50-Hour All-Inclusive Qigong Grounding Workshop Online

Photo: Qigong Awareness

Step into the world of Qigong with the Certified Qigong Instructor Training program from Qigong Awareness, crafted by David Coon, a seasoned Qigong master with over thirty years of healing experience. This program equips you with the skills to excel as a proficient Qigong instructor, even if you’re new to the practice.


  • Gain confidence in leading one-hour Qigong classes.
  • No prerequisites are required, making it accessible to all.
  • Dive into two online intensives (15 hours each) covering Golden Dragon Medical Qigong and Medical Qigong for back pain.
  • Engage in a daily exercise program (10 hours) to master the Level I Qigong routine.
  • Receive documented instruction (5 hours) on teaching Qigong exercise classes.
  • Participate in medical Qigong sessions (3 hours) to learn to deliver a one-hour treatment.
  • Experience a one-hour documented medical Qigong session yourself (2 hours).
  • Acquire extra exercises to enhance your teaching repertoire.
  • Payment plans are available.

This thorough, hands-on, experiential training program consists of four levels, each contributing 50 hours towards a 200-hour certification. By completing this program, you’ll be proficient in leading Qigong classes and equipped to deliver medical Qigong treatments and teach workshops. It’s a unique experience that prepares you to share the healing power of Qigong with others.

Course Details:
50 Hours