Self-Paced Managing Anxiety Through Yoga Mini Course Online

Photo: My Vinyasa Practice

Manage anxiety and promote emotional well-being with this self-paced, online Yoga Therapy for Anxiety mini course. Over a minimum of 2 weeks, you’ll explore the connection between yoga and anxiety management, learning practical tools and techniques to alleviate stress and cultivate inner peace.


  • Accredited with Yoga Alliance, accounting for 20 CEUs
  • Join a community of 30,000+ international students
  • Live support during business hours with various weekly live calls
  • Learn breathwork techniques, mindfulness, and meditations for anxiety relief
  • Explore asanas, yoga nidra, and personalized practices to reduce stress
  • Develop emotional regulation skills and positive mindset changes
  • Gain confidence in creating individualized yoga therapy plans
  • Receive guidance from certified Yoga Therapist Michelle Young

Through this Yoga Therapy for Anxiety mini-course, you’ll better understand how yoga can be a powerful tool for managing anxiety and promoting emotional well-being. Focusing on practical techniques and personalized approaches, this course gives you the knowledge and skills to create lasting positive changes in your life.


Course Details:
20 Hours