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Last updated on August 23rd, 2023.

In this day and age, a vast number of people are looking to transform themselves. And while taking courses is valuable for your career, there are many things that traditional learning can’t teach you, such as how to unleash your full potential or turn back the clock on aging. And that’s where MindValley comes into play.

MindValley is an online learning platform designed to transform your life and improve your well-being. The platform has six categories to choose from, ranging from mind and body to career and relationships. Each course, known as “quests,” teaches you specific skills to change your life. Some of the top courses are Superbrain, The Longevity Blueprint, and Energy Medicine.

If you’re looking for courses that will change your life beyond traditional teaching methods, MindValley may be the right online learning platform for you. To help you make the decision, this article shares what MindValley is, what kind of courses are available, and the top seven “quests” to check out.

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Who is Mindvalley?

MindValley is an online learning platform focused on improving one’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being using scientific-based motivators to ensure successful completion rates. The platform boasts over 1,000 instructors and 10 million students, all with one goal: to transform oneself for an extraordinary life.

How did Mindvalley get started?

One of the main draws to MindValley is its humble beginnings. Owner Vishen Lakhiani started like anyone else, a burnt-out computer engineer and senior leader of a thriving business. He traded his material successes for something that brought him a genuine reward: meditation and human development.

Through his mission toward self-development, the small ecommerce store MindValley was born. And, as Lakhiani claims, he started it with just $700 and a beat-up laptop sitting in Starbucks. Although this dream failed in 2004 due to US Visa situations, Lakhiani was able to develop the MindValley platform in Malaysia, turning it into a multi-award-winning company.

His story proves that if MindValley can be successful and thrive, you can, too.

What kinds of courses does Mindvalley offer?

Currently, MindValley offers courses that fit into six main categories, including: 

  • Mind – The mind category is specifically designed for those that want to transform their inner self. The category includes a wide range of topics, including hypnosis and meditation.
  • Body – Whether you’re looking to heal, age backward, or get into the best shape of your life, you can find a “body” course that fits your need on MindValley.
  • Soul – Getting to know yourself and finding inner peace is the ultimate goal of “soul” quests on MindValley.
  • Entrepreneurship – Are you thinking about starting your own business? The Mindvalley Entrepreneurship quests can help you achieve success and fulfillment.
  • Career – These quests are designed to enhance your work performance, whether you need a little help in the public speaking department or want to achieve financial freedom.
  • Relationships – Take your professional, friendly, and romantic connections to the next level with one of the many relationship quests on MindValley.

The 7 Best Courses on Mindvalley

If you’re considering MindValley quests but don’t know where to start, here are the top seven best courses on MindValley to help you get started.

Plenty of people are under the impression that only certain people have “gifted brains,” but that’s simply not the truth. Everyone is capable of a phenomenal brain with superhuman memory, impeccable focus, and turbo learning speed – and that’s exactly what this 30-day quest teaches.

Aging is a natural part of life, but the Longevity Blueprint reimagines what the “aging process” really means. With this 7-week-long quest, you will recondition your body and mind, elevating your strength and mobility while engaging your energy levels and increasing longevity – all of that in 20 minutes or less per day.

This quest is for those who want to awaken their body’s natural healing ability, uncovering what modern Western medicine just can’t tap into. During the 8-week program, you will learn how to create “energy healing” within yourself, creating a healthier and stronger body while enhancing overall well-being. The quest uses several systems, from meridians and chakras to auras and electrics.

This 45-day quest taught by the renowned Srikumar Rao is a must for anyone looking to achieve greatness. During the quest, you will learn how to face stressful situations with no fear or anxiety, build a robust inner voice you can depend on, befriend the universe to create a new and exciting reality, and learn how to overcome obstacles big and small.

Did you know that in just 10 minutes a day, you can become an abundantly powerful speaker with top-notch communication skills? Lisa Nichols’ quest is designed to unleash the best speaking skills you could ever dream of. From being able to speak your truth confidently to captivating and inspiring an entire audience, this is a must-take quest from MindValley that can genuinely change your life.

Most parents feel that they’re not doing their best. With this must-take quest from Dr. Shefali, you can finally become the parent you always wanted to be but didn’t know you could be. The quest takes you on a journey to heal and nurture your inner child, allowing you to create better bonds with your children – whether they’re toddlers, teens, or young adults.

In as little as eight weeks, you can completely transform your mind. How? With Marisa Peer’s “Transformational Hypnotherapy,” which literally rewires your brain so that you achieve peak performance. The quest may also help treat depression, reduce stress, and reduce pain throughout the body.

MindValley is a Truly Life-Altering Platform

Whether you want to get ahead in your career, reduce stress levels, or unleash your inner energy healing capabilities, you can find all of that – and more – on MindValley.  Check out their individual courses or jump in headfirst with their membership.  You’ve got this!

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