lumen metabolism review

Lumen Metabolism Device Review

Suppose you’ve been on a health journey that involves checking your calorie intake and doing some kind of physical activity. In that case, I’m sure you know how vital metabolism is in your weight loss, weight, or weight maintenance journey. Metabolism is how your body turns the food and drinks you consume into energy. Energy is a necessary part of survival. Without energy, your body can’t do anything, let alone keep you alive.

Metabolism is a necessary part of your health. Learning its fluctuations and knowing which foods and activities work well to promote it will help you achieve your weight goals quicker than you usually would. A lumen metabolism device is a device you can use at home to measure your metabolism rate. It is convenient and straightforward.

In the search for a perfect metabolism device, I’m sure you’ve come across Lumen. It comes highly recommended online, and we will get more into the features it has, how to use it, and how it can help you achieve your weight goals. Before Lumen, most people had to go to the doctor’s office to get their blood work checked so they’d know their metabolism. But with Lumen, all that is simplified. You can know how quick or slow your metabolism is at any time of the day.

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Who is Lumen?

Merav and Michal founded Lumen, two sisters and ironman winners with PhDs in physiology. Lumen has turned measuring metabolism into something achievable in a breath instead of over an hour of costly lab tests.

What is the Lumen Metabolism Device?

If your goal is to hack your fitness this year, you know how difficult coming up with a balanced meal plan, and workout plan can be. That’s where Lumen solves your problems. Lumen is a handheld device that tracks your metabolism and makes it easy for you to track your meals by providing you with healthy meal plans to follow. Lumen explains how your body reacts to the diet you’re currently partaking in.

Once you breathe into the device as it has instructed you, it gives you a score. These scores are meant to show you whether your body is currently burning fat, carbs, or still in the middle of both. If it’s early in the morning and your body is still burning carbs, it means your body hasn’t had enough time to burn the previous day’s dinner.

After giving you your score, the device proceeds to give you an estimate of what you should do. For example, it can advise you to either eat a high-carb meal medium or low-carb meals throughout the day. Unlike how most diets intend to starve you, the Lumen device gives you a better option of not restricting your diet. It gives you a daily meal plan that you can follow. But even though there’s a meal plan, it’s not clear-cut. There are other options of meals to meet the same quantities of proteins, carbs, and fat.

The Lumen is very personalized. You can choose to cut out certain food groups. For example, if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or allergic, you can choose meals that serve your needs and get the most personalized meal plans. The good thing about this metabolism app is that it offers you these meal plans. It also shows how much of every food group you should have, i.e., carbs, protein, and fats. So, if you dont like the suggestions or don’t have the ingredients, you can create a similar meal at home with the exact quantities of carbs, proteins, and fats.

lumen metabolism review - the lumen device
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Is the Lumen device accurate?

With such a device, it is, of course, expected for anyone to have doubts about how accurate its readings are; of course, they aren’t 100 percent. But according to studies, the device is as accurate as desired to make the correct insights on your fat-burning condition of the body.

A specific study compared Lumen to a clinical device used in measuring RER (respiratory exchange ratio). Even though Lumen isn’t 100% correct, it does show the same ratios when it comes to its results. Its measurements of the ratios are just as good as that of RER. Except, you can carry your Lumen home and use it every day to see how well your body is burning fats or carbs.

The Lumen device can also read metabolism change due to dietary change like the metabolic cart. The fact that Lumen works as well as a laboratory device means that you have the metabolic reader in your pocket all day, every day. You don’t need to visit the doctor’s office for these measurements or results.

Does the Lumen Device work?

According to the San Francisco University study, the Lumen devices are the gold standard of metabolic rate trackers. For you to get accurate results on the device, you need to follow these pointers:

  • Do not measure your breath at an elevated heart rate. If you do this, it can negatively affect your carbon-dioxide readings. If you get inaccurate readings, it will ultimately prevent you from making the right choices or for Lumen to help you as it should.
  • It’s recommended to do a breath right away before beginning your morning routine.  Your cortisol hormone is always high when you wake up, which means your readings will have high blood glucose and lower ketone levels however the consistency in timing plus focus on CO2 for reading is what’s important.
  • The device will typically require up to two breaths in order to get an accurate reading.  And, as you’ll see in the dashboard, the system learns more about you and adjusts your Flex score as you go.

