videos, a comprehensive manual, and an intuitive app. The program is designed for completion within six months and offers a structured, immersive learning experience.

To graduate from the 300-hour program, students must:

  • Submit a 20-minute video demonstrating themed yoga class teaching
  • Fulfill all journaling exercises, quizzes, and homework assignments
  • Present a live website with a sales offer for review
  • Complete a 40-day practice
  • Submit an ethical statement
  • Teach five yoga classes, two of which must be private sessions, with fees covered by their students.

Pregnant & Powerful Prenatal Yoga Class

Brett Larkin introduced Uplifted Yoga’s Pregnant & Powerful Prenatal Yoga during her own pregnancy. Feeling anxious about her body’s changes and her baby’s well-being, she developed this course to empower expectant mothers and reassure them of their strength and capability.

The course aims to help pregnant women tap into their inner wisdom, letting go of judgment and fear to embrace the changes and uncertainties of pregnancy.

Features of Uplifted Yoga’s Pregnant & Powerful Yoga Class:

  • Six Prenatal Yoga Classes for Trimesters 1 and 2
  • Access to Inner Power
  • Arm & Core Sculpting
  • Relaxation and Stretching Techniques
  • Resource List and Course Guidebook
  • Weekly Practice Plans and Class Organizers
  • Posture and Breath Workshops
  • Meditation Practices
  • Postpartum Recovery Guidance

For those who have given birth, the course extends support to navigate the postpartum phase, offering:

  • Ayurvedic Insights
  • Yogic Postpartum Living
  • Strengthening Intuition
  • Chakra Stabilization with Newborns
  • Bonus Postnatal Practices

Pregnant & Powerful Teacher Edition

Uplifted Yoga presents the Pregnant & Powerful Teacher Edition for yoga instructors seeking a comprehensive understanding of Prenatal Yoga to advance their teaching skills.

Course Inclusions:

  • Full access to the Pregnant & Powerful™ program
  • Teaching Basics Videos for Prenatal Yoga (covering material equivalent to the prenatal section in the Uplifted™ 200-Hour YTT)
  • Audio and Video Tutorials for Teaching Pregnant & Powerful™ Classes
  • Three Pregnant & Powerful™ Yoga Sequences with detailed instructions for teaching
  • Dos & Don’ts Guide for Teaching Prenatal Yoga (PDF format)
  • Uplifted Prenatal Yoga Certificate (awarded upon passing the final quiz)
  • 10 Non-Contact Hours CE Credit for RYTs (Note: These are YACEP Continuing Education hours and not equivalent to the RPYT designation, which requires 85+ hours of in-person prenatal study)

The Pregnant & Powerful Teacher Edition offers an enhanced learning experience for yoga instructors, building upon the content of the original program. The course equips instructors with practical teaching resources, including instructional videos, sequences, and guidance on teaching dos and don’ts.

Upon completion, participants will receive a prenatal yoga teacher certificate and continuing education credits, contributing to their professional development as yoga teachers.

Kundalini University YTT

Brett Larkin co-leads Uplifted Yoga’s Kundalini Teacher Training alongside Guru Singh, a renowned spiritual teacher and Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

The course is crafted to delve into the depths of cosmic consciousness, awaken dormant purposes, and ignite courage within each participant.

Guru Singh expresses, “At Kundalini University, our mission is to unveil the student, teacher, and master within every individual.”

The syllabus of the Kundalini YTT is extensive, covering topics including:

  • Pre-Training Pathways: Anatomy, Chakras, the 8 Limbs of Yoga, and more
  • Beginnings: Communication Skills
  • Role of a Teacher: Creating a Safe Class Setting
  • Sadhana Daily Practice: Aligning Biocrystals
  • Cosmic History: The Aquarian Age
  • Ancient Texts: History of Life
  • Universal Megaversal Forces
  • Human History
  • Metaphysiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology Training
  • Yogic Technology
  • Yoga Heritage

The course spans four months and is conducted live with Guru Singh over Zoom. Upon completing the Kundalini YTT, students will qualify for their 200-hour RYT certification, accrediting them as certified RYT Kundalini yoga teachers.

Business Launchpad

This Uplifted Yoga Business Launchpad is a pathway for all who want to build a successful yoga business. As a yoga teacher, you’ll learn how to get yoga studios to hire you, earn more money as a yoga teacher, get more clients, and grow your business. The course teaches you how to make money teaching yoga to corporates and privates via video call. You will also learn how to launch your yoga course online and yoga template, which can be hard to figure out independently. 

What is offered on this launchpad is more than what money can buy. Brett Larkin started her yoga business online from nothing after spending so much time watching YouTube videos online with no success. She’d even spend a lot of money on workshops to learn how to run a thriving yoga business, but this went without success. This Uplifted Yoga Business Launchpad is her secret recipe from the failures and successes that led her to create a lucrative online business. It’s hard to put a tag on something so precious and made from blood and sweat (not literally). 

This program is for those who find it challenging to create a market strategy, collect emails, and design a website. If you’ve just completed your 200-hour training and need an actual teaching job, then it’s the perfect program. This program will also serve those who feel ready to teach but can’t decide what to charge, what steps to take, and in what order. 

Brett Larkin Uplifted Conclusions

Brett Larkin’s Uplifted Yoga teacher training equips both new and experienced yoga instructors with the knowledge for success. The 200-hour, 300/500-hour, and Kundalini YTTs propel graduates to excel within the yoga community and positively impact people’s lives. Explore all of Uplifted Yoga’s teacher training programs to embark on your journey toward becoming a serious yoga teacher.