Can you use Lumen without a subscription?

If you don’t want to pay for a Lumen subscription, you can try the device out for thirty days risk-free. You can return it if you don’t find it helpful or you just don’t like it, no questions asked. Otherwise, you are required to pay for a subscription to access it. There are three types of subscriptions;

  • Metabolism Booster at $249, with a 6-month track. Once the six months are over, it will automatically renew the subscription at $25 per month, but you can cancel anytime.
  • Advanced Fat Burn at $269 (limited offer), with a 12-month track. After the twelve months, it will renew automatically for another 12 months.
  • Optimal health at $349, with an 18-month track. After the subscription ends, it automatically renews annually.

You can pick any of the above subscriptions if you would love to use this technology to keep track of your health. If you use Lumen correctly, you will attain your weight goals and know how to eat a balanced meal without restricting yourself.

Is Lumen worth the cost?

You might think that $249 is a lot, but not the way I see it. Let’s say you’re looking to lose weight. It will be easy having a device like Lumen by your side. That way, you will know when your body is burning fat and how to push it to burn fat. Besides that, you will also better understand how to eat a balanced diet. Lumen gives you insights on what to eat and the quantities of foods to partake in.

If your body isn’t quite burning fat and that’s your desire, you can use Lumen, which will most likely advise you to probably hold-off breakfast for an hour or so, so that your body can burn fat. Lumen advises most of its customers to practice intermittent fasting (see this article for intermittent fasting benefits) to ensure that the body reaches a state of ketosis, hence burning fat.

The most significant quality feature in Lumen is its metabolism flexibility. Metabolism flexibility helps the body switch between burning fats and carbohydrates based on availability. So, using Lumen helps you utilize the food you’ve eaten well. Metabolism flexibility also helps in:

  • Less snacking: Lumen guides you into helping your body burn more fats. The more you burn fats, your hunger level decreases, making your body less dependent on snacking.
  • Improved health: By improving metabolism flexibility, your body will have a preventative effect against illnesses like diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic diseases.
  • Weight loss: Lumen, when used correctly, will allow you to lose weight sustainably and keep the weight off.
  • Energy and mood boost: When you have metabolism flexibility, you will have increased energy levels.
  • Enhanced weight maintenance: When you have a flexible metabolism, it allows your body to maintain a healthy weight by utilizing the body’s ability to burn fat.
  • Consistent blood sugar levels: By improving your body’s ability to burn fat and avoid blood sugar spikes, you will achieve metabolic flexibility.

The above points are very valid, but if you’re still not convinced, maybe we should take a different path to help you see that it is a bit cheap, even though it might seem expensive on paper. You’re getting serious about your nutrition and general health. You will need to hire a Nutritionist or a Health Coach. A Nutritionist or Health Coach will cost you between $150 to $500 a month. If you ask me, that’s pretty expensive if you’re on a budget, considering you can get Lumen at $249.

A lumen device will be at your disposal all the time, giving you insight into your diet and helping you find better ways to improve it and make significant changes that match up with your goals. A Lumen device will give you insight into what’s going on inside your body all the time. If you’ve been thinking of getting a metabolism device, Lumen is an affordable option that will help you get to your goals.

lumen metabolism review - hack your Metabolism
Lumen Metabolism Tracker - Use promo code MITM30 for a $30 discount


Lumen is a futuristic device that is quite hard to avoid once you’ve gotten used to it. It is an excellent alternative to measuring ketone levels in your urine, blood, and breath.  A device like this, working knowledge of the impacts of foods and exercise on your Metabolism and the types of metabolism in play are key to sustained quality health.

It’s not only sophisticated, but it also looks sleek and easy to carry around in your pocket. Once you’re used to the app, you’ll always look forward to seeing your scores in the morning. It is a great device to have if you’re still figuring out how to eat right and keep your body burning fat. You probably don’t need this device if you have figured out your diet and other lifestyle factors are working out for you. Otherwise, it’s an essential tool for many people who need help with diet and weight